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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Bad Poetry Day

Bad Poem Mystery
by profebest

Turmaculus likes to eat Neopets,
but he prefer Petpets-
When he is hungry he eats petpetpets for snacks,
He sleeps more than the Snowager,

The Snowager won't give you a treasure,
Unless you bring him a petpet-
First you have to ask Turmaculus since he ate it,
Too late he already ate it,

Just say Sulucamrut to solve the mystery,
Which means Turmaculus in reverse-
And he shall give you the petpet back,
Looks all slimy oh right it he ate it,

By far this is the worse poem ever, 
Happy Bad Poem Day!

Hungry, Sleepy, and Confused. A mood.
by m0rbid_kitt3n

Oh Linty Bologna, Linty Bologna,
Why have you fallen
to the floor?
I was hungry
and you fell
and now you are linty
and clean no more.
Now I am sad,
this is very bad.
What will I eat?
The only thing I have left
is Pickled Feet.
I'm going to sleep.
I should actually go to the store,
my cabinets are bare,
and my bologna fell to the floor.
Maybe I could buy a Cheeseburger Pizza,
or even some Ice Ice Cream.
A Cheese Sandwich sounds good,
or even a Faerie Dream ... wich.
I need other things,
I like feathers.
Maybe a Feathered Hat.
I also like Weewoos.
What was I talking about?

The way I'm are
by actiontal

You're still good to me
The bad rhyme coming from afar
A paradigm for cringe
Come as you are 

Your pentameter's a mess 
Your syllables make Sloth cry
Your words make little sense 
But in this contest you can fly 

Neither a Sonnet, nor an Ode
Nor villanelle with proper scheme
W h y  t h e  e x t r a  s p a c e s 
Ne'er a petpet that knew what you mean 

But here you find your place

It's so bad but it kinda tastes good? 
Vegetarians can't eat the words minced in this meat
Sinsi says she likes me just the way I'm are
Gotta admit this poem's got beat

I'm Bad At Poetry
by hamsdaa

Roses are red,
Gadgadsbogen is fruit.
This poem doesn't rhyme,
But I'm bad at poetry.


Walda the Baby Kacheek's Attempt At Poetry
by _brainchild_

My naim is Walda
Im a baybee kacheek
My sisturs think I cant rite
Yet my skils r not week

My favrit food is choclit
And any1 else
Who duzint agree
Rilly needs sum help

Neo skool stinx
It is boring all day
And my teecher is meen
I just wanna go play

Im a battledome wareeor
Sum say im week
Just bcuz im so smal
And a baybee kacheek

But i show them whose boss
With my sords and my skils
Leeving them vary cros
Is always a thril

Sum day ill be famuss
I beet evil fohs
Wear wil advenchurs take me
Nobuddy nose

I Love Neopets - Acrostic
by frankie8492

I love neopets!

Lennies like to read.
Ogrins like to chat.
Vandygyres like to fly.
Elephantes like to toot.

Nimmos like to hop.
Eyries like to battle.
Ogrins like to walk.
Peophins like to swim.
Elephantes like to travel.
Tonus like to eat.
Scorchios like to breathe fire.

Did I mention that I love neopets?

Ode to NST
by tifabee

You were the Deadly Dice avatar
And I was asleep because it was 3 AM

Writing a Good-Bad Poem
by 1337r3st0ck4

Write something.  Anything!
But whatever you write, it has to BAD!
Hmmm, well actually it has to be bad, but also good….
Just good enough for the judge to be able to read it,
I suppose it has to be somewhat comprehensible.

But yea, just write whatever’s on your mind.
You can write about those Lupes you saw the other day.
Perhaps talk about that Chocolate Custard you had for breakfast.
Oh… I wasn’t supposed to mention that out loud?

Aaanywaaays, let’s get back to brainstorming some ideas.
Hmmm, how about writing about Sloth?
He’s always up to no good.
You can’t write a good poem about Sloth,
So it’s bound to be bad.

Hey! Are you falling asleep!?
Wake up! We got a deadline to meet.
What do you mean you haven’t been writing any of this down?
This would have made a good-bad poem.

Bad Homonyms
by linnipooh

Neopia is full of pets
Sew many colors, shapes and sizes.
How does won choose?
A decision I can't bare.

Blumaroo like flours
Spring fourth to the sky.
Dancing in the breeze
of crisp spring heir.

Mynci spend there daze
Playing beech volleyball.
Hit the ball hire
and the game is one.

Grarrl so hungry
He eight something from my inventory.
Taught me a lessen
Good-buy BGC.

MSP Poogles
Cackling allowed at knight.
Maniacal laughter
Keeps me on my tows.

Beautiful Uni
Freshly brushed main.
Never a not
in her heir.

The Usul is
A site for soar I's.
Maybe she can when
The beauty contest.

This poem is causing me pane
I must wrap it up.
Thank ewe four reeding
Bad homonyms.

A Really Bad Poem About Weewoos
by geneames1

Do Weewoos all sound different?
Do gray ones say Wee,woe?
Do Disco birds say Whee! Woo!?
I bet they do.

