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Neopets Poems

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Grey Day Special

What happens every grey day...
by purplebee2000

In the morning the clouds will rumble 
and roar and thud with lightning.
The sky turns grey and heavy rain 
pours down, intense and frightening. 

Painted pets will all get wet,
inside their homes they scorn.
But grey pets love this grey day best,
the whole world turns forlorn...

The mini monster sputters, 
the air grows full of doubt.
The shelves are stocked with sad books,
grey petpets mope about.

The flowers wilt with sadness, 
the food turns monochrome.
The mood of every pet turns sour...
...but grey pets feel at home!

Participate in grey day.
See what grey is all about.
We'll dress in dreary grey clothes, 
We'll practice all our frowns. 

We'll have a gloomy banquet,
We'll sit under a cloud.
We'll stand and watch a thunderstorm,
We'll make the grey pets proud.

Grey Day
by she_chose_love

There is no sunshine,
there is no rain.
There is no blue sky,
everything is just dull and plain.

The sky is full of clouds,
colored grey.
What a very boring,
and very dull day.

All over Neopia,
everyone is feeling dull.
The general mood is blah,
everyone is hoping for a lull.

This feeling will pass,
once today ends.
Grey Day will soon be over,
and you'll be able to celebrate with friends.

Grey Day
by fourin

If you are a grey pet there's nothing wrong,
With moping around and looking quite glum.
These pets don't seem to celebrate,
When they are the colour of slate.

You might just hear them sobbing or sighing,
And some are quite worn out from crying,
But when it's their day, it's time to shine,
As long as you think rainclouds are fine.

There aren't very many famous grey pets,
Or maybe there are, though no one knows yet,
But if you're lucky, or a little weary,
You might be visited by the grey faerie.

Baelia sighs and asks but one request,
For petpet friends do cheer her up the best,
Their little smiles are oh so sweet,
Their company cannot be beat.

Of course grey pets can be strong and wise,
But with sad demeanour and tearful eyes,
Their dejected look does not get better
From mere gold or jewellery or treasure.

What a grey pet needs is someone who cares,
A special someone with shoulders to bear,
The sadness they have feels less so today,
When you befriend a grey pet this Grey Day.

Grey Day
by lajill_x3

Today is a day
 when sorrow rules, and
happiness is put on hold
It pours outside
anywhere you live
It is Grey Day again
or so I am told. 

Join the annual parade 
of Neopian gloom
Pets trudge along fields
where no flowers bloom,
Faces displaying woe,
spirits sagging low. 

Although Grey Day
runs on despair,
no need to worry,
it is a limited affair. 
(It only lasts a day,
if you were not aware.)

The Snowager Celebrates Grey Day
by kiwinut

There is a worm made of ice; 
And he isn't very nice. 
The snowager is what he is named. 
But he celebrates grey day and is not ashamed. 

He takes a grey paint brush from his treasure; 
And paints himself in gloomy measure. 
He fires a massive icy blast at the grey faerie; 
And she is not pleased, not happy, nor merry. 

But the grey faerie has cast on him a spell; 
That makes Snowy be nice and well. 
He starts giving items to pets from his secret stash; 
As part of a grey day bash. 

Night has fallen and Snowy is tired; 
And at the end of the day from all the pets he is admired. 
But before he goes off to sleep; 
He takes a grey petpet paint brush and paints a babaa sheep.

Wondering (on Grey Day)
by dzireeuhn

Where is the usual 
laughter and cheer
on this dreary day?
Did happy pets disappear?
Did something take 
all smiles away?
All I see are sad pets
lacking energy and joy
No game can soothe
their misery,
nor can medicine or toys
Everything is grey today
from the weather to
Neopets' faces
Consider yourself lucky
if you see a small smile
in some places. 
However you feel about 
today's overall mood,
there's a cure for the
dreariness and sorrow
It is a word you 
have surely heard:
It is called "tomorrow".

Reach out to a Grey 'Pet!
by saqo

Sometimes I think, you see,
that Neopia doesn't understand.
Yes I am a grey Neopet, but that
doesn't mean I'm just a drag!

So, I may have dark eye circles,
I'm a little sluggish and slow.
But I still love playing games
around Neopia Central, you know!

I don't like dark, cloudy weather,
And I don't like when it rains.
I'd rather a sunny day spent out
exploring Faerieland or Brightvale.

Periodically I feel tired and a bit lazy,
and sometimes I can't move too fast.
But that doesn't mean I don't love a
game of Gormball or Cheat! at long last!

Why did I write this poem you ask?
"A grey 'pet couldn't enjoy that!"
Poetry? Story telling? Yes please!
That's where you wrong - I love art!

It appears it's Grey Day yet again,
and really, I shouldn't be glad.
I am a grey pet and feel a bit down,
but on Grey Day, I cant feel bad.

Please have a better image of us,
we may be Grey but not always sad.
On Grey Day reach out to a Grey 'pet,
but we're also fun and pretty rad!

Happy Grey Day!

Oh, what a day!
by elmomax

Oh, what a day
The sky is all grey
The sun is all blocked out by clouds.

But not quite enough
To blot out all the stuff;
The grey light still peers through its shrouds.

The trees are all dead
And with that being said
The grass is all trodden and brown.

And oh, look about!
Faces sag into pouts
Even littlest kiddies wear frowns.

And down their small mugs
While moms' dresses they tug
Roll fat and translucent tears.

And around everywhere,
Young ones wracked with despair,
despite their minute count in years.

Oh, what a day!
Not a one out to play
For they'd rather watch TV indoors

But I cheer, oh, hooray!
I can sleep through the day
Now goodbye... hope I wasn't a *bore.*

Ode to Baelia
by trubiekatie

When the clouds are dark and gray,
Torrential downpour is on its way.
Not a drop of sunshine in the sky,
Many would consider it a wasted day.

But, today I declare we celebrate it.
In fact, we promote the grey and sad.
Come all grey ‘pets and petpets,
And to all the lost nomad.

And in kind, we should toast to one,
Who stood in place where Fyora should.
Baelia the Grey Faerie is our hero,
When Kaia’s plan was misunderstood.

Fyora fell ill to Kaia’s ultimate plan,
And the Hidden Tower closed to all.
The Faerie Queen was sick in beds,
Out of her wherewithal.

And while the Neopia rallied in fight,
Baelia restored the Tower once more,
Cleaning out some older stock,
And refreshing what was in store.

I propose a toast to dear Baelia,
For helping Neopia in a time of need.
Putting aside her unhappiness,
And instead, completing a noble deed.

Every Grey Faerie Has Their Day
by yaz_01

I am nameless. Lost to the shadows invisible and faceless. 
My wings were stolen, my heart broken.
Long forgotten, feeling grey and sodden.
I became the faerie with no name. 

Cast from a cloud to walk the ground,
Sorrow follows whilst in misery I wallow,
Tavi may have saved me but inside I feel hollow.
Because I am the faerie with no name.

The rain cloud over my head never ceases, 
Jennumara exposed my weaknesses. 
Bealia is gone a new name is needed.
It's time to pick up the pieces, revenge is conceded.
I will not be the faerie with no name.

Jennumara your powers are mine and I'll take them back it's do or die,
From up above I'll see in colour between my shoulders my wings will flutter.
I'm back from the grey and I'm sorry to say,
It's been too long and it's time to make you pay.
Run and hide soon our worlds will collide never again to be the same,
But you've only yourself to blame...
Because now, I am the faerie with a new name.

The Grey Faerie
by kitilly

The grey one falls like a stone,
Left deceived and alone,
With no name but that which was used against you.

Where are the other faeries, why do they stay silent to your plight?
Within you there is not flight,
No fight,
To defend to colours of your soul.

Lost all power,
Lost all beauty,
Lost all hope.
The dark one said.

But to know ones name, 
To know one's self, might be enough
So on you wander
Alone and grey

The Special Colour Grey
by deltora__xx

Grey day seems like a drowsy day. 
A day where in home, you’ll stay. 
But what if grey is more than just a colour?
To be honest, grey is not particularly duller. 
Grey is special in its own way, 
you see the rainbow, without the colour grey. 

Grey can be seen in rainy clouds. They tend to fill the mystery sky as they enshroud.
But remember the rainbow with all the pretty colours on the list. 
Without the grey rainy clouds, they wouldn’t even exist. 

So if you find yourself in Altador, Faerieland or Kiko lake, 
go outside on this day and take break. 
Enjoy all the colours of Neopia around you on this day. 
But don’t forget the beautiful, special colour grey.

Grey Grundo Muffins: Confections of Perfection
by _brainchild_

Grey Grundo muffins may seem rather bland,
Yet they are the tastiest treat in the land.
The sugary flavor is sure to delight!
No better dessert has appeared in my sight.

The Grundo bears lovely, cute raspberry eyes.
Their texture and taste is a wonderful prize!
The sweetness is grand, and the jam will amaze!
The berries, so stellar, leave me in a daze.

The fluffiness parallels clouds that were once
A staple of Faerieland. Try it, you must!
The yummiest cake shall boast only perfection,
A whimsical, airily crafted confection.

It just doesn't matter if muffins are grey--
The taste is amazing, so try one today!
Your purchase is something you'll never regret.
I doubt there's a flavor more grand as of yet.

Grey days
by yizhegan99

When the whistle blows, silence everywhere
And the moonlight shines in the Neopian Square!
Up in the sky, an Eyrie soars high
And his silhouette looms in the starry night!

its midnight, gloomy clouds forms.
Grey is all around,
so stand your ground!
no one smiles and everyone's hostile.

Its a nightmare
As I looked everywhere,
Failed to see it in the air.
Cybunny leaped, poison snowball hit the hare.

Healing springs was empty
And all hope was lost
Or so i thought
Till Eyrie came up with healing potion.

"Share this with everyone," he said,
"for this day is a grey day,
A day to heals broken hearts and souls,
A day where everyone is happy"

Baelia's Song
by miraday

Eyes closed, the broken road:
Damaged beyond my repair.
Wingless do I lay here alone
Desperate and silent in despair.

My hands run through my hair,
Tired and thinned, I grieve here,
Nameless with a glazed stare.
The bleak outlook is one of fear.

Jennumara can return for all I care—
There’s nothing else for her to take.
Without my wings, I am all too aware
My powers are gone with my namesake.

Eyes open, this broken road
Seems to end without an end.
Laying here in tattered clothes,
The rain pools in the distance.

Wake me, sweet Cirrus tears,
From the omnipresent grey.
Let me forget these long years
Spent as a pitied throwaway.

They say the sad commiserate.
Yet, only loneliness is certain.
Neopia can feel so desolate
When you live without purpose.

This, my song, shall not go unsung,
Though the road to joy is unseen.
There is no redemption among
Dwelling in constant apathy.

Alone, I reflect into the abyss,
Wondering where I went wrong.
If a sad soul is to hear this,
Listen to the words of my song.

Do not follow the path of self-pity.
I do, I do, and I am a hypocrite—
Joy is never rendered by co-misery,
And Grey Day is what you make of it.

The Grey Pets' Appeal
by guddi6

On a cold sunrise, under a thundering sky
Baelia the legend bid her wings goodbye
Robbed of golden joy, of sun-spun days
They say she slipped into her mind’s iron cage
Since then, a curse has crept in our wake,
Turned our days into a nocturnal ache
We are drifters without hearth or home,
Abandoned and loveless, we roam, alone.

With pallid fur and feather and scale,
Grieving eyes, and sorrows pale
With dragging feet that once could dance
We follow a fate of ugly chance.
So when you glimpse a dust-ashen coat,
In forests dark, or some field remote,
Remember us, for on these summer nights,
We look for love, for light, for life.

A Wet Grey Day
by chavo_guerrero

Wading through the puddles,
Trudging through the mud,
Sighing through the rainfall,
As the paths begin to flood.

Wearing yellow rainboots,
Sporting a navy anorak,
Frowning with a grimace,
As rain drips down your back.

The torrent doesn't let up,
The shower never stops,
A deluge of a drizzle,
And a million wet raindrops.

You've forgotten your umbrella,
Your socks are soaking wet,
You shouldn't have gone out today,
But it's too late for regret.

Shortly you'll be home again,
Tucked warm before a fire,
With a cup of steaming borovan,
You'll soon be feeling drier.

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