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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Bullseye's Back!
By Battlesunn

Yes! Oh yes!
Could it really be true?
Bullseye is back
for its big game debut!

Bullseye was here,
quite a while ago,
it was an excellent game!
Which most people know.

In a state of great joy,
I went to go play
Bullseye, my favourite game,
like I used to, everyday!

The controls were familiar,
the arrows the same
but there was something not right,
about this very loved game.

The launcher was too fast,
and I rolled it too far back
the arrow hit the ground
with a resounding thwack!

Frustrated and determined
I set up another shot
the arrow flew, straight and true!
Five points, was what I got.

Happily, I got ready
for another try
this time I was sure
that a bullseye would be mine!

Skillfully I angled the arrow,
just one time more.
It zipped right at the target,
landing in the bright red core!

A bullseye! A bullseye!
Finally I got one!
I smiled and watched the points roll up,
This game was pretty fun!

I shot my arrow,
eight times more.
Each time I hit the target,
so I happily sent my final score.

I left the games room
with a feeling of great pride.
Tomorrow I would surely return...
And get a bullseye every time!

By Frayedknot

Meridell was wronged join the side of good
It is their Orb, they are misunderstood

Darigan was wronged don't call them evil
It is their Orb, help them with the retrieval

Pick a side, Meridell or Darigan
Hurry up and pick your clan

You battled wave one, wave two and wave three
Wave four was hard, you have to agree

You got lots of points for the right side
You wear your War Shield with such pride

Another chapter came out
which explained it some more
Why Meridell and Darigan are really at war

What you thought was the problem
was not as it seemed
so loudly you screamed

"How could I be fighting for the wrong side?"
You have to fix it, that can't be denied.

You know you were wrong
and you have to defect
Switching to the other side
would be perfect

The news comes out and you are able to switch
Lose 20% of your score is the only hitch

"How dare you leave us? You are such a traitor!
We trained you, and made you a great invader

Get out of here now!
You are no longer welcome here..."
You walk away hurt, as you wipe away a tear

Is Good really Evil or is Evil really Good?
You didn't think it out
like you really know you should

You switched teams,
but did you make a big mistake?
Is the team you are on now really a fake?

Is the wrong team really under attack?
Too late now, there's no turning back....

Stuck in the Pound
By Edge_of_sane

Oh the tales from across the sea,
of a wonderful fruit machine,
and an island that's always sunny,
where you eat all the fruit that you please.

But I can't go anywhere
'cause I'm stuck in the pound,
right beside a green Lupe hound,
he sings happy songs when I get down,
and watch the clock all day go 'round.

Oh but if I could travel, and see the world afar,
and eat exotic food like eyeballs in a jar,
and look up at night to see the stars,
but all I can see right now are these bars.

A cage is no place for a Skeith like me,
oh how I wish that I could break free,
once I tried, but just hurt my knee,
I fear that imprisioned I'll forever be.

I ate a Spardel, that's why I'm here,
I guess a guy that eats petpets
is something to fear,
my owner got rid of me,
and didn't shed a tear,
just talked to Dr. Death
and gave me a boot in my rear.

But I know someone out there wants a Skeith,
a yellow one with big sharp teeth,
no more petpets would I eat,
I'll promise to be good and always sweet.

The Second Wave
By Tkthedigidestinedkid

Aah, Invasion of Meridell,
I tried so hard to beat the game!
And eventually, after many failures,
I achieved my aim!

First it was the Moehogs,
They looked so ugly, too.
Just think what they tried to do,
To innocent people, like me, or you!

And then it was the Techos,
So skilled with a broadsword!
But my Grundo blasted them away,
With a single magic word!

Then Skeiths decided it was their turn,
There were seven of them, five of us!
Plus those Skeiths were the size,
Of any big school bus!

But they were defeated,
Like others before,
They tried to retreat,
But couldn't fit through the door!

Then the Scorchios, so many of them!
It's not fair I hear you say.
But we managed, yes we did,
We defeated them anyway!

And last of all the Grundos,
With their magic spells,
"ABRA KADABRA!" comes the cry,
Still, in the end,
They were no match for I!

And after all this hard work,
After slaving away for days!
What does the Neopets staff do?
They make Invasion of Meridell, Second Wave!

More mutants, more evil beasts.
Are they more powerful than I?
There is only one way to find out,
I will just have to try!

It's Time to Pick Your Own
By Too_kule

I just stood there and waited,
Watching people grumble and groan,
They were looking at their bad berries,
As I waited for my turn at Pick Your Own.

I ran off to get some berries,
Around the Meri Acres Farm,
I stuck my hand into a bush,
And saw some dung stick to my arm.

I got to a very large tree,
I climbed it and hoped I would not get hurt,
I looked and found nothing up there,
But there was barbed wire stuck to my shirt.

I ran around but soon got tired,
I rested after I tripped on a root,
I stuck my arm into a bush,
And pulled out a smelly old boot.

Time was running out for me,
I made one last chance for food to eat,
I reached up high into a tree,
And pulled out a Voidberry, sweet!

It just must be worth millions!
Or a at least a thousand NP!
I check with the Shop Wizard,
And it's only worth 33!

The More Frightening Side Of Halloween
By Wrestlinglegendrebel

"Don't stay out late on Halloween!"
Mother Kacheek warned.
Bobby Kacheek didn't listen,
He sat there and yawned.

