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Neopedia : Emerald Krawk Battle Set

Students are bored "Welcome, young Neopets, to the Krawk Island Museum of History," the elderly female Krawk said, adjusting her spectacles. "Now, if you would all follow me, I'll show you our first exhibit..."

"Man, this is boring," a young Shoyru boy complained, while trailing along towards the back of the group.

"You said it," his Krawk friend agreed, unwrapping a piece of gum and beginning to chew. "I mean, this museum is SO lame. The pirate museum down the street is the cool one!" he said, rolling up a pamphlet he had gripped in his hand, then brandishing it like a sword towards the Shoyru.

"Darn right!" said the Shoyru, following suit with his own pamphlet. "I wanna learn about Black Heart le'Krawk! Not some silly pioneers!"

"Yeah!" the Krawk said, as the two friends began dueling in a mock pirate battle. The pair were so exuberant that they nearly collided with the rest of the students, who had come to a stop in front of a large display case.

"And here," said the docent, "is General Intereg's battle set, the very same one that he used at the battle of Krawk Bay, against the evil pirate Rokaar."

Upon hearing the word "pirate", the heads of the Krawk and Shoyru turned. If only, at first, in half interest, but then--

"WOW! Look at that!"the Shoyru cried, pointing towards the display case. There, shimmering under the bright lamps of the exhibit, were the sparkling emerald armour and a sleek sword.

"Whoaaa..." the Krawk said, dazzled by the amazing armour. He pushed through the group of students to get a closer look at the display.

Below the armour, inscribed on a bronze plaque, was the following dedication:

The Emerald Krawk Battle Set on display General Intereg is, quite possibly, the greatest hero Krawk Island has ever known. In the early days of our island, he and his loyal troops fought off an invasion by the terrible pirate Rokaar. For forty-three days and nights the mortal enemies dueled, until finally, as both barely held on to their lives, General Intereg smote the evil pirate, then collapsed himself. Thanks to the general's sacrifice, Krawk Island had been freed from the vicious plundering and tyranny of Rokaar. Above is the very armour he wore during that famous last battle.

"Please, don't touch the glass..." the docent said gently.

"Huh? Oh!" The young Krawk hadn't realised that his nose had been pressed against the display. "Sorry, I just thought that armour was really cool," he said, blushing a bit as he noticed his Shoyru friend suppressing a laugh at his expense.

"Well, if you're that interested... I do believe the Neopia Central battle stores sell working replicas," the elderly Krawk said. "You may want to take a look--"

She smiled upon noticing that she need not continue, for the young Krawk was already bounding out the door.