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Neopedia : Tyrannian Minigolf

"So... um, what do you want to do today, Milo?"

"I dunno. What do you want to do Gif'n?"

"I dunno."

Sadly, this is all too common a scene in the land of Tyrannia. Sure, it has lots of rocks, and dung, and... more rocks, but for the residents of this historical land, there is very little to do.

Gif'n, a Pteri, sat on the broad back of his Chomby friend, Milo. Both were baking in the hot sun, and were bored out of their minds.

Milo lay on his stomach on the dusty ground, spread-eagled. Even his giant head was plopped on the dirt. "We could... go spin the Wheel of Mediocrity..." the Chomby suggested, vibrating the Pteri a bit with his rumbling voice as he spoke.

"Nah, it's... well, mediocre." Gif'n said. "What about the Wheel of Monotony?"

"I hardly think that watching a wheel spin for three hours would be much better than what we are already doing." Milo said with a sigh, which caused dust to fly up around his face.

"We could fly through the volcano." Gif'n suggested, flapping his wings for effect.

"Can't fly." was Milo's only response.

"Oh yeah... Lair of the Beast?"

"Too scary."

"Tyranu Evavu?"

"Can't understand what they're saying."

The two friends sighed in unison.

They sat there in silence for quite a long time, until the Chomby, spotting a Symol hole that had been dug a short distance away, flicked a round stone into it with his toe. The rock made a gratifying noise as it rolled into the hole.

Gif'n and Milo's heads' jerked up, and they looked at each other. "YEAH!" they shouted together.

It wasn't long before the two friends had located more Symol holes, and more round rocks, and they'd started up a competition amongst themselves as to who could knock the rock into a hole, through the use of a stick, within the least amount of tries.

The Chomby and Pteri played for hours on end, completely enthralled with their new game. "You know," Gif'n said, "we could probably make a lot of Neopoints with this idea..."

"How so?" Milo asked, while making a perfect putt.

"We could gather a bunch of round rocks, some nice sticks, outline the course a bit, then charge Neopets a small fee for us to teach them how to play!" Gif'n ended his epiphany with a flourish of his wings.

Milo was a bit slower, and not as financially-minded as his small friend, so it took him a few moments to think it over. Finally, he agreed.

The next morning, Tyrannians gathered in a crowd. They couldn't actually see what the others were looking at, but even a large crowd staring at nothing was something exciting on the Plateau.

"Welcome everyone!" the small Pteri shouted to the crowd. He was standing on the head of a very tall Chomby, so that everyone could see him. "I'd like to announce the grand opening of Neopia's very first 'Rock in Hole' game!"

"Rock in Hole?" said a crowd member. "That sounds a lot like Rock 'n' Roll, and we already have a bandstand!"

Gif'n's face drooped a bit, and he bent down over the Chomby's head and whispered into Milo's ear, "Hey, they don't like the name! Quick, think of something else to call it!"

Milo furrowed his brow for a moment, then whispered, "How about, 'Mini Golf'?"

Gif'n raised an eyebrow. "Mini what?"

"Mini Golf!" Milo replied. "It's an anagram of our names."

Gif'n smirked. "You must've visited the castle of Eliv Thade during your visit to the Haunted Woods last month, huh?" Milo's head bobbed up and down in affirmation.

"Well, doesn't hurt to try, I guess." Gif'n once again stood up tall on the Chomby's head to address the gathered crowd. "I'd like to announce the grand opening of Neopia's very first "Mini Golf" game!"

An excited murmur rumbled through the crowd. "Golf" was certainly a new thing here! Would it be exciting? What were the rules?

From sunup to sundown, Neopets lined up for a chance to play the delightful new game, and all were quite pleased. Over time the game evolved, so that dirt and Symol holes were eventually replaced with lush grass courses near the jungle and shallower holes (so that the balls could be reused). Milo and Gif'n were hailed as heroes, and they currently enjoy their fortune by traveling and seeking out new games to bring to the dusty land of Tyrannia.