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Neopedia : Mika and Carassa

Neopians line up outside the tiny igloo, shuffling their feet in the snow as they try to keep warm. The line goes on and on, all the way down the side of the mountain, past the Ski Lodge, past the frosted trees, down and down and down again, until you can't even see where it begins. Every day it's this way: a long line of visitors stand outside the little igloo, Neopoints in their hands, hands inside their pockets, ready to find a deal.

Each day, the two little Chias smile as they welcome the visitors in, urging them to look through what they have for sale today. You can find just about everything in there-books, Petpets, weapons, potions-just about anything. The prices vary, so be careful what you buy!

Of course, everybody wants to know their secret: just where do Mika and Carassa get all these items? Especially since they live at the top of Terror Mountain; you'd think supplies were scarce. Whenever anybody asks, they just smile and laugh, then point out a morphing potion they've acquired (with a half-price tag tied to it). That usually ends all the questions.

While the pair claim they're selling off everything "to move to warmer climes," people have to wonder... Mika and Carassa have been selling off "everything" for a very long time now. Just how much is left?

"Plenty," Mika said. "We've been collecting for quite awhile now, and there's still plenty more to sell."

Carassa agreed. "You just don't have any idea how much stuff we've got. Mika and I used to compete, trying to see who could collect more. We'd give each other deadlines and start shopping. You can fill a lot of space that way!"

When asked if their little store had anything to do with attracting tourists to the mountain, both of them laughed. "Of course not!" Mika replied. "It's cold up here... that's why we're getting out as soon as we can!"