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Neopedia : The Snow Faerie

The Snow Faerie

Her name was Shelly, but her brother called her "Shivers."

He did this because she hated the cold. She hated the snow, hated the ice, hated having to wear three layers of clothes whenever she wanted to go outside, hated the sky being dark for half the year... she hated-hated-hated this dumb, dumb place.

"Shelly Shivers! Shelly Shivers! Shelly Shivers!" he shouted, throwing snowballs at her. She ran away from him, her tears freezing on her cheeks.

"Leave me alone!" she shouted, her voice echoing off the snow-covered field. She wanted to run forever, run until she was all the way back home, and away from this horrible place forever.

Her parents brought her and her brother up here for "holiday," but holidays were supposed to be fun, and this was anything but fun. A whole week up here in the frozen nothing, with nothing to do but suffer her brother's taunts in this land where winter never ends.

She was running, fast as she could, her eyes half-closed for the bitter wind biting at her eyes. She forgot to wear her goggles, and she couldn't see anything. She didn't care. Just as long as she got away from her brother, she didn't... wumph!

She hit the tree hard and fell backward. When her back hit the ground, she felt it crack underneath her and she fell downward into a spiraling blackness. The light of the world above her spiraled away and she fell, fell, fell.

The snow caught her, but she wasn't cold. It wrapped up around her like a blanket, and she was warm like sitting by the fire, reading her book. Her nose was filled with the smell of marshmallows and hot chocolate. She opened her lips to see if she could taste it, too... and she did.

"Shh..." a voice told her. A beautiful, whispering voice. She felt warm breath on her cheek and she opened her eyes.

The snow didn't catch her; it was a bundle of furs, as white as the snow. She looked up further and saw an alabaster face and eyes as blue as the frozen sky.

Shelly tried to speak. ""Are you a F-f-f-?"

Again, the Faerie whispered, "Shh..."

Shelly said nothing.

The Faerie smiled. "Let's get you home..."

* * *

Taelia the Snow Faerie came to the winter lands of Terror Mountain long ago. While the other Faeries gave her strange looks, wondering why she went to the frozen climes of Neopia, she gave them no regard.

She packed up her things and moved out to where the blistering winds blow and the snow covers the ground every day of the year. Taelia uses her magic to keep the wildest winds from finding the villages. When Neopians get lost in the storms, she leads them home.

The other Faeries still give her strange looks, but she doesn't see them. She's too busy walking the wintery hills, wrapped in her magical furs, looking for those who have lost their way in the snow.