On Halloween, Bobby set out
In his costume of Frankenstein.
His Mother warned again,
"I pray, be back at nine!"

Bobby was to meet with his friends,
All to go Trick or Treating
The group got together,
And uttered word of greeting.

Adee the Chia dressed as a witch,
Dan Blumaroo as Count Von Roo,
Terry Techo was dressed as a mummy,
And Barley Bruce was a witch too.

The night was warm and the group had fun,
But they lost any knowledge of the time.
"I'd better get home!" said Barley Bruce,
"In my house, lateness is considered a crime!"

The others agreed and all parted ways,
Making their ways home.
Bobby used a shortcut
through the Haunted Woods,
Where evil beings roam.

But alas, an eerie light caught Bobby's eye,
In the middle of the fearsome woods.
Bobby went closer to take a look,
Leaving behind his bag of goods.

A table laden with frightful foods,
With creatures all around!
The Haunted Woods was suddenly quiet,
No creature made a sound.

A witch caught Bobby's eye,
Adee the Chia was Bobby's guess!
But oh poor Bobby made a mistake,
As he tugged on the witch's dress.

Edna the Witch was livid,
"A mortal Neopet on Halloween?
Let's teach him a lesson!"
Bobby's face went green.

As Bobby scanned the faces,
Horror struck him, it's true!
There was Hubrid Nox!
And awful Count Von Roo!

Every evil monster of Neopia.
Was here in celebration,
Of their own holiday, Halloween,
An evil, though pleasant, sensation.

"We have nice foods!" yelled Hubrid Nox,
"Like Chia eyes with leek,
But how about having a delicacy?
A lively, fresh Kacheek!"

Bobby ran home as fast as he could,
His heart beating fast in his chest.
When home, he locked the door,
"My mother's right! I should have guessed!"

"That Halloween was a night for the evil ones,
To have their share of fun!"
Poor Bobby never disobeyed again,
After that frightful ordeal had been done.

Cellblock Rock By Jeciv24

The level says it's hard
And I might have to agree
But I've only been playing
For a day or three

I can already tell
This game will be tough
But I have to admit
That I can't get enough

Make your move here
And put your block there
Look out! Oh no!!
Is this game really fair?

I haven't won yet
But I am getting good
I am actually doing better
Then I thought that I would

I can't stop playing
I keep clicking play again
Will I ever win this
If so, how and when?

I suggest you go try it
You just never know
You might win quick
So I say have a go

Neopets is getting better
With every game that they make
I'll play now before bed
And again when I wake

So go check out Cellblock
I doubt you'll be upset
Hopefully I will win soon
Because I haven't won yet

A New World By Ticketytock2kay

A new world is coming soon to Neopia!
A wonderful new place to take your Chia,
Will it be like Tyrannia, ancient and old?
Covered with rock, moss and some mold?
Or like the Lost Desert, which is now found,
With countless wonders, made to astound?

Could it be an island, like Mystery and Krawk?
With a training school, to teach pets to talk?
Or better yet, like Faerieland, high in the clouds!
That's sure to attract many Neopians in crowds!
Will it be like Terror Mountain, covered in snow?
Yet another place with snowballs to throw?

Maybe it'll be dark,
Like the Virtupets Space Station
With a villain who wants to control the nation!
I hope it's not like the Haunted Woods,
Full with weird and spooky, gross foods!
Could it be Medieval,
With knights in shining armour?
Upon defeating the bad guys,
You'd be a martyr..
Underground would be fun,
Though it could cause a fright,
With twisting, dark tunnels
And flickering, dim lights.

It could be futuristic,
With modern new machines!
And possibly robots,
To keep your NeoHome clean!
Volcanic would be frightening,
With hot lava everywhere!
Both the big and little pets
Would be given quite a scare!

A Jelly World with sweet things to eat,
Going there would be indeed a treat!
Which shall it be? I haven't a clue!
Though I do know one thing, so do you:
The new world is sure to be great!
Let's just sit back and await our fate...

Damage On Meridell By Jostlin79

A land that once was beautiful,
Skarl held the Orb that was sought.
The fate of the land was determined,
After a wicked battle was fought.

Meri Acres has been ruined,
Not a berry to be found.
There is no sign of Turmaculus,
Only an indented piece of ground.

The Mortogs have been roughed up,
Kissing is a memory of the past.
No Turdles will be racing,
No one cares who's first and last.

The food stalls are in shambles,
No turnips or stale bread.
Ye Olde Petpets has been mangled,
We hope the dear pets fled.

How can an Orb that does such good,
Bring so much destruction?
As the invaders came full force,
Drawn by its seduction.

Our hearts were broken at the sight,
Of the damage on Meridell.
We will not forget the magic of this place,
Or the monster who broke the spell.

Cloud Aishas
By Mellowyellosi

Cloud Aishas, so cuddly and blue.
Yes, they are coming to the Limited Too!
Oh, I can't wait, for that glorious day.
More Aishas for me, hooray! Hooray!

Those Disco Aishas I admit, were sweet.
For a plushie collector, a special treat.
But cloud Aishas? What a surprise!
Before anyone else, that day, I will rise.

I will throw on my clothes, rush out the door.
If I get there early maybe I can get more.
I will grab each Aisha, and treasure it so.
On to my bed with other plushies they'll go.

Oh July 27! For that day, I can't wait.
I will rise very early, and I will not be late.
So, my dear cloud Aishas please wait for me,
For, when I enter that store, mine you will be.

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