Round: 60
Evil Fuzzles may look cute, but they can really make a loud noise when they ROAR!!!

A 1-foot tall Green Evil Fuzzle can register 10 NSU (Neopian Sound Units) on a sound-measuring device that is 5 feet away. Yellow Evil Fuzzles are twice as loud, and Red Fuzzles... THREE times as loud as their yellow counterparts!

So anyway, one day Zorlon-IX the Grundo was out doing a bit of maintenance on the exterior of the Space Station, and before him he saw, to his fright, the biggest Evil Fuzzle he had ever seen. It was 5 feet high, 10 feet away and red! It looked straight at Zorlon, and gave the loudest ROAR it could!!!

How many NSU did Zorlon's sound-measuring device register?

Answer: 0 none

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