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Neopets Poems

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Chomby Day Special

Chomby Day
by uncatena

A rush of dust flies off the ground,
Shh! Listen carefully,
Stomps and and trumpets of a sound.
Do you hear what could be near?

A burst of rainbow coloration appear,
Neopets with long elegant necks and husky torsos,
Scalloped spikes along the back of their heads,
A smile on their face as they cheer. 

"Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!"
They shout in glee as they jump in the air.
"Today is our day! Today is our day!"
But whose day could it possibly be?

It's a Neopet that loves eating grass and leaves,
Plant lovers that are happiest among nature.
Although a touch shy, but always gentle.
Not to mention, given their height, an expert tree top eater!

If you haven't guessed already, today is Chomby Day! 
A Neopet so graceful and divine, 
Join the festivities and join the fun,
Get ready for a Tryrannia flora buffet!

Chomby and the Fungus Balls
by a_ramsell

I work my way through the crowd
Hoping to catch a glimpse of him.
That famous Chomby, and his quirky band.
I near the front; the lights go dim.

Chomby and the Fungus Balls,
Tyrannia's most famous band.
A once-in-a-lifetime experience,
It's an act you must see firsthand.

That's what I've heard, at least,
So that's why I'm here.
The Fungus Balls strike up a tune,
And the crowd begins to cheer.

The atmosphere is electric, and
The groovy beat has my toes tapping.
The music builds, louder and faster,
And pretty soon everyone's clapping.

Suddenly I spot him,
The one I've come to see.
That famous, talented blue Chomby
I wave and wonder, can he see me?

I dance and clap and cheer and sing,
My undying fandom on display.
This is definitely the best way
To spend my Chomby Day!

The Chomby of the Loch
by miraday

The breaking waves sound like a melody,
The shoreline is their audience in silence. 
Unbeknownst to the land-dwelling, quietly
Beneath the waves lurks a gentle giant.

Nestled between Meridell and Brightvale
Is a sea inlet, undisturbed and landlocked.
Locals boast of a beast with green scales
Inhabiting the depths of the mysterious loch.

There are sightings in the early morning fog
Of an arched neck breaking the surface—
Though some say it is only a misidentified log,
Others are certain that a lake monster exists.

The only one who knows the irrefutable truth
Is the Maraquan Chomby deep in the depths
Of the lake, who is vigilant to evade and elude 
Which incidentally furthers her own percept.

It was years ago that the connecting outlet
To the sea cut her off from the sprawling blue.
And while lonesome, she peacefully accepts
The certainty of a life of enigma and solitude.

The legend herself streamlines through the loch,
Effortlessly rising from the lakebed like debris.
Her serpentine outline is seen from the docks,
As she glides into our folklore and dreams.

Ode to Lettuce: A Chomby Day Tribute
by chirigami

There is nothing that makes me happier in life,
Then getting a piece of lettuce, and taking a bite.
Crunch, crunch, crunch; crunch, crunch, crunch
Now that is what I call a satisfying lunch.

Chombies are no stranger to this life pleasure.
In fact, they consider it an amazing treasure.
So much so that when they emerged from Tyrannia,
Their enthusiasm for lettuce was described as mania.

But it's not mania at all - it's love for lettuce,
A love, I admit, that can be overzealous,
But we shouldn't judge - whatever brings them glee!
And it's Chomby Day - they should be as happy as can be!

Chombies Are Great!!
by funky77780

The chomping chombies,
they're so very cute,
crafty and cunning,
charismatic and a hoot.

They look like dinosaurs,
and all love to sing,
for when they're together,
they sound AMAZING.

I love all chombies,
and they love you too,
for chombies are happy,
and never feel blue.

Today is their day,
full of celebration and joy,
they'll party all night,
and the night they'll enjoy!

Chomby Day Hooray!
by lil_reef

The Chombies sway and stomp,

As through the day they clomp,

In a wonderful, beautiful, grand parade!

Their colors vary greatly,

Some are scary and others stately,

In a colorful, magical, grand array!

No Chomby is sad or dreary,

They are all so glad and cheery,

In a whimsical, mystical, grand display!

Today is the best day-

Of the year to sing and play-

Because it is the Chombies'

Wonderful, Beautiful,

Colorful, Magical, 

Whimsical, Mystical, 

Grand Birthday!

My Perfect Chomby
by tallydepp

The day is here! It has finally come!
I cannot contain my glee!
I have waited such a long time now
To create the perfect pet for me.

I'll train him up to battle.
His opponents he'll easily defeat.
With his mammoth girth and colossal height,
He'll be the perfect pet Chomby!

What colour shall I paint him?
I'm spoilt for choice, you see.
Water, Fire, Chocolate, Gold?
Or a new colour just released?

Yes! He's here! Oh hello!
I have to strain my neck to see,
For he's so tall he reaches the sky,
My gigantic pet Chomby.

There he stands, magnificent!
I'm as proud as proud can be!
I would love to hug him, my perfect pet,
But alas! My arms they cannot reach!

The Great Chomby
by linnipooh

Walking through the plains of Tyrannia,
Looking for his next meal in trees.
The strongest pet in all Neopia,
Taking any foe with ease.

Plates of steel run down his back,
Long thick neck, for reaching high.
Other pets stop and look,
When this great creature passes by.

Thunder sounds with every step,
Ground trembling at his feet. 
You better move when in his path,
Or danger you will surely meet.

Romby the Chomby Shopkeeper's Week of Disaster
by plasma_lemon

Well-known by many was a Shopkeeper named Romby,
The industrious, hard-working, friendly Chomby.
He took great pride in his popular shop.
For those looking for the best deals,
His shop stood firmly at the top.

Romby always kept his shop at full stock,
But Romby wasn't prepared for this shock