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Neopedia : The Kadoatery

"Awww, don't worry sweetybums," the Wocky cooed to her Kadoatie through the bars of the Petpet carrier. "I'll only be gone for a week. I know you'll miss Mummy, but they'll take very good care of you!"

Uninspired by her owner's strange sounds, the Kadoatie continued to scream loudly and cry as if it were night already.

Neopets walking by winced at the horrific noise, and one even offered to pay the Wocky to walk away faster. Trying to smile through her gritted teeth, the Wocky opened the door to the Kadoatery, quickly setting Fluffy on the counter. From the back, she could hear numerous cries and mewing... it was almost unbearable.

"Hello? Is anybody here?" she called, hitting the small bell on the counter. The Wocky waited a few moments, but was eager to get out. Grabbing the opposite side of the counter, she hoisted herself up and leaned over, trying to peer down the hallway to where the Kadoaties were kept. "HELLO?!?" she shouted as loudly as she could.

"BE RIGHT THERE!" a voice shouted, startling the Wocky so badly that her stomach slid off the counter and she fell backwards onto the floor. "SORRY, MISS! DIDN'T HEAR YA COME IN!" the caretaker said, removing a ball of cotton from each ear. "Can I help yo-" The caregiver looked around. "Hello? Miss?"

"I'm--" the Wocky said, placing a paw on the counter and pulling herself up from the floor. "--here!"

"Why are you on the floor?"

The Wocky glared briefly at the caregiver, then pushed Miss Fluffy's carrier towards him. "I'm... going on holiday."

"Holiday. Gotcha. Will one week do?" the caretaker asked.

"Perfect." the Wocky said, smiling. "I'll miss you sweetybums!" she said to the Kadoatie, nuzzling its nose with hers through the bars. "Mummy will be back to pick you up in a week, so be a good girl!" With that, the Wocky paid the caregiver and left.

When she got home, the Wocky immediately went upstairs. Turning the lights out, she pulled her earplugs from under her pillow, threw them across the room, and promptly went to sleep.