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Neopets Poems

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Discovery of Meridell Special!

An Ode to Meridell
by thewhisperer7

Meridell, Meridell land of the fair; in blue and red garments clad
A place of beauty without compare, down to the Mortog on each lily pad

Lo! When at dusk the turmaculus wakes to nibble on Zebie and Symol stew 
And King Skarl daily his royal fist shakes at his jesters who don't have a clue 

To the east, the earth-faerie Illusen dwells with her herbs and her potions aplenty 
Which she kindly hands out to any who knock (but with special care shown to the gentry) 

To the west lie the acres of farmland and the spoils of a simpler life altogether
Where peasants and hardworking Kacheeks toil to pay taxes no matter the weather 

Not once and not thrice did sweet Meridell fall in the wars that took place long ago 
It was flattened twice over by Darigan's goons while the bold knights were drinking their coco

Now its many years since and our Meridell thrives on the people and all of their hopes
if you're one for adventure you're likely to find it while chasing a Brie down the slopes

Medieval Amusements
by yzhen_121993

Hear ye, hear ye, one and all!
For the knights who answer battle’s call,
And the humble farmers in the land—
The day Meridell was discovered was incredibly grand.

Be not fooled by its rustic charm,
When needed the people are quick to arm.
However now in a time of peace,
The fun and games never cease!

On a certain farm you can count spuds,
Alton and you will soon be buds.
Or perhaps you fancy rolling cheese down a hill,
In hopes of hearing the Techo comment, “Brill!”

If that’s worked up an appetite,
Go to Merifoods to grab a bite.
Take a stroll ‘round the castle like royal folk.
You can even try to make King Skarl laugh with a joke.

A place laden with history,
No longer is it shrouded in mystery.
Sound the trumpets, ring the bells,
On this day we celebrate Meridell!

Meridell Day
by myncithemonkey

Great land of Meridell,
Kingdom of royalty,
Diverse denizens dwell,
With deep-rooted loyalty.

Nestled in a clearing,
Peaceful Illusen's Glade,
Questing for those daring,
A strong weapon upgrade.

In the fields to the west,
The Turmaculus snoozes,
Best not disturb his rest,
You may leave with bruises.

Down south some Mortogs sit,
One kiss you can afford,
Though your pride takes a hit,
True love is the reward.

Rediscovering Meridell
by mandilee_co_uk

Head on down to Meridell
And first thing you will see
Is Sinsi playing Shapeshifter
Have a go! It's fun! Honestly...

Sidestepping the kissing mortogs 
Unless you want to yack
You can find Ye Olde Petpets
You might even find a Drackonack

Throw a bet on the Racing Turdles
Help Ilusen with her spell
Feed your petpet to the Turmaculus
Well don't cos it's mean... oh well.

Start a fight in the Petpet Arena
Snag some dominoes from the toy shop
Hey wait, this isn't Meridell
Oh no... this is the cells... that's Clop.

I think we strayed too far from the path
Not sure how we'll get home
Maybe we should ask Lord Darigan
He's up there on his throne...

Cheeserolling in Meridell
by a_ramsell

Atop one of Meridell's rolling hills
sits a Techo wearing a read feathered hat.
As a visitor to Meridell, you find this odd,
So you go up to him to have a chat.

The Techo says he is the Cheese Master,
And invites you to play a game
That's so uniquely Meridellian
That you've never even heard the name.

"Cheeseroller!" the Techo cries with glee,
As he gestures toward his display case.
"Just purchase a delicious cheese,
Then roll it down the hill, to the base."

You stare at him, completely surprised.
Is this game for real?
Eventually you shrug and go for it,
carefully selecting a nice cheese wheel.

You place your Darkberry Cheese
At the top of the hill.
You give it a little nudge,
And you feel the hint of a thrill.

You dive left, then right, then left again,
And try to hold your cheese steady.
The cheese begins to gradually slow
As you see you've reached the bottom already.

The hill was a long one and you're tired;
You wearily drop to your knees,
Then realize your time was fast enough
That you'll get to keep your cheese!

You pick up your tasty prize,
And Stagger sluggishly to your feet.
Though Cheeseroller is a peculiar game,
You decide it's actually pretty neat!

