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Neopedia : Quinton the Quiggle

Name : Quinton
Species : Quiggle
Age : "You're as young as you feel!"
Occupation : Health Food Shopkeeper
Hobby : Cultivating the vegetables in his garden
Quote : "Do you eat to live or do you live to eat?"

Gathering the NPs from his shop's till, Quinton the Quiggle sadly noticed that sales at his Health Food Shop were declining. "There's got to be a way to get Neopians to eat healthier," he thought, "maybe I should make nutrition a little more exciting... you know, spice things up a bit." Quinton grew most of his shop's items (such as carrots, pears, and broccoli) in his own garden. Once a week a traveling salesman named Dervinn would stop by and offer Quinton a bargain on rarer items like medicinal plants and asparagus. After much thought, Quinton decided that instead of relying on Dervinn for his rare items, from now he'd pack a lunch and go off in search of his own exotic foods. After a few weeks, he felt confident enough to go looking for that rarest of health foods, the golden carrot.

Getting up extra early, Quinton recalled that Dervinn had once mentioned finding a golden carrot or two in a cave just east of Kiko Lake, so he decided to head in that direction. After walking for a few hours, he'd finally made it to Kiko Lake. Parched from the voyage, Quinton bent down to take a drink from the lake, but rather than seeing his own reflection, Quinton was shocked to see the face of a Jetsam rising to the surface. SNAP! went the sound of the Jetsam's jaws as he lunged for Quinton, who'd managed to barely escape becoming the Jetsam's lunch.

Shivering in fear from his near-Jetsam experience, Quinton had hardly noticed the rumbling sound that was beginning to build throughout the mountains of Kiko Lake. Puzzled by what he now heard, Quinton looked up to see that he was about to be caught in a rockslide! Within seconds, the rocks were sure to flatten him... there was no time to waste. Looking to his left, he saw a cave that would be his only chance for survival. Running with all his might, Quinton dove into the cave just as the boulders pounded to the ground. Clutching the soil beneath him and gasping for breath, Quinton slowly raised his head and opened his eyes. It was then, that he was blinded by the glow of the golden carrot...

Located northwest of Neopia Central, Quinton's Health Food Shop is always looking for customers who appreciate the value of eating right. You should pop in sometime; it's the leafy green shop located next to the Grooming Parlour. Just think, you can eat well and look your best, too! What a great combination...