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Neopedia : The Snowager long last, Keblin the Snow Aisha had gathered up the courage to enter the dreaded Cavern of the Snowager, in hopes of attaining a share of the monster's legendary stash of riches. Supposedly, of those possessing the temerity to enter the cave, only the ones with the wisdom to turn around after bearing witness to the Snowager's terrifying majesty had ever lived to tell the tale. And now, standing just around the corner from the Snowager's lair, Keblin was determined to find out once and for all just what it was that lay beyond the other side of that wall.

At that pivotal moment, Keblin recalled the words of his mentor, Gradolf, who had himself once harboured aspirations of capturing the Snowager's treasure. "It's madness!" Gradolf told him. "If you know what's good for you, you'll forget you ever heard about the Snowager. No one has ever gotten his treasure, and I highly doubt that anyone ever will."

Although he disapproved of Keblin's decision to go after the Snowager, he reluctantly agreed to help him get ready for the voyage. As an old friend of Keblin's father, Gradolf figured that, if he was so determined to go, he might as well be properly prepared for the trip. You see, as young Aishas, Gradolf and Keblin's father, Kendrak, had boldly ventured into the Snowager's Lair. When they reached the outskirts of its cavern, the two parted ways. Gradolf decided to head back, while Kendrak, undaunted, went forward. He was never heard from again.

And now, years later, Keblin sought to avenge his father and claim the Snowager's treasure for himself. Readying himself for what lay ahead, Keblin took a deep breath. Tiptoeing around the corner, he turned to see the Snowager. The monster was so hideous, Keblin couldn't help but let out a blood curdling yell.

With that, the monster was awoken from its slumber. Peering sleepily at the petrified Snow Aisha, the mighty beast let out an earth-shattering bellow the likes of which Keblin could have never imagined. As the thundering roar reverberated throughout the cavern, icicles from the ceiling began to fall from the sky. One hit Keblin on the shoulder, and he winced in pain. With that, Keblin ran for his life, never once stopping to look back...