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Sorry! The Daily Dare Staff Tournament has, like mr.coconut's residency at the Editorial, come to an end. If you cast any votes while the tournament was happening and are wondering whether you won any prizes, either log in or create an account to collect any winnings you might have earned.
The Sarcasticons
Turmac Roll
No Team Chosen
Frenemies and winners we may never be, but truly cutting we shall always be.
As our opponents can attest, the hardest thing to understand in the world is the turmac velocity. I mean, uh… BOOYAH, GRANDMA!
DJ Skellington
*singing* Gotta make my mind up - which seat can I taaaa… *removes headphones* Sorry - got distracted. What?
What did you expect? To quote Friend Owl, "Everyone gets twitterpated in the springtime!"
Star & Order
No Team Chosen
The Team Your Team Could Smell Like
Between my new bionic hands and an upgrade to Lawyerbot’s integrated circuits, the other team had no chance!
I honestly don’t know how I lost; I’m sure I hit more gnomes than anyone else! Wait, what do mean I’m supposed to AVOID the gnomes???
SeñorMalo is SeñorTriste now. :(
Super Unstoppable Mega Force
Hannah and the Kreludor Caves
No Team Chosen
Polarchuck Opposites
How benevolent of me! I already know where I stand and decided to let a little light shine on the Polarchucks.
Hmmm... Looks like "Super Unstoppable Mega Force" should have been more appropriately named "Totally Stoppable Mini Non-Force." You know what they say, opposites attract! ;)
It is a sad day indeed when the strength of the Awesome is squashed under the oversized boot of the wicked like a giant grape of injustice.
Ha! That was fast. Back to work then, these pants won't draw themselves... unfortunately.
Inept Megalomania
Imperial Exam
No Team Chosen
Kid Hawk
This loss is in no way affected by the stress of *someone* hypothetically "encouraging" me during the match. *cough*
I knew using the second toe of my right foot to play would make me lucky! I shall now celebrate my victory with a sock full of shredded cheese.
Mr. Insane
Losing is the ultimate victory!
Life's pretty good, and why wouldn't it be? We beat Inept Megalomania. It truly is a pirate's life, now hand me some grog!