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Neopedia : Hasee Bounce

"Good grief!" Fyora cried, picking up a chirruping Hasee that was nibbling upon her throne. "Casandia! Please come here!" The door to the room opened, and a timid looking air faerie floated over towards the queen.

"Yes Fyora?" she asked, curtseying.

"Casandia, these Hasees you discovered, they simply cannot stay here any longer. They're eating everything! Please round them up... we have no choice but to relocate them."

"Yes, my queen. I'm sorry to have caused a problem by bringing them here." the young air faerie said, blushing.

Hours later, Fyora walked along the outskirts of Faerieland to inspect Casandia's success. "I've gathered them all my queen, but... where should we take them?"

Fyora thought for a moment. "They are too detrimental to the environment to place all together. We will need to place them with the greatest concern and caution. Perhaps we could-"

Her statement was cut short, however, as the fluff of cloud under the Hasees gave way under their weight. "Oops." Casandia said, flushing with embarrassment. "Umm... at least they're gone?" she pointed out, hoping to find a silver lining for her collapsed cloud. The queen could only groan and shake her head.

Splashing into the water below, one by one, the Hasees could only squeal with displeasure. However, their buoyancy proved perfect for them, allowing the bouncy refugees to bob in the water until land came into sight. The Hasees made their first foray onto the coast by storming the western shores of Mystery Island. They tread cautiously at first, then with growing excitement. Something smelled wonderful. Looking up, they saw a seemingly endless supply of delicious fruit hanging from the trees!

Squealing in delight, the Hasees jumped as high as they could to reach the fruits, only to miss them by considerably more than a metre. Being clumsy climbers, it's likely that the Hasees would have starved, if not for two friends by the names of Woogy and Jimmi. It seems these two Hasees had the clever idea of pushing a long piece of wood over the tip of a rock, and creating the very first Hasee-powered seesaw! Working together, they were soon able to reach the most delicious fruits.

The craze soon caught on, and by nightfall there were Hasees flying everywhere among the trees! Within a week, however, they'd found that the fruit was starting to run low. Alarmed by the situation, the citizens of Mystery Island went before queen Fyora to plead their case, asking her to rid them of the Hasee menace.

"Ahh, so that's where they ended up." she said thoughtfully, "Do not worry, good citizens of Mystery Island... I'll help solve this crisis."

Hours later, on the queen's orders, Casandia flew down to Mystery Island. There, she plucked up all the Hasees she could find, and took them to a nearby petpet shop. There, she figured, they would be able to find good homes.

However, if you listen intently on a quiet summer night, you can still hear an occasional giggle coming from deep within the doughnutfruit groves where, to this day, Woogy and Jimmi continue to bounce on their make-shift seesaw, collecting all the delicious fruits for themselves.