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Petpet Battle Help

So what is the Petpet Arena all about? What do you do and how can you maximise your chances of winning?

What is it?
In the petpet arena you select one of your Neopets' petpets to pit against some of the toughest petpets in Neopia. If your petpet wins, it goes onto the next stage.

What does my petpet's level mean?
When first entering the fray, most petpets will begin at level one (a few of them, who gained levels by visiting Turmaculus, might start out a little higher). Each time your petpet wins a match, they will gain one point. For each loss, one point will be taken away (if they have no points, they'll simply stay at zero; they cannot have negative points).

How do I increase my petpet's level?
Every time your petpet gets a score of ten, they will gain a level. For example, a level one petpet who wins his 10th match will become level two and their score will be set back to 0. Once your petpet gains a level it cannot lose it, even if they never win a match again.

How do I choose which opponent to fight?
When battling, an opponent will be chosen for you. A level one petpet will be able to challenge opponents up to three levels greater or weaker than his level. This is totally random how difficult the challenger is. Obviously the higher the opponents level, the tougher the fight will be. As your petpet gains levels it will be able to challenge a broader range of petpet levels.

How do I make my petpet attack?
Your petpet has two attack options - Body Blow and Head Shot. Body blows have a greater chance of landing, but tend to do less damage. Head shots are harder to land, but usually do more damage if you happen to pull them off. Once you've selected either a head shot or body blow, a numerical value is assigned to that attack. The attack's value also takes into consideration the petpet's level. The higher your petpet's level, the better chance it has of doing more damage.

Your petpet's attack score is then subtracted from your opponents attack. Whoever has the highest attack does the difference in damage to the other petpet. For example, if a Warf has a 12 point attack, and their opponent, a Kadoatie, has an 8 point attack, the Kadoatie's 8 is subtracted from the Warf's 12 leaving the Warf with 4 points. The Warf will then do 4 points of damage to the Kadoatie.

Sometimes, if you land an attack that is especially powerful, you may pick up additional health and/or shield points as a bonus.

How do I make my petpet defend itself?
In addition to selecting body blows and head shots, your petpet also has the option of using their shield, which absorbs some of their opponents attack. A petpet can still attack even if it has decided to use a shield. Your petpet can only use its shield a limited number of times, so choose wisely.

How do I win?
There are many ways to win, but a very popular strategy is below. Obviously if your petpet is more suited to other moves, feel free to make up your own.

Pick an attack, if it works stick with it until it fails to do any damage. If your attack fails switch to the other type of attack and keep choosing that one until it no longer works. Then switch back to the previous attack and so on.

If your petpet starts to take a lot of damage begin using your shield. Try not to use your shield unless you REALLY REALLY need it. Once you have the opponent to around 15-20% of their health use your shield as many times as you can. If this doesnt totally destroy the other petpet it should at least severely weaken them enough for you to win in the next round or two.