Would Halloween ones say “Oooh weewooo”
like little scary ghosts?
Do Plushie ones say “Weewool”?
That would be funny.

Do  robot ones scream “weewoo, weewoo”
like tiny sirens?
Do Christmas ones say “WeeWooHoHo?”
I wonder sometimes.

On second thought,
Probably not.

Amalgamation of Bad Poetry Fun!
by flusia

They say a good poem's supposed to rhyme.
But I just don't have the patience
Nor time to do that.

They say you should keep a nice meter,
To make it easy to read for the reader.
But writing is supposed to be creative so you don't need to do that
If you don't want to.

What's to say we can't
Randomly throw a haiku
Into the middle?

Perhaps we could also
Obtrusively insert an acrostic poem
Even though they may be overdone
They can be enjoyable to
Read and write.
You may even crack a smile!

Writing this poem was so much fun,
And really, that's what counts.
So write your poetry, good or bad,
Because everyone starts somewhere.
And don't give up on your dreams~ :)

by jaudaran

Things to write poems about,
How many have I got?
I could list so many,
So many more than not…

Poems just flow out of me,
One I’m writing now!
Even as we speak I write,
Meter, rhyme, and how!

I’m not short on ideas,
So reader, don’t you fret,
No risk that I will lose
This inspiration yet!

Good topics they are plenty,
Organized in groups,
Oh so many subjects to–
Darn, wait, I didn’t–oops.

I am not good at poetry
by victoriathegr8one

A Limerick for Bad Poetry Day

There once was a user named Tori,
Who zapped her favourite pet Bori!
The Bori was glum,
There wasn’t much to be done,
All Tori could say was ‘oops’.

A Haiku for Bad Poety Day

Haiku Master sits
He says “you are bad at this”
It’s true, Haikus are hard.

An Acrostic for Bad Poetry Day

Nothing is better than logging in after a long day
Everyone is active on the boards, my shop till is full
Only Neopets could bring this type of joy
Perhaps I will go out into the sun tomorrow
Enjoy the fresh air, and get some exercise
That sounds like a good plan for another day
Zoo wee mama!

Thee Bad Poetry Day
by xlorally

All my life, 
I never wrote a poem,
As I'm no good with words,
Not good with phrases,
Much less in verses,
Rhyming and what not.

Neo's shade some lights,
For me to be gutsy,
More open-minded,
Less a coward,
As I try new challenges,
And one of them is poetry.

My poem may be atrocious,
Due to my imprudent self,
In verses and rhyming,
With phrases or synonyms,
For it is not about perfection,
But for a day imperfection.

All hope for a good poem,
But this day is not,
Even if I cringed, 
In need of a few bad verses,
For I shall conquer,
Thee Bad Poetry Day.

Bad Poetry Day
by miraday

Roses are red,
Harris are beige,
You love this intro
Though it’s cliche.

Bad poetry is a metaphor
No matter who wrote it.
Good poetry is like a simile:
Sadly, I am not a poet. 

Alstaf Poogle says consistency
Is ImportAnt To Captivating Readers.
just be grateful this is rhyming

Hyperrealism is unnecessary!
Hyperboles are only for entries
Desperate for victory. However,
If this loses, I will be self-freezing.

My literary critics are like Relic Lennies:
Jaded, immovable, permanently upright.
My writing is also like a Relic Lenny:
These comparisons fail to take flight.

“Worst. Poetry. Ever.” is available
Now at every fine Neopian book store.
Or just Shop Wizard it-- either way,
It’s getting placed in your top drawer.

Remember: no poetry is “bad poetry,”
Only communicative or misunderstood.
The opposite is not true:
This one is really good.

A Neopets Kind Of Day
by mintykari



Quiggle in the meadow.



Neopia Central queen.



Where are all the MSP Poogles?

In laboratory.


They zapped my petpet into ash.



We now end this poem, truly.

Ode to Poetry
by flipfro

Writing non-rhyming poems,
is so hard to do.
I only know how to rhyme,
and my selection is few.

There are rules to follow,
but who would know,
as long as I don't rhyme,
I might put on a show!

What is the ryhythm,
how many beats to a bar?
If I just tell a story,
I won't get very far.

But then, BAD POETRY day comes along,
and I can make up the rules!

Ignoring my instincts,
just speak from the heart.
tell a story, DON'T RHYME,
and definitely don't fart!


I cant poem well.
by ferretboy85

People tease and mock me
because I cannot read

ill move to other lands!
historic Meridell?

People there only read
if they are noble blood

Maybe i'll go elsewhere
like tyrannia- ugg

pets over there dont write
they only ugga ugga

where else could i go to?
to be round bookless peers

i cant read at all, yet
i know exactly why

i never had a teacher
since they cancelled neoschool!

Like kinda hype honestly, genuine bruh moment.
by huntercn

There once was a Uni who did a sick kickflip over a gap.
It was pretty cool NGL FR FR no cap.

An Ode to Queen Fyora and All Faeries
by dudeiloled

Oh beautiful Queen Fyora!
How you sit atop your tower
(Wait, atop your tower? Does that work? She's not actually on top of it, I suppose. Okay, let's start again).

