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Neopets Poems

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Cybunny Carnival Special

Cybunny day
by _interrupted_

Hopping happily through the meadows,
Humming glorious tunes 
You'll find the Cybunnys celebrating,
With all their cupcakes and balloons.

The scene has been set,
The party will be grand,
These bunnies know how to party,
It'll be a fluffy wonderland. 

With lots of games to be played,
And prizes to be won,
Today will be amazing,
And will never be outdone.

So gather everyone,
Neopets big and small,
To celebrate Cybunny day,
It certainly won't be drawl.

Beware the Bionic Cybunny
by precious_katuch14

Beware the Bionic Cybunny
When he crosses your path,
Beware his steely stare
Concealing great wrath.

Beware his metal claws
Built to rend and tear,
For he will slash and swipe
Without a single care.

Beware his bright red eyes
With which he keeps watch
To find any adventurers
He can fight and snatch.

Beware his lethal strikes,
Packing power into his punch,
This Cybunny is very strong,
It's more than just a hunch.

Beware his relentless pursuit
As he locks on his target,
Beware, when he finds you,
It won't be pleasant, you bet!

Beware the Bionic Cybunny,
But he is not your final enemy,
Beware most of all his king,
Who controls the land of faeries,
Beware the great King Terask,
Master of the Bionic Cybunnies.

Mosaic Cybunny
by flusia

Multicoloured glass
Pieces of all shape and size
A true work of art

Shades of pink and blue
Form the main composition
Of this masterpiece

Eyes that sparkle green
Neck scruff made of hearts with love
Every detail shines

Large, round ears on top
Smiling face designed with care
Beautifully posed

Each mosaic piece
Fits into place to create
The best Cybunny

A Princess in Need of a Sleuth
by darkhound45

Deep inside a temple in Shenkuu,
A Cybunny needs the help of a sleuth.

The Cybunny is a princess that needs your help,
So please hurry and finish your meal at Kelp.

Before you save her please keep in mind
That there are clues that you’ll need to find.

Each possible entrance is definitely blocked
By many tall guards that don’t like to talk.

Don’t worry though there is a catch.
There are some puzzles with clues to match.

If you match the clues and get them right,
You will be let through and remain in the fight.

Please hurry though there’s no time to waste.
Princess Lunara was taken and can’t be replaced!

The Cybunny Detective
by geneames1

If you should find
that your carrots are gone
filched by a fiend
in the night

who should you call
to track down your veggies?
Cybunny Detective
that's right!

He'll bring all his sleuthing
skills to the fore
and check out each subject
that comes through the door

Examining clues
he will soon uncover
who stole all the carrots
which then he'll recover!

The Mischievous Cybunny
by frankie8492

Although Lunara was a princess, she was often sad. 
She didn't care about riches, but just wanted her dad. 
He was the king of Shenkuu and always had lots to do, 
So she decided to leave her home and only left a clue. 
When he realized that she was missing, he felt very bad. 

Lunara pretended to be kidnapped by trashing her room.
When her dad saw the mess, he was filled with a sense of doom. 
His heart was beating fast and he felt like he couldn't breathe, 
And as he gathered his thoughts, that's when he started to seethe. 
He needed to find her before letting his other duties resume. 

When he found out it was all a prank, he was in disbelief. 
He was upset at her, but also let out a sigh of relief. 
She realized afterwards that she broke her father's heart, 
So Lunara apologized to him and promised to do her part, 
By being a loving daughter and turning over a new leaf.

Snacks for Princess Lunara
by pandacat838

The name's Lunara, and yes, I'm sure you've heard,
There was a series of events, with an ending quite absurd!

I was a little too curious, stayed out a little too late,
Thus I was kidnapped, a most cruel and unusual fate,
Thankfully, the guards were speedy and closed the castle gate,
Or else this would be a story of me in an unfortunate state.

A kind Neopian convinced the guards she fought for good,
And came running to save me, as fast as she possibly could.
Dear friend, I'm ever grateful that you came to my aid,
For I know the palace is quite wary and hard to persuade.

Now I'm pleased to report, all is well, I'm safe and sound,
My emperor father is elated, and ordered celebrations all-around.
But I have to say that was quite the journey, I have to ask,
Before we head home, can you share with me, any nice snacks?

What's that you say? There is no money on your banking card?
What do you mean, you spent it all, bribing Shenkuu's guards?

Cybunny Cybunny Cybunny
by honorrolle

Hop, hop, hop over to the parade,
Cybunny Day today- it’s no charade,
Cute and cuddly, no reason to be afraid,
Send the pictures, poems and stories for an accolade.

Fuzz, fuzz, fuzzy is the beautiful colored coat,
Cy winners of the Beauty Contest try not to gloat,
Neopian Times asking Cylara for a expert quote,
Neopian owners grab some lettuce and on your Cy, dote. 

