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Neopedia : Aisha Myriad

Aisha Myriad
Category: Battle
Class: Magic
Suggested Value: Five million NP
Rarity: Artefact
Size: 2" x 3" x 1.5"
Weight: Six ounces

"Full speed ahead, Norbekk!" Captain Xelqued barked as the Alien Aisha craft hovered above the Faerie Queen's castle. "That Hidden Tower has to be around here somewhere, and we're not going anywhere until we find it!"

"Yes, sir." Norbekk dutifully sped up, darting in and out from between the towers that spired high above the courtyard and into the clouds. After searching for hours to no avail, the frustration was beginning to build, and Captain Xelqued's patience was starting to wear thin. "We MUST find those artefacts, Norbekk... do you understand? We simply MUST!!!"

"Absolutely, sir. Like you said, it has to be around here some--"
Captain Xelqued After smacking directly into the walls of the Hidden Tower, the craft wobbled hazily next to the gaping hole it had created. Upon impact, Captain Xelqued was thrown from the ship and into the tower, where he landed on a heap of Cement Mixers, Jade Scorchstones and Enchanted Kiko Squeeze Toys. Though momentarily dazed by the crash, the Captain was overjoyed to find himself in a room littered with artefacts.

Turning to look over his shoulder, Captain Xelqued saw his worst fear had been realised. "Uh... well, you see..." he stammered as he saw the Faerie Queen, who stood there angrily with her arms crossed. Falling to his knees, the Captain pleaded with all his might. "Please, oh please, Your Highness! Can't you find it in your heart to give me one, just one, artefact? We've come so far, and waited so long... how could you turn us away without even a single Attack Chive or Golden Butter Knife? I'm begging, Your Highness... make this dream REAL!"

Having turned down the Captain's numerous requests for a "souvenir," the Queen finally agreed to give Xelqued a brief tour of the tower before showing him the door. However, unbeknownst to the Queen, this was what the Captain had really wanted all along. You see, contained within the "A"-shaped charm around his neck was a tiny, automated micro photo scanner, which would take a snapshot of whatever the Captain was looking at when he blinked.

Queen Fyora All along, the Captain had known the Queen would never give him any of the artefacts; however, he also knew that if he nagged her enough, when he "settled" for a tour of the tower, she'd give in and grant his request, if for no other reason than to just get rid of him. Sure enough, Captain Xelqued's plan worked like a charm; one by one, the Queen showed him each of the artefacts, explaining their origins and abilities in great detail. And, one by one, Xelqued blinked away, taking dozens of photos of each artefact.

But these weren't just any photos; the Captain's micro photo scanner would not only give you a picture of the item, but it also charted the materials used to make the artefact and created a detailed blueprint of its inner workings... basically, everything you would need to make your own Zaptwig or Reflectozap 2000. So then, once the "tour" had ended and Norbekk had made a few minor repairs to the craft, it was time for the Alien Aishas to return home with their necklace full of microfilm, holding all the secrets of the Hidden Tower....

After successfully recreating the artefacts in a lab back home, the Aishas decided it was much too cumbersome to carry all those items. And so, someone had the idea of creating a way to combine all the artefacts into one compact, portable device, which they triumphantly dubbed the Aisha Myriad. However, once the Faerie Queen got wind of the Alien Aishas' scam, she swiftly exacted her revenge, punishing them mercilessly and seizing all of their Myriads. So now, every time someone buys an Aisha Myriad, the customer undergoes a thorough background check, as a way to insure that they aren't one of the Alien Aishas' secret agents.