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Which Petpet are You?

Ever wondered which petpet you most resemble? Just fill in this following quiz and you will magically find out :)

1. You are :

A Boy
A Girl

2. Say it's your last day in Neopia ever... what do you do?

Play Tombola
Neomail all of your friends
Sell all of your stuff
Collect your bank interest
Cry and wave goodbye to your Neopets

3. Pick an item. Any item.

Beef Rouladen
Laugh Grenade
Chip Butty with Tomato Sauce
Deluxe Pink Toothbrush
Zen Sofa

4. When you read the Neopian Times, which section do you click on first?

Short Stories
New Series
Continued Series

5. Who would you pick first to be on your team?

Kasuki Lu
Dr. Death
Brucey B
The Faerie Queen

6. If you were going to start a guild, where would you put it?

Cute City
Sloth's Lair
Training School
Soup Kitchen
Lenny Library

7. If a war were to break out in Neopia, which would you be?

An unproven trainee
A loyal warrior
A fearless general
A minion of Sloth
A peace activist

8. How often do you visit the Grooming Parlour?

Are you kidding? I practically LIVE there!
I go there often; looking this good is HARD work!
I visit once or twice a week, whether I need it or not.
I'll swing by on Half-Price Day, in case there's any bargains.
Erm, what's the Grooming Parlour?

9. If you could be the star of any game, what game would it be?

Defenders of Neopia
Extreme Herder
Carnival of Terror
Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars

10. If you could see any band at the Tyrannian Concert Hall, who would you see?

Sticks N' Stones
2 Gallon Hatz
Chomby and the Fungus Balls