A Meridellian Traveller's Song
by heautontimouromenos

Ah, Meridell, magnificent land of yore!
Its amazing heroes the traditional colours bore,
Red and blue and a dash of gold,
Adventuring around Meridell never gets old.

Kiss the Mortog,
Seek your prince,
Play Double or Nothing,
Collect your wins.

Beware if entertaining the grumpy King Skarl,
One bad joke will make him snarl,
Thrown out of the palace without any warning,
You'll wish you had already found your Prince Charming.

Meridell, you great, great land,
If only fellow travellers could understand,
When I talk of you, I have no words to spare,
Even the Rubbish Dump holds treasures there.

The History of Meridell
by timothy1692

Meridell, so strong and green
The lushest land you’ve ever seen
From Turdle racing to rolling cheese
Activities here, for all, to please

This mighty land so full of life
You may forget about the strife
The history, a terror spell
Two ancient wars the land did quell

Minions dark, from high they came
Then they knew, it’s not a game
Angry then, the lord did grow
Darigan’s power began to show

Hand in hand, both sides united
And in the end, the specter smited
The truce was formed, the battle won
How sadly though, would not go on

Kass arrive, his wings were spread
The villagers were filled with dread
Zombified, their minds were swayed
The war they joined, and siege was layed

Noble Jeran, with troops to flight
Hoped to end this dreadful fight
Jeran failed, and was in need
Darigan swooped in, to end the fiend

Two wars were won, Meridell was free
And safe again for all to be 
This lovely land is full of grace
And will bring a smile to your face

Jeran of Meridell
by larkspurlane

They called Jeran the greatest knight,
The first to rise, the first to fight,
The clang of his sword so sweet to hear,
His snarl so fierce with enemies near.

It took twelve strokes to take him down,
When Kass's forces had the higher ground;
Twelve swords of steel in Darigan paws,
A Kougra brigade: strong teeth, sharp claws.

Yet he didn't quit, though he fell,
From the floating Darigan Citadel;
A faerie of air halted his tumble,
And he, exhausted, could only mumble:

"Fair lady, thank you," said with a sigh,
"You've saved my life -- this I cannot deny,
But please, bring me back to the Citadel tall,
My enemies await -- or Meridell will fall!"

So the faerie caught him up in her arms
And returned him to battle with no small alarm:
"Jeran, you're hurt -- I worry you'll perish!"
But Jeran said, "Above all it's Meridell I cherish!"

Jeran landed in the Citadel with the fae at his side
And together they whirled amid enemies far and wide,
Their ferocity so great, their will so strong,
That Meridell's forces took heart, and before long,
Victory was theirs, they had won the day,
Lord Kass vanquished, his troops driven away!

The Construction of Meridell Castle
by _razcalz_

Turrets red and silver stones, 
A drawbridge of felled oak; 
The splendid home of Skarl the King,
Much wonder it evokes. 
How did such a castle tall 
In Meridell come to be? 
Knights and heroes, gather round, 
This grand tale I'll tell thee. 

Long ago King Skarl did seek 
A base for his great court. 
A winding river he did find, 
'Twas here he made his fort. 
Trees were felled and land was cleared, 
Amidst the shrubs of heath. 
Rocks and rocks his peasants hauled, 
Foundations cast beneath. 

The stones were packed with mortar strong, 
The walls did rise each week. 
Moehogs carved the windows arched, 
Capturing rays oblique. 
Skeiths adorned the parapets
With shining, molten gold. 
Splendid works Illusen wove, 
Silk tapestries of old. 

And in the midst of palace grand, 
The throne room found its home. 
'Tis here you'll find the King, his knights, 
Potions and ancient tomes. 
I've heard, as well, of hidden halls, 
For thieves and spies designed. 
On this day of discovery, 
What secrets will you find?

Haiku for the Discovery of Meridell
by azienskieth

Lovely Meridell
Visit the castle and farms
See the clear river.

Roll cheese down the hill
Juppie, brick or even fudge
Watch it roll quickly.

Aim at the bullseye
Not at the Turtum helping
Arrows fly past trees.

Petpets have fun too
The Symol Hole adventure
Cannonball inside.

Snargan loves money
Bet your bank account on heads
Coins spin in the air.

Counting potatoes
Extreme counting gets dizzy
Do you like carrots?

