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Games Room - Castle Battles

Castle Battles
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Growing up at the Royal Nursery, Hagan and Skarl had an intense rivalry playing games with their PluckoNM blocks. They would both try and build the biggest castle, and then take it in turns to knock them down.

Playing as Hagan, your objective is to shoot your cannonball over to Skarl's castle and knock the gold treasure outside of the red square. For additional points, destroy the castle and knock over his silly Meridell flags!

To start, first select what type of castle Hagan will be using. Then click and drag the green square with the gold treasure on it to the desired location on the overhead map. From there the real fun begins. Use the arrow keys to aim your cannon. Hold the Space Bar down to start to build up power and then let go to release the cannonball. Whenever you defeat one of King Skarl's castles it will be unlocked so you can select it the next time you play the game!

Castle Battles is a Shockwave 3D game!
This means that if you don't have a 3D accelerator card the game may not run as fast as it possibly could. So if it runs slowly, don't worry - we have plenty of other games, like Guess the Card for instance!

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