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Neopedia : Ghost Lupe

A once brave Lupe knight was killed on the shores of Mystery Island in an attempt to rescue his bride from the natives. In death his spirit is restless, desperately seeking revenge.

Although sometimes this wayward spirit may aid you, his anger can easily be directed at those that disturb him... As with all the entries in this book we suggest you steer very clear! -- from The Gallery of Evil

Very little else is known about the mysterious figure known only as the "Ghost Lupe." There have been sightings and stories, but very little tangible evidence to prove its existence. Not that a lack of evidence makes anyone doubt there really is a Ghost Lupe... in fact, the story of his fallen bride and demise while trying to save her is the stuff of legend on Mystery Island. Doubting the existence of the Ghost Lupe is a quick way to lose face among the Island's natives.

Local scholars have tried to trace the legend to a historical character, but they've had little success. Almost no one on the island keeps written records of anything, let alone native tribes from hundreds of years ago. As far as the scholars can tell, the Ghost Lupe may have come from a boat trip that left mainland Neopia approximately two hundred years ago. The ship came to colonise the island but nearly capsized two miles from shore. A horrible storm stole two thirds of the passengers and crew, stranding them on the island.

The first mate of the crew, a young Lupe named Sylva, was the only officer who survived. He kept a log of the time that he and the other passengers spent on the island; it was a chilling account of their attempts to survive. The party's travails included an encounter with strange natives, witch doctors, and a fiery spirit wandering through the jungles. His last entry detailed a small group of survivors being captured by particularly nasty natives. "They were captured during the night," he wrote. "There were seven of them. I don't know what to do... I must rescue her." There are no more entries in the journal. The last line is what draws historians to believe young First Mate Sylva may have been the very Ghost Lupe who now wanders Mystery Island.

Since that dangerous time two centuries ago, Mystery Island has become a very different place. Since being chased away, most of the dangerous tribes now reside deep in the jungle, allowing the Island to enjoy a prosperous tourist trade. However, that single spectral figure continues to wander through the jungles, as a frightful reminder of what the Island used to be like... and what it may be again. After all, the dangerous tribes were only chased into the deepest parts of the jungle; they're still there...

And so is the Ghost Lupe.