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Caption Contest FAQ

How often is the Caption Contest?

A new Caption Contest is announced at the beginning of each month. Then voting takes place from the beginning of the month till the third week of the month. Then in the final week of the month, there will be a week to vote on which caption you like best.

Note - During holidays/weekends the Caption Contest may be a day late.

Why isn't my caption showing up?

Captions must be approved before they will show up on the site. Every time you hit submit your caption is entered into the contest (entering more than once will not increase your chance of winning (spamming in general is just plain discouraged). We then sort through and select the best ones to appear on the site. This is done all the time. We have to filter the captions as we get literally thousands of entries and need to make sure nothing unsuitable goes on the site.

How can I advertise my Caption Contest entry?

Great Question,

You can have it in your Neosig while posting on the boards (you are not limited to the board you post on) however you cannot make topics or spam boards just to have your Neosig seen or create boards for the pure purpose of advertising your entry. You can have a link on your userlookup and pet lookup but please stay within the spirit of the rules and don't make posts just to point anyone to those for the purpose of bypassing the rules. This includes no offsite advertising.

Can I reward people for voting for my Caption Contest Entry.

No, you are welcome to thank them for their votes but you CANNOT give them NP items, NC items, neopoints/neocash or pets as a thank you for voting. Doing this can result in you receiving a warning and your entry removed from the contest.

How do I win the Caption Contest?

There is no guaranteed way to win the Caption Contest, although being original and funny will definitely help. Typing insults, profanity or anything completely boring most definitely will not help you.

These are some captions that will NEVER win again, as we get hundreds of them for every competition:

  • I see dead anything
  • Where's the cream filling?
  • Get ready to rumble
  • Credit card parodies (please we have heard the priceless one tooooo much!)
  • Any reference to the game Marco Polo
  • Any mention of letting the dogs out
  • Anything having to do with not being in Kansas anymore
  • Dude, where's my ______?
  • Houston, we have a problem.
  • Any Neopet saying Waaaaaaazzzzzzzuuuuuuppppp!!!!!

These are pretty out of date but the point is still valid, be funny and original and your chances are much better.

How will I know if I have won the Caption Contest?

If you have won the Caption Contest your username will be displayed in the caption archive. You will also notice a trophy is now shown in your user lookup (Type your username in the search box at the bottom of the yellow bar to check). As well as the trophy you will be awarded 5,000 - 10,000 NP and a rare item. The item varies, but it is always something interesting and hard to get hold of :) In addition the top 5 best captions will receive the new Caption Contest Hilarious Avatar. And every 10 contests (and special contests that are declared special) all 25 users will receive the classic Caption Contest Funny Avatar.

Overall, please go by the spirit of the rules. Write the best caption you can and allow other users to vote on their own. We just want the best caption to win as cleanly as possible!