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Neopedia : Bruno

Bruno Name: Bruno
Species: Gelert
Colour: Blue
Interests: A pretty Aisha named Lily
Related to: Edmund and Alice (parents), plus Sophie and Reginald (sister and brother)
Featured in: The Tale of Woe
Quote: "Sophie! What do you think you're doing?!"

Though he was once a scrawny and shy Gelert from Neovia, the ugly Bruno we know today is yet another victim of the terrible potion that cursed the citizens of that town for over a decade.

It all began when a mysterious Krawk began selling potions that granted what each Neovian desired most. By the time it was discovered that Mr. Krawley's potions were really evil concoctions that twisted Neopians into monsters, it was too late. The townspeople turned on Bruno and his family, blaming them for their plight. The Gelert valiantly protected his family (allowing his siblings to escape) until he was forced to flee into the deep woods.

It was not until ten years later that Gilly, a young Usul, found Bruno in a cave. Gilly led him to a shack that belonged to Sophie, who (by some strange twist of fate) was his long lost sister! Together, the trio faced many obstacles as they worked through the mystery of Neovia's curse.

After much toil, Gilly, Sophie, and Bruno were finally able to free Neovia of its terrible curse. However, for reasons unknown, the cure was unable to help Bruno. He accepted his fate gracefully, though, and is once again living happily with his family (except for his sister Sophie, who returned to the swamplands).