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Neopedia : Smugglers Cove

At the bottom of a cliff on the northern shore of Krawk Island, there's a musty old cavern know as the Smuggler's Cove. Usually the cove is empty; its only inhabitants being the Krawks that occasionally turn up looking for a cool, shady place to take a nap. Every so often, a curious thrillseeker will poke around for a few moments, hoping to find some magnificent rare item on sale. But almost always their search is in vain, leading many to believe that the stories of Smuggler's Cove are either a legend or a hoax.

I'd heard all the stories about the Smuggler's Cove; I guess we all had. How, if you were lucky enough to turn up at the right time, on the right day, that you could cash in your Dubloons for some ultra rare prize that was beyond anyone's wildest dreams. Sure, everyone claimed they knew somebody who had cousin who had a friend who actually got an Umbrella Shield or a Teapot of Doom, but no one had ever actually SEEN any proof of it.

And yet, we believed. No matter how far-fetched it sounded, we knew in our hearts it just had to be true. So that's when my friends and I decided to check out the Smuggler's Cove for ourselves. Setting sail from our home on Mystery Island, we paddled our canoe for nearly three days, reaching shore just before dawn.

After taking a few hours to clean up, eat something and grab a quick nap, we set out on foot for the northern shore of the island. Walking past the lagoon and towards the cliff, we stopped to rest under a palm tree. Not wanting any trouble from the local pirates, we quickly ate our Peachpas and continued on our way. Arriving at the cave, I turned to my friend Selphie and said, "Well, I guess this is it." After twenty minutes of searching for trap doors and secret passages, we'd come to the conclusion that we simply must have come at the wrong time.

Arr! Tourists, eh?

When packing for the trip, we made sure to bring enough food to last at least a week. And so, each hour or so, we'd head back to the cove and try our luck; at night, each of us would take turns going while the others slept. After two or three days, I started to have my doubts... after all, if smugglers were really selling their super rare items in the cave, wouldn't the place be full of customers? We had occasionally run into a few others milling about outside the cave, but nowhere near as many as you'd expect. For once, I wondered if we were wasting our time.

And then, one morning, it happened. We turned the corner to enter the cave, and there they were... the notorious smugglers we'd heard so much about. Realising that we didn't have much time, I rushed at them with our bag of Dubloons. "Here, here you go! It's fifty-two Dubloons... what can that get us?"

"Aye, let's have a look here..." the Bruce said, taking the bag from my hands. "Hmm, I'd be sayin' that this should get ye a Banana Sword. How about it, lads... is it a deal?"

"Yes!" my friend Isidor shouted excitedly. After counting the Dubloons, the Bruce turned to his partner, a scurvy old Lenny, and nodded. The Lenny reached into a worn, burlap satchel and pulled out our Banana Sword. For a moment, we stood there gazing in awe at the mighty lance.

"Arr! We don't be havin' all day! Away with ye!" the Bruce shouted, snapping us out of our momentary daze. No sooner had we scurried away from the cave, did we realise that we had a serious problem; all around us stood scores of pirates, each waiting eagerly to snatch the newfound treasure from our trembling hands. I've never run so hard in my life....

Whenever visiting Krawk Island, be sure to keep your Dubloons handy, because if you're ever lucky enough to encounter these scurvy smugglers, you'll have to act fast to come away with one of their incredibly rare items. But be careful; if you spend too much time hanging around the Smuggler's Cove, you're liable to draw attention to their freebooting ways and get them in trouble.