Round: 29
Sabre-X is becoming increasingly annoyed with the greediness of the inhabitants of Tyrrania. They just keep appearing in droves to steal his precious omelette!!! A year ago the omelette appeared in the Northern Reaches of Tyrannia... but once word of mouth spread it did not last long.

On the first day a Red Shoyru named Kawlet turned up to take a slice. As soon as he got home he contacted his friend Choosi the Chia and told him about the free food. Choosi lived in Neopia Central and it would take him two days to reach Tyrannia.

On the second day Kawlet turned up again to take his free slice. As soon as he got home he contacted his friend Zirpi the Pteri to come and feast upon the omelette! Zirpi, once again, lived two days away.

On the third day Kawlet was met by Choosi who had just arrived, and they both took a slice of delicious pepper omelette. As soon as they got home they each phoned one new person each, who, once again, lived two days away.

On the fourth day Kawlet, Choosi and Zirpi all turned up and took a slice... when they got home all three of them phoned a new friend, who, strangely enough lived two days away...

and so on... our question is as follows :

The whole omelette is enough for one million servings. If every single neopet who arrives at the omelette tells a new friend to come and visit each time, and every single friend takes two days to arrive. On what day is there not enough to go around?

(if you think its the fourth day, either write fourth or 4th, we will understand)

Answer: 29 Days

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