Visit the green fields
Lots to see in Meridell
You'll love your visit.

Meridell’s Rubbish Dump: Rarities After All
by _brainchild_

O’er grassy hills of Meridell,
There emanates a yucky smell.
The townsfolk hate the Rubbish Dump---
They say trash picking is for chumps.

Yet I don’t think the place is bad!
In fact, it’s quite the newest fad.
Amidst the heaps of smelly trash,
I’ve found some items worth some cash.

Among the odor so profuse,
The Healing Potions have some use,
Along with Petpets so divine.
A friendly partner will be mine!

The luckiest can find a brush.
With paint anew, emotions rush!
Alternatively, books shall please.
The entertainment doesn’t cease.

So, if you visit Meridell,
Then overlook the grossest smell
And treasure hunt. You’ll find rewards!
Some awesome items I have scored.

The Cookie Brigade
by secant

Welcome to Meridell, the people say
Ignoring the rivalry at bay
Between two brothers, Skeiths galore:
One an intellect, the other a bore.

They argued over neocheckers,
They argued over cheese,
They argued over everything without a sneeze
Until one day one brother said,
"I'll steal your cookies after you go to bed!"

Thus King Skarl went to begin
A warfare of cookies, as per his plan.
Sugar, snickerdoodle, chocolate chip
Even the crumbly cookies with a burnt tip.

Thus today in Meridell, you will see
The cookie brigade continuing, without any glee
And this be the lesson, you may think:
Guard your cookies, do not blink!

Meridell - Meri Acres Farm
by mewemy

Come one come all and pick your own at Meri Acres Farm
This is a fun little game that will keep you safe from harm
There are many delicious little berries to be won
Don’t leave the farm until your basket is full and you’re done

Be careful or you might find something awful instead
Unlike a delicious berry a pile of dung isn’t something you’d want fed
So search every bush far and wide
To find a much more pleasant surprise

Aquaberry, voideberry, loveberry yum
So many berries to pick this game is quite fun
Just be careful not to get stuck
Finding boots, dung, and cotton yuck

O Happy Meridell Day!
by acrylic

Castles to Castles, 
Racing to Riches, 
Kiss the right mortog, 
Or suffer with itches.

A land from the past, 
Discovered by adventurers, 
Meridell Day is here, 
With King Skarl as Emperor

Tell a joke to King Skarl, 
And make sure it’s good!
Otherwise he’ll kick you out, 
Like any other king would

Enjoy the day
Where the land is all green, 
And we quest for our lady, 
Illusen, our Queen

Beware the giant Turmaculus, 
For he has quite an appetite, 
And battle it out at Cheeseroller, 
Where cheese is your weapon to fight

So celebrate with us, fellow neopians, 
Today, we celebrate Meridell Day!
For all is good and great,
and we shall eat and play!

Discovery of Meridell
by she_chose_love

X marks the spot,
that is what they always say.
They didn't know how true it was,
until many year ago on this very day.

They followed the map,
to an unknown land.
There were trees,
and rocks so big it was hard to stand.

But on they went,
eager to see what the X on the map was for.
What magical treasure awaited them,
just what was in store?

When they found the right spot,
they were amazing and shocked.
At the sight before them,
after all the miles they walked.

A brand new land,
luscious and green.
A land called Meridell,
what a gorgeous scene.

There were exotic foods,
a castle and games too.
A special earth faerie,
and petpets that were new.

The discovery they made,
went down in history.
But why they called the new land Meridell,
is still a mystery!

Meridell Forever!
by bewareofpirates

Today’s a day for celebration
On this the day of famed creation
Of Meridell, the noble nation 
Some centuries before

Try your hand at jokes and jesting
The great Turmaculus is resting
In the glade, begin your questing
All of this to do and more

With gold and silks and finest tassels 
Knights and princes, queens and castles
And the king’s most faithful vassals
In peace, live by the shore

Peace came after war and battle
Swords and shields did clank and rattle
From legendary heroes that’ll
Endure in timeless lore

Now subjects live in tranquil fashion
Hard at work within the bastion 
Kindness, laughter, and compassion
The values they stand for

Worthy of its high acclaim
Neopians all know its name
And with joy they all exclaim
Meridell forevermore!

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