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Your New Balance

Desert Diplomacy

But Are You Certain?

This is a serious accusation to make. Once you declare it, there's no going back. Are you sure you have all the facts straight?

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Ready To Buy?

You have ordered one Hieroglyphic Dictionary for 0 NC. Runners are poised to deliver it straight from the NC Mall. Are you sure?

Look Closer

Would you like to study the parchment and find out what nefarious secrets it might conceal? There's only one way to find out!

The Mystery Deepens

You consult your Hieroglyphic Dictionary and study the sheet of parchment closely. A magical inscription is suddenly made clear. When you speak it out loud, something appears before you!

That's some spiffy magic. Princess Amira must not realise the value of this parchment. You'll tell her when she's less distracted by the robbery. Perhaps if you gathered more of the parchments together, you might even discover a secret message! Nah. That would be crazy.

Another Stranger?

"Who is this intruder in my palace? Guards!"

Maybe you'd better log in or sign up... The Princess is a bit upset right now.

It was just supposed to be a fortnight of relaxing diplomacy. Princess Amira invited her fellow rulers from across Neopia to her palace in Sakhmet to discuss foreign policy and trade routes, and perhaps take home a few pretty bath soaps. But thieves have crept into the palace and robbed her distinguished visitors! What a scandal! The Princess is offering a reward for the safe return of her guests' belongings.

The other rulers have returned to their own kingdoms, and Princess Amira is back to ruling Sakhmet in peace. With luck, everyone can put the robbery out of their minds, now that the thieves have been brought to justice.

The Mystery Has Been Solved!

It was the Dagger Clan who used a cunning distraction to steal Queen Nabile's Wedding Ring at 1:00 a.m. King Jazan was most displeased to learn of their antics. They were quite willing to accept Sakhmetian justice instead of facing him.