Fashion fashion, fashion, that fur is just so fab,
Who needs a scarf when hopping, not at all drab,
Only on 27th day of Eating a Cy you can grab,
Take your Cybunny shopping, Uni’s boutique starts a tab.

Famous famous famous, Cybunnies near and far,
Lulu, cousin of gaming legends is the Neocash star,
Altador dancing queen Sasha, high she sets the bar,
Princess Lunara lost, rescuing puzzle game to spar.

Sunrise on the Cybunny Carnival
by cookiez101

A green coats the damp rocky ground, grasses and forbs elbowing into view,
as the sun rises, Cylara races around the galaxy with a resistance crew.
Topsi is hiding Neggs around Neopia, tucking them into the shimmer of dew,
for on the Cybunny carnival, a feeling of happiness and cheer begins to brew.

On this festive day, pastel banners and balloons decorate every square
and lush vegetables are washed and prepared to share.
Perhaps you’ll visit the Lost Desert scratchcard kiosk, if you have Neopoints to spare.
Or visit the Royal Potionery shop for a novel concoction, if you dare.

Noda will have fortune cookies freshly made, warm and full of whim,
as Sasha the Dancer prepares a choreography and song at the drawing of the scrim.
Lucie will have plushies and Usukis to give to all with a free limb,
as Lulu prepares new clothing items for shoppers to fill their carts to the brim.

All Cybunnies, no matter their fortune or renown
will gather to dance, chatter, and feast in the centre of every town.
All are welcome and invited – do not feel down,
for throughout the day, there will be new Cybunny friends abound!

Bunny Hop Bop
by i_lovee_icecream

Cybunny, Cybunny;
Find your place in line.
Cybunny, Cybunny;
Get ready for the jive!

Place your hands on their hips,
Put a smile on your lips.
Right foot out, heel on the ground;
Right foot in, bring it back around.

Place your hands on their hips,
Put a smile on your lips.
Left foot out, heel on the ground;
Left foot in, bring it back around.

Hop forward, then back;
Ankles together to keep on track.
Hop forward three times more,
Use those hips and then you'll soar!

Bunny hop, bunny hop;
Bunny hop bop!
Celebrate the carnival,
Don't let your day be dull.

Bunny hop, bunny hop;
Bunny hop bop!
Celebrate Cybunny Day,
The dancin' bunny way!

The Fluffiest Neopets
by shutianlei3333

Cybunnies are furry and very lovable,
And their cuteness makes them huggable.
They're quite small, when it comes to size,
But to many people, they're easy on the eyes.

They often run around while on their paws,
But don't worry, they don't have sharp claws.
They can also jump and hop very high, 
So they can be far up in the sky.

Their fur helps to keep them nice and warm,
Which is useful when there's a heavy storm.
They love to eat vegetables and fruits,
And their favourite friend is often a Bruce.

Cybunnies are the best, I guarantee,
Once you have one, you'll agree.
So don't hesitate and get one today,
And we'll go outside together and play.

Happy Cybunny Day!

Mon ami le Cybunny (French)
by maxlolll

Tellement mignon, mon bel ami
Si doux, mais surtout si gentil
Quand le matin tu me souris
S’envolent alors tous mes ennuis

Dans le jardin, tu te réjouis
Devant carottes et radis
Et quand arrive le midi
Tu as toujours bon appétit

Quand tes copains se pointent ici
Pour s’amuser sans répit
Tu es le roi des plaisanteries
Et sans cesse tu divertis

Puis quand enfin tombe la nuit
Épuisé, tu t’assoupis
Et puis tu rêves dans ton lit
À notre amitié infinie !

Cybunny Day!
by she_chose_love

Gather 'round,
pull up a chair.
There seems to be a buzz,
in the air.

Listen closely,
to that sound.
Laughter and cheer,
is all around.

All of Neopia,
is in a celebratory mood.
And not just because of the games,
and the tasty new food.

Today we celebrate,
a very special Neopet.
With a huge carnival,
this is as fun as it can get.

Today is Cybunny day,
it is finally here.
Enjoy the celebrations,
at this special time of year.

Honoured Guest
by inland

I’m meeting someone here today
To celebrate and play!
I baked a lot of carrot cake
In honour of this day!

My friend is highly coveted,
A diamond through and through!
Today’s a special day for him-
I haven’t him seen yet, have you?

I’m meeting someone here today-
He said he’d come, I swear!
He has two ears, a cotton tail,
Is that him over there?

My friend is very spirited 
He loves to hop and run
I’m sure that he is on his way-
He wouldn’t miss the fun!

I’m meeting someone here today!
Any second now, I’m sure!
I’ll just cover up the food for now
To maintain its allure 

Cybunny, where are you?
I really think you’re great,
But it’s hard to have a party 
When you’re always running late

The Cybunny Who Sells Fun Fortune Cookies
by _brainchild_

Noda is a fine Cybunny
Who makes lots of spending money
Selling fortune cookies. You'll
Love his selection, never dull.

