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Games Master Challenge - Pirate vs. Ninja
Once again, Neopians are choosing sides for the Games Master Challenge. Unlike last year's battle between Brains and Brawn, however, this time around it's Pirate vs. Ninja! Which side are you on?

Welcome to this year's Games Master Challenge! A week's worth of exciting challenges and bountiful prizes await, but first you have to log in to Neopets. Sign up now to choose a side and get going!
Oh no, it looks like the Games Master Challenge is over! It's a shame you weren't able to join a team this year. You can come back next year though for more games, challengers, and prizes! If you aren't sure how well you will do against the challengers I select you might want to practice a bit by playing some of the games in the Gamesroom.

Join Team Pirate

Welcome aboard, swabbie! Lookin' to set sail with Team Pirate, eh? Keep in mind, once ye have made the decision to join us, there be no goin’ back. Are ye certain?

Join Team Ninja

It seems you've made the wise decision to join Team Ninja. Wise, indeed. You must be certain, however, since once you decide there's no going back. Are you sure?