Round: 400

Conundrum Lenny went for a walk down a dirt path toward Meri Acres Farm. Almost immediately after he started walking, he saw a number written in the dirt: "84".

A few feet later, he saw a second number: "134".

Then another: "218".

As he continued to walk, he came across even more numbers: 296, 380, 429, 468, 551, 635, 684, 734, 788, 868, and 984.

He decided to keep walking. It turns out, there were a total of exactly four hundred numbers written in the dirt. A couple of them were repeated numbers, but most of them were unique.

What was the 400th number? Please submit only a number as your answer, do not include any punctuation, and submit only the answer with no other information.

Answer: 25454

The fact that this was Lenny Conundrum #400 should have given you a hint!

First off, take the first character of each Lenny Conundrum answer. Note that capitalization is important, and there was one answer where the first character was an apostrophe!

Then, convert those characters to their ASCII codes.

Then add them up! Note that you'll have to guess the answer to #400, but that shouldn't be difficult!

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