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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Poogle Parade Special

The Poogle Races
by sweetestdeal

Meet me at the Poogle races, 
And you’ll see all familiar faces. 
Neopets come from all the land, 
To place bets, from meagre to grand! 

When betting a Poogle must be chosen,
And all five Poogles have devotion.
Come cheer on your favourite one, 
The Poogles will make quite a run! 

One may be quicker than the rest, 
While another’s jumping is the best. 
Some are young while others older, 
Which one will be the record holder?

Perhaps one not favourited for the win, 
Will end up placing first and with a grin! 
So check the numbers and the odds, 
The probabilities are no facade!

Once you talk to the Scorchio bet taker, 
Take a seat you risk-taker! 
Scream aloud and cheer on your Poogle, 
The race will be tight—no need to doodle.  

If you are not so lucky with your bet,
You can wait 15 minutes—don’t be upset. 
You can bet again and again and again,
Faerieland’s Poogle Races are awesome—bring a friend!

Madam Salt the Poogle
by gumgum101230

The Grand Neovian Mine
Contains the precious coal
That Madam Salt the Poogle mines
To meet her promised goal.

Her mining serves the citizens
Unlike her greedy rival;
She mines exactly what they need
Only for survival.

Baron Goldnose the Mynci
Used to be her best friend.
But when he saw the cash flow in,
Greed got him in the end.

The Mynci then extended past
His own territory,
Stripping coal from fruitful veins
In the people's quarry.

When she saw what he had done
To the dusty city,
She decided that it was time
To get her paws dirty.

With her White Weewoo and minecart,
And her lamp turned up bright,
She went to destroy all his carts
With some dynamite!

This violent reasoning may seem
To be mental gymnastics,
But that's what happens when the greedy
Engage in Coal War Tactics!

Fierce Poogle Racing!
by kellyclark1115

It's time for a Poogle race,
reporting in from Faerieland!
Have you placed your bets yet?
Tell me, what do you have planned?

Starting the race strong,
Poogle 1 holds the lead.
Many Neopians betted on him,
seeing his continuous speed.

But in the final quarter,
Poogle 3 caught up!
No one would have guessed,
that speedy little pup!

They were tied for so long,
everyone cheering them on,
Poogle 3 was ahead, then Poogle 1,
then Poogle 3 was flying as quick as a swan!

And thus this concludes,
our top-of-the-hour race,
filled with excitement and fun,
completed at the fastest pace!

A Speedy Poogle
by theguy2020

"Trapper" Remis is his name,
His defensive prowess is what brought him fame,
Always has his eyes on the ball,
Able to defend all enemies no matter how tall!

Any opponent who underestimates him regrets it soon,
Having this Poogle on your team is quite the boon,
Be careful as he might sneak up behind you,
Before you know it he'll steal the ball and put the goal through!

Passing is the only ability he needs to work on,
Word on the street is that he performs so well because he practices from dusk till dawn,
Every game he tries to become a better athlete,
He truly is the Poogle with the quickest feet!

While right defender might be his primary position,
He makes guarding the best opposing player his ultimate mission,
His toughness is equalled by only a few,
Soon he'll bring his team's total championships to two!

While it's true his team hasn't done well in recent years,
When he is on the floor there are sure to be cheers,
Even while playing as an underdog he puts on a show,
Always helping his teammates get better and grow!

The Poogle’s Parade
by dinha_reeves

To celebrate this special day
A Poogle Parade we'll make
To show you all their beauty
And share with them a piece of cake.

First comes the Baby Poogle
So tiny and adorable
It's a very nice colour indeed
And also undeniably honourable.

Then comes the next Poogle
With a cool green and red hat
The Christmas Poogle is very nice
By yourself, you can see that.

Another Poogle present here
Is the Faerie one,
He is pretty and awesome
And loved by everyone.

Look at those little colourful dots
It's Polka Dot Poogle coming along
He is simply gorgeous
We can admire him all day long.

Then comes the Chocolate Poogle
That looks like a sweet on-display
The next one is the Biscuit Poogle
To also pay homage to this day.

The Pirate Poogle is also present
With a patch in one eye
He happily walks with his friends
A nice Poogle, you can't deny.

And there's Dimensional Poogle
With his aura shining bright
Watching him parading 
It's such a beautiful sight.

Then comes the Snow Poogle
And then the Disco and Strawberry
Following them, there's the MSP one
He's nice, but a bit scary.

The Mutant Poogle also came to the Parade
And the Relic Poogle is the next
Followed by the Tyrannian and Split Poogle
All of them deserve our respect.

Every Poogle has their magic
No matter the colour of this Pet
This Parade is surely amazing
And I'm sure you'll never forget.

Happy Poogle Day, Alstaf Poogle!
by agedbeauty

Today let's remember
The most important Poogle of all
For when you're writing poetry
It's on Altsaf Poogle you must call

Alstaf Poogle takes your measure
As he reads rhyme and verse
Judging quick your meter
And which line you wrote first

Alstaf is giving you the side-eye
When you make a sideways rhyme
And he's counting out your syllables
If none of the align

Maybe sometimes Alstaf Poogle
Is picky as he chooses
He screens each poem carefully
To see what wins and what loses

But Alstaf has an important job
That he does each holiday
You see when it comes to poetry
He has the final say

So here is to 
That clever Poogle judge
For when it comes to writing quality
Dear Alstaf just won't budge!

The Poogle Racing Underdog
by aninha_morango

In Faerieland, every fifteen minutes,
A new race brings excitement for infinity.
Don't waste your time, get a ticket,
Bet on the one you trust to run quickly.

Up to 300 Neopoints you might bet;
The gates are closed once the Poogles are ready.
To cheer for the one you picked, it's time already.
Five eager Poogles to the podium are heading.

Number One gets a head start,
If you don't know, he is a racing star.
Beating him is extremely hard,
But number Two is not very far.

Number Three easily overcomes the barriers,
Well, that is certainly unexpected.
Poogles Four and Five are in a tie,
You can't help but feel sorry — they're way behind.

Every second, the race advances,
We won't know the winner until it ends.
Wait, something weird happens!
Number Five all of a sudden ascends.

The other racers are paralyzed,
As Poogle Number Five begins to fly.
This can't be happening — it has to be a lie!
The underdog is the first to reach the finish line.

Praised by all of his fans and friends,
He has always waited for this chance.
At the podium, he graciously stands,
With a shiny gold trophy in his hands!

Playful Poogles
by eleganza_lights

Poogles are soft and cuddly,
Play with them and they are cute and bubbly.
Stemming from the whimsical Faerieland,
Where you can see them race across the land.

But competitive Pets is also what they are,
Their razor-sharp teeth, you can see from afar.
Once such Poogle is Buster the Brute,
Though he’ll argue he’s kind to boot.

Oh, but beware of the malevolent plushie,
Its beady red eyes make the bravest a bit woozy. 
And stay away from the Poogle vampire,
Causing poor questers to run and scamper.

Of course, many Poogles are very fine,
Such is Madam Salt of the mines.
Riding around in her cart full of rocks and gems,
Hindering Baron Goldnose with TNT and mayhem.

Poor little Dimella who just wants ice cream,
Kora and Eppa tell stories of Faeries and dreams.
And finally, Mr. Alstaf who cannot be forgotten
Without whom no poetry contest would happen!

The Mystery of the Poet Poogle
by mynel_mel

To identify a poet, you should look for his beret
"A whole job in one hat? That's such a big cliché!"
Upon meeting Alstaf, that's not what you would say
And I find no better theme to write about today.

If you've never heard of Alstaf, he's a dear poet Poogle
In my past as a young poet, his rejection was quite brutal.
He has taught me rhyming, rhythm, I am really just a pupil
He let no verse go to waste; writing's never been so frugal.

He used to hang around the Underground Art Gallery, 
He was the first judge to call my work satisfactory
I was eager for his praise, a mere compliment for salary
Having my poem accepted was the truest form of flattery

One day back in Year 13, Poets followed dear King Roo
Accepting the invitation to make his Island less blue
I have never seen the Poogle since. Mr. Alstaf, where are you?
Did you drink a Morphing Potion? Are you now a Blumaroo?

For all poets of Neopia, up and down, left and right
Alstaf was an inspiration, a true Poetry White Knight
In soirées, cafes, and meetings, his best verses I'll recite
Although his rejection hurt me, it has taught me how to write

And if ever I could wish for something only Alstaf could provide
It is a spot at a 100th Poetry Contest; it would be my greatest pride!
And a chance for his Collectable Card, that would make me satisfied
I would put it on my deck, so Alstaf never leaves my side.

The Lament of the Poogle Vampire
by niddyz

No one celebrates us, the Poogle 
Vampires. That’s fair. We suck
Your blood. We drain health.
Nothing about that warrants love.

But if you have a moment, we’d like
To open a vein: to insist, in vain
We’re worth celebrating.
Let’s lift our Poogle Day strike!

Why not root for the under-Poogle?
Few people know us by sight.
We’re just some random monster
In Neoquest, in an area few fight.

But if you fight us, don’t we teach you?
Shore up your paltry defence! Our fangs
Will go right through you, invest in
Spectral or Stun might be the play.

We teach you tactics and you teach us
Well, defeat. And isn’t that
The ultimate lesson? To learn over
Again the limitations of your weapons?

We’re not asking for much this Poogle Day.
(OK, maybe an artery or two.) But really
What we want is for you to come visit,
Learn a lesson in Neoquest I (not II).

A Retired Poogle Racer
by spukl1

I can't race with the Poogles anymore,
Not like I used to before,
No, I can't race with the Poogles anymore,
But I can still outrun the Meepits.

I used to race with those Poogles,
Fyora, I was the leader of the packs,
But there's no way I can keep up on the tracks
I can only trot with the retired Poogles.

I used to make all the top spots,
I showed them what I got.
I know that age can slow a Poogle down,
I’m not as fast along the ground.

Retired from the races, they gave me a shot.
Now I’ll only be around to trot.
Say goodbye to the #1 placer.
Faerieland has lost their best racer.

I can't race with the Poogles anymore,
Not like I used to before,
No, I can't race with the Poogles anymore,
But I can still outrun the Meepits.

The Cheerful Poogle
by maculose

A festive Poogle woke up with a smile.
She had waited for this for quite a while.
The Holiday season was finally here!
She was ready to begin and bring the cheer!

“What’s first on my list? Where to begin?”
She asked herself while wearing a grin.
First on the list was getting a tree.
She ran out of the house as happy as could be. 

She quickly arrived and was ready to buy.
There were so many trees but she noticed a pine.
“That’s the one! Can I buy it please?”
The owner nodded and sold it with ease.

When she got home, she jumped for joy.
It was like she found the perfect Toy.
She unbound the tree and propped it up,
As she poured some cocoa into a cup.

She started to decorate this perfect tree,
But something jumped out that was real furry.
It was a little Xampher that seemed real glad.
Had he found a home with someone not mad?

The Poogle thought the Xampher was cute.
“You’ll stay with me and don’t you dispute!”
The little Xampher was happy as can be,
So the Poogle let it help decorate the tree.

It was an unlikely friendship, but they had fun though.
The Poogle even gave the Xampher some hot cocoa.
The Poogle sat back with the Xampher near,
She was happy she brought the Xampher some cheer.

Poogle Day Toys to Enjoy
by chai7705

It's Poogle Day! Hip hip hooray! The prep has all been made
For us to come and celebrate the yearly Poogle Parade

We'll party, feast, and gather with our friends and family
There's so much that we can do, and it all fills us with glee!

But when it comes to that part of the day
Wanting something simple to enjoy
Let's find ourselves a way to play
Aha! Of course! With Poogle Toys!

There are some Toys like Poogle Crackers
They make a big loud "POP!"
And then out comes more goodies after
The fun just never stops!

Poogle Bubble Blowers can fill up the sky
While the Desert Poogle Music Box sings
Bubbles float past Yellow Poogle Kites up high
As we bounce Pink Poogle Yoyos on strings

For something a little more active
We can toss the Blue Poogle Flying Disc
If throwing and running aren't attractive
Then the Blue Poogle Jigsaw is much less risk

Many options can work tabletop,
Poogle Marbles and Putty are only two
Pick the Poogle Jacks up before the drop
Poogle Racing Game's a classic, too!

But possibly most famous of all
Are the Plushie Poogle Toys we adore
So many cool and cute little dolls
There's no way this could ever be a bore!

Some come in the fanciest colours
Like Mutant or Faerie or Grey
While some call the rest plain or duller
I'll take a Blue Poogle Toy any day!

There are a few Toys that are magic
That have a powerful effect
Be careful, else it might end up tragic
If you don't want Paint ruined or wrecked

Maybe the most notorious
Is one that looks quite mean
Its reputation? Uproarious!
Its price so high it's obscene

Still, that MSPP Poogle
Is one that's so well-known
If you see one, you can't help but 'oogle'
Many wish they had their own!

This Plushie's glowing red eyes
And devious, devilish grin
Might cause some Neopian cries
It can really do you in!

This Plushie Poogle might look scary
Not as pretty as some fair Faeries

But this one is labelled a "hero" to us
So just be brave and don't make a fuss

The MSPP only wants to party, too!
Don't let its sharp teeth scare or spook you
Let him join in with the entire crew
And together, we'll celebrate as friends! Woo hoo!

A Friendly Poogle
by meerkatpaws

A bouncing Poogle jumps up at you,
"Hello" he says, are you new?
He doesn't seem able to remember,
that you're a long-time playing member.

It doesn't matter where you are,
you might not have travelled very far.
He seems to find you here and there,
and always has a smile to share.

You do this dance once every while,
and each time you give back a smile.
He can't recall the passing event,
so there's no point in an argument.

You've seen this random event before
it's happening now more and more.
A Red Poogle hops past and says "Hi!"
He seems like such a friendly guy.

You're thankful for his introduction,
not finding it an interruption.
It takes no time out of your day,
to politely nod and be on your way.

Pages for the Poogle Parade
by decaf0n

If you want to celebrate the Poogle Parade
In all earnest with no charades
You might be looking for something to do
And make it special, fun, even cute too

You may know all about our Terror Mountain friends
Even made some cash on lucky Race wins
The Poogle Apprentice might've gotten your aid
Or perhaps your words Alstaf has weighed

You might squeal over their chubby physique
One adorable look and you feel yourself weak
Even an MSPP could have captured your heart
Their devious grin--it's your favourite part

But even then you may find yourself in thought
With plans or hunches amounting to naught
Of how you might honour with joy and fun
"Poogles," you say, "they're second to none"

So let's pick up a book to help the cause
Maybe that rare tale Poogles in Camouflage
Or perhaps Poogle Poetry would be worthwhile
You might find something good in Poogle Profile

Poogle Paw Prints might help form a plan
Or Painting Poogles if you're an art fan
There's sure to be value in Poogle Mysteries
And Poogle Racing Over the Years' histories

So many choices might test your mettle
You might find it hard on which one to settle
Well do not fret, for I have a good lead:
Just give Poogle Day Ideas a good, long read!

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