Round: 453

Charles the Ogrin was having a quiet time with his friends Milly the Bruce, Penelope the Grarrl, and Theodore the Mynci. They were waiting for two more friends, Esmerelda the Wocky and Gerald the Lenny. The table was set and the tea was about to be poured. Suddenly, Charles and his guests heard a commotion outside and they all went to look. There were half a dozen young Neopians tearing about Charles' lawn!

"My prize geraniums," shouted Charles. He was enraged by the sight of his multi-hued beauties being crushed under the clumsy feet of those disrespectful rascals.

Charles knew it could be hours before the DoN would arrive to help him, so he formulated a plan. After Charles huddled together with his guests, they quietly deliberated on what could be done to remove the six youngsters from Charles' property. After a thorough discussion, they put their plan into action. Each grabbed a cane, stick, spoon, or any other implement that would be easy to shake in disapproval, and made their way outside.

Assuming that Charles' two remaining guests had arrived by then: How many Elderly Ogrins would it take to get those pesky Neopets off of Charles' lawn?

Enter the number in word form with no spacing or punctuation.

Answer: One

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