Oh beautiful Queen Fyora!
How you hide within your tower
(Oh yeah. It's all coming together).
Many try to find you in your glory-a
(Fyora had to be called that, didn't she? Give a rhyming gal a break, it's close enough).
But all you do is glower
Because your prices are so sour
Do us a favour and let me give you a flower
And then you might in all your power
Reduce your prices by the hour
So that we can all go shopping, in the tower.
(Tower twice? No one will notice, so leave it in).

Oh wonderful Faerie Illusen!
How you look so green and - and like a fusion
(Seriously what is WITH these names?)
You fly around Meridell
Even though it rather smells
You take care of all the Neopets
And greet everything with lots of Petpets
Why are you so mean with the items on your quests?
I think you should just give everyone a prize, that would be for the best.

Oh devious creature Jhudora!
How dark you are compared to flora
Your evil grin and wicked ways
You make me wonder about the days
You scare me whenever you fly by
And always I wonder why oh why
You don't have to be so shy
Because I think that is why
(What else rhymes with why? Who knows?)
I have to say goodbye

Oh frosty snowy Taelia!
(Are we absolutely kidding with these names? Did you all TRY to make sure you didn't rhyme?)

You know what...I give up.

The Land of Peeia: A Stream of Consciousness Poem
by rielcz

This is the land of Peeia
A novel Neo land
With Lupes, Aishas, and Chias
And the Shop Wiz so grand

This world is full of magic
That's what the Faeries say
The people here aren't tragic
Rather, happy and gay

The Games Room has exploded
But other things to do
Include making pets bloated
Restocking, dailies, too!

Real life pets might hate clothing
But Neopets say "Yay"!
Wearables, NC... Loathing
That UC rules are cray

A scandal'd past this land has had?
Habi, KeyQuest, NeoHomes
Static gross 'Pets that are sad
And that awesome Battledome

The biggest event of the year
Is the Altador Cup
Let's consult the Oracle seer:
Which team will cheat on up!?

And when you feel too happy
There's stuff to sour your mood
Pant Devil, Tax Beast's crappy
But Sloth's a COOL DUDE

But we all know why we're here
For that nostalgia, pure
Despite it all, we hold dear
Our love-hate boredom cure 

Let us love one another
And let us not forget
The death of flash means game trophies
Are easier to get

Why I Like the Battledome (A Bad Draft)
by dzudea

I may be a peacemaker
but I somehow always find
myself by the ol' Battledome
to somehow clear my mind.
I know it may seem rather odd
but I never fight, you see,
I stay right by the entrance
of a place to make buddies.
Before a pet may battle
I give them a pep talk or two
I find all friendly fighter
needs a little ego boost
I like the Battledome because
though fighting I rarely do
most battlers aren't enemies
but future buddies, in truth!

Poem Backwards
by parody_ham

Co-written by 4mandy4

Backwards poem this read must you
Sense any make won't it or
Surprises of full is day poetry bad
Fence the on be don't! Fun the join, come

Normally poem a write you could how
Need you all are phrases silly these when
Agree you'll sure we're, try a it give
Indeed, backwards better are things

Poem a submitted once Neopian a
Say they, way "normal" a in
Ask we, that in fun the is where but
May what come, page the on words write

Things random of chaos the embrace
Play word the enjoy, goofy so it's
Ago long too not time a as such
Day a for TNT was everyone

Hour evening the in late when
Rut terrible a in yourself find you if
Top fance your on put just
Coconut mr. NIGHT GOOD

Backwards this read you! Whoops
Sense make not does still it and
Surprises of full is day poetry bad
Fence the on sit don't! Fun the join

Impress to stanza more one
Near is end the friends my, alas
Close a to draws poem this as
Here Wuz Flash Chet

a very bad poem
by annikkiadepp_

My neopet tried its best
to make these verses rhyme

unfortunately he wasn't in time
to make the deadline

So he asked I send my best rhyme
but I'm not good at writing poetry
so this is the best I could come up with.

A Day in the Life of Aesop
by honorrolle

Aesop reading through, 
Many entries, much to do,
Stories, poems, everywhere,
Sipping coffee, without care.

Storytelling looking great,
Narrowed down to only eight, 
Oh NO! Which story,
Who will win the story glory.

Poems coming left and right, 
Submission is all day and night,
Creative users sending in, 
Artful prose, play to win.

Longer yet, Neopian Times, 
Submission box, chimes and chimes,
Big opinions, watch out now,
Aesop wiping sweat from brow.

Publication day is near, 
Authors bated breath you hear, 
Hoping to be chosen for,
Neo-glory, trophies more.

With key strikes fast and final draft, 
Aesop perfecting craft,
Time to send the final mail,
Then click publish, tell the tale. 

Stories live, do inspire,
Unique ideas, spreading fire,
Arts and wisdom come together,
With a twitch of a quill feather.

Adding a White Weewoo or two,
Aesop leans back for a view,
Final product looking fine, 
Verse by verse and line by line. 

At the dredges, time to go, 
One more look, thorough,
Happy with this creative art,
Tomorrow he will just restart.

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