An Upcycle gets rid of junk
While granting you a daily chunk
Of items you can really use.
These gems are not ones to refuse!

An Archive cookie gives cool stuff---
I simply cannot get enough!
There's clutter which just cannot stay,
So re-releases come your way.

A Lab Ray cookie grants more chances
At a cool zap which will bless
Your Neopet with a new hue
Or species---you will not feel blue. 

Or, get a daily Faerie Quest---
Rewards of magic are the best!
From stats to a new colour, you
Are bound to love these prizes, too.

So, I thank Noda for these wares
Which grant rewards so fun and rare.
He's quite a clever Cybunny---
His fortune cookies always please.

Crazy about Cybunnies
by oomp

A twitchy nose, endearing snout
But what are Cybunnies about?
Their floppy ears are made for listening 
Expressive eyes, forever glistening

They wish to charm you, bring you smiles
They like group hugs, form bunny piles
Their poofy tails reflect their mood
Snow broccoli, a favourite food

They’re stylish, poised, and full of grace
much more than just a charming face
They’re bold, creative, self-assured
You will proclaim they’re quite matured

They’re kindness driven, not just cute
Won’t find them in hateful dispute 
Instead, they’re joyful, love to frolic 
Of fun and glee, they are symbolic 

There’s so much more that I can say
But we should just enjoy the day
Let’s celebrate, this awesome pet
Cybunny day, you won’t forget!

The Lonely Royalgirl Cybunny
by roxanna203

A princess who's quite elegant,
Refined and poised to supreme,
Possess beauty and intelligence,
With quite the high self-esteem.

Born from a long line of royalty,
Indubitably, her dresses shine,
Lilac and yellow colours of loyalty,
Her attire carries that design.

The Royalgirl Cybunny sighs,
For there is no one to talk to,
To conversate with someone wise,
Is something she secretly pursues.

Due to her high social class status,
Most Neopians concede effortlessly,
It feels as if they're one apparatus,
Who will always say yes generously.

One day she will find a noble friend,
Who will possess all the qualities,
Of realness and sincerity to no end,
Together, exploring their curiosities.

The Royalgirl Cybunny smiles with delight,
At this pleasant thought of the future,
A friendship that will shine so bright,
With love, earnesty, genuine, and humour.

Posessed Cybunny Plushie
by indulgences

This Plushie is demonic stuff!
Its eyes are glowing red.
Please buy another toy, my dear,
That won’t fill you with dread!

Though covered with such soft white fur,
And muff of lightest blue,
This Plushie is infernal stuff.
It’s evil through and through!

Its soul is crazed and devilish.
It’s diabolic, bad.
This Plushie is a fiendish thing.
This Plushie is quite mad!

A prize from one year’s Daily Dare,
You had to beat Chad’s score.
You had to beat a certain game
That left your mouse wrist sore!

And what a prize this Plushie is!
It smirks with wickedness.
It snarls with such depravity.
It’s such malevolence!

Please buy another toy, my dear,
A Plushie that is good!
That fills you with such happiness,
As any Plushie should!

Long Live The Cybunnys!
by pnaylala24

Long Live The Cybunnys!

Come one! Come all!
Let's celebrate a species oh so small!
Today is the Cybunny Festival!
These famous Cybunnys will travel near or far-
LuLu and Lucy, Sasha and Keetra Deile, Princess Lunara and Cylara
There will be games, a great feast!
For a species super neat!
Playing Snow Wars is  their favourite game
Never ever gets lame
Hiding in the snow is so fun!
Lots of excitement for everyone!
Fur so thick, a beautiful sight!
Keeps the warm on a chilly  night
So let's go join these amazing beings
I hear there will be some singing!
Songs of Cybunnys will permeate our ears
No doubt there will be many cheers!
We should make a toast of hot cocoa
Admiring the Cybunnys young and old!
See you there! 
Cybunny we surely care!
Thanks for your cuteness
This day spent with you will be bliss!

Princess Lunara’s Loneliness
by erroro

Princess Lunara often sat alone,
In the palace of the great Shenkuu.
Isolated and lonely, inside she grieved,
To the kingdom that caused her gloom.

To become Empress was a responsibility,
That Princess Lunara had to take on.
For that, she kept up appearances,
To her people, she remained strong.

She wished to be more like her sister
Adventurous, free-spirited, wild.
Princess Terrana could go scale a mountain,
While she remained meek and mild.

Princess Lunara sat with her Kazeriu,
When she heard footsteps coming her way.
Her father and her sister, holding a cake,
Cheering, “Happy Cybunny Day!”

Taken aback, Lunara smiled and laughed
She had forgotten about the holiday!
As the family sat and shared stories, together,
She knew she wouldn’t be lonely today.

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