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Neopedia : Underwater Chef

Name : Underwater Chef
Species : Flotsam
Age : 7
Occupation : Cooking for Mumbo Pango
Favourite Foods : Pesto Anenome and Mustard Wraps
Hopes to be : Neopia's most favourite chef
Quote : "Well, don't just stand there... make yourself useful!"

"When I'm not cooking up a storm here on Mystery Island," the Underwater Chef says, "I'm out on the beach relaxing, getting a tan and doing a bit of swimming. I even have to time to read and take in the beautiful scenery. Life is so easy for me... NOT! Mumbo Pango has the appetite of eighty wild Skeiths, not to mention a field full of salivating Kaus. The guy is so greedy that I'm constantly looking for help with all these strange recipes and requests... I hardly sleep, and when I do it's always face first in a plate of fishy mash or spicy sprouts. How do you think I got this olive stuck on my horn?"

Though, at times, he may seem bitter and very annoyed, the Underwater Chef loves to cook. "All this rushing around," he says, "and the constant worrying of whether or not I'm going to be the next main ingredient in the Cooking Pot has been the real reason as to why I'm always yelling at Neopians who are just trying to help me. I'd like to take this opportunity to say I'm really sorry I ever ASKED ANYONE OF YOU TO HELP ME ANYWAY! How hard is it to find simple ingredients? My job is on the line people! Doesn't anyone care that Mumbo Pango never stops ordering food and shouts at me all day long?!?!"

Take this olive and stuff it

"Oh, why did I ever become a chef? It was supposed to be a glamorous job, you know... up in clouds, cooking for the Faerie Queen and all her friends. I would even consider being the personal chef to the Poogle Racers--anything to get me out of this place because all I ever do is work, work, work... why can't the boss ever just order pizza? Well, like I say in my kitchen, Come back when you have all the ingredients! Psh, like that would ever happen. I guess I have to do everything for you people!"