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Neopedia : Simon and the Snowager

It was cold. Too cold. Simon the Plushie Tuskaninny shivered as he crossed under the gigantic frozen arch that was the entrance to the famous Ice Caves, and even more so, the Snowager. Of course, nobody had advised Simon to go after the Snowager's treasure; no, they all disapproved of it. But if I'm ever going to finish my Negg collection... Simon had often told himself as motivation, forgetting the discouraging words of his friends and family. However, hearing the Snowager's intimidating snore as he crept alongside the icy blue walls caused a part of Simon to think that maybe his Negg collection was not so important after all.

The Plushie Tuskaninny shivered as a wave of cold passed through the empty Ice Caves; no doubt, strong winds from Terror Mountain. Simon surveyed his lifeless surroundings: the Neggery was closed for remodeling, the Wocky who ran the Scratchcard Kiosk had abandoned his station for some lunch, and the Shoyru who owned the Ice Crystal Shop was a recluse. With the exception of some young Bruces building a snow fort in the distance, Simon was alone... perfect circumstance for sneaking past the Snowager unnoticed.

Peering around, Simon searched for the entrance to the Snowager's cave. Loud, wheezy snores echoed around the freezing area as the Tuskaninny looked around. While Simon was no genius, he had a firm notion that the Snowager was located in a cave with an entrance resembling its resident. A giant icy mouth lay ahead, and as Simon slowly crept inside, he could hear the Snowager's every movement, as he was sure the Snowager could of him.

Simon was astonished at the interior of the Snowager's cavern. While there appeared to be less than adequate room for the enormous Snowager itself, there was enough treasure cramped inside the cave for everybody and their Puppyblew to become millionaires. Piles and piles of Neggs, plushies, frost cannons, keyrings, stamps, slushies, swords, potions - there were hundreds upon hundreds of rare treasures that would make even the richest Neopians jealous. But nothing else mattered to Simon - that is, nothing else but the Super Negg that lay on a pile of items behind the Snowager that climbed its way to the ceiling.

The Tuskaninny was surprised at himself, having not even taken much notice of the gigantic icy snake that was in front of him. The titanic Snowager snored as it slept, its tail slowly swaying with every icy breath it took it. It lay on a large pile of plushies - while not the most comfortable, Simon believed, it was better than sleeping on healing potions.

Simon scratched his chin as he looked up at the Super Negg at the top of the pile, racking his brain for a way to acquire the much sought after Negg that would complete his collection. If he were to climb, the slightest movement could send a potion shattering, wake up the Snowager, and, well, Simon couldn't climb...

As the Tuskaninny crawled up to the bottom of the Negg's pile, he noticed a medium-sized rock near a Yellow Pteri Keyring. Thoughts raced through his mind as he picked up the rock.

I'm quite a good aim, he assured himself, closing one eye and pointing the rock at the Super Negg.

And I'm quite a good throw, he thought, flinging the heavy rock at the Negg on top of the pile.

But I'm not a good catch! Simon remembered. He whirled around and began to run as the rock made contact with the glassy Negg, sending it tumbling off the pile towards the hard, icy sleet....


The Snowager's head shot up in a second as a loud crash echoed around the small cavern. It spun around, eyes darted around every which way, searching for the intruder. The Snowager rose off of the pile of plushies and slithered around the cavern, investigating every item in his snowy lair. Pile after pile the Snowager slid over to, making sure everything was there. A Genius Negg by the big rock at the entrance. A Blue Frost Cannon by the stalagmite shaped like Dr. Sloth. A Kiwi Slushie halfway buried at the back of the cave.

After several minutes, the Snowager was sure that nothing had been taken from its treasure-filled abode. Slithering back to its pile of plushies, the Snowager took one last look around the cavern before laying its head down... on a rather comfortable Plushie Tuskaninny.