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Neopedia : Grand Theft Ummagine

Name : Stan the Kyrii
Age : 14
Occupation : Baggus-eating burglar
Hobby : Relaxing for a bit while enjoying
some delicious puntec scratchings
Favourite Possession : Ring of invisibility
Quote : "Silly guard! You'd probably lose your
trunk if it wasn't stuck to the front of your face..."

"I suppose it helps being fast on your feet," Stan the Kyrii admits, a grin spreading across his face, "but what really counts is being quick between the ears, if you know what I mean. Those guards might back me into a corner every once in awhile, but as long as I can think faster than they can run, then I've got nothing to worry about. That isn't to say that I don't find myself in an occasional scrape now and then. Why, I remember this one time...

"Whew, that was a little too close!" Stan said, clutching his hard-earned Tchea fruit. After rustling a few bushes to gain the Elephante guard's attention, he had ducked behind an obelisk, then bolted towards his tasty treasure. Now, rather than daydreaming of the feast that would await him, Stan turned his attention to eluding the fleet of guards who were hot on his trail.

"Wait!" one of the Elephantes yelled. "Over there, behind the bridge... I think I saw something!"

"Uh-oh," Stan thought to himself, "what am I gonna do now?" On his right lay a stream that ran under the bridge, while on his left, just around the corner, he could hear a guard swiftly approaching. "This is it, I'm trapped!" he conceded... but that's when Stan remembered the spare potion that was tucked beneath his vest...

Nobody here but us guards...

Eagerly gulping down the potion, Stan welcomed the familiar tingle that came over him as he swiftly transformed into one of the guards. Just as the potion took hold, Stan looked to his left and saw the guard rounding the corner. "Argh!" Stan bellowed, flailing his trunk in the air, "Where IS that blasted Kyrii?!?"

The guard momentarily paused, cocked his head (as if to think for a moment), then turned to continue on his way over the bridge. As soon as he knew the guard had turned his back, Stan sprinted in the opposite direction. Within moments, his potion had begun fading, and soon he was back to his old Kyrii self. Looking back to see the Elephante in the distance, Stan stopped to catch his breath. Then, after shaking his head and giving a chuckle, he continued on his way...

So, once again, Stan had managed to slip past the guards undetected. Swiftly gathering fruit while dashing in and out of Sakhmet, this wily Kyrii has quickly begun to establish himself as one of Neopia's leading thieves. Oh sure, one day he might settle down and give up his adventurous life of crime, but don't count on that happening anytime soon.