Round: 446

The Gadgadsbogen celebration is known throughout Mystery Island and beyond. Neopets from around globe gather to buy the last of the older fruits and to marvel at the new ones.

The island's regular inhabitants don't mind the touists; visitors to the island usually bring plenty of Neopoints. One such tourist, Salinder, had ben saving for this day for an entire year and couldn't wait to see what this year's Gadgadsbogen had to offer.

His first stop was at a small shop near the harbour. It was full to the brim with Slugroots and Uchini, but nothing really caught the buzz's eye.

Salider's second stop was at the Tropical Food shop. They had a larger variety, including Grunions and Banngos. They even had Honeylumes! But still, he couldn't find that one fruit that looked too delicious to resist.

Finally, after many more stops and a long day of celebrating, he came upon a very smal stand tucked away behind the Rock Pool. When he approached, his face lit up! This was it. This was the fruit he'd been serching for all along.

What fruit did Salinder find?
Enter just the fruit name with no punctuation. You will be disqualified if you enter anything else!

Answer: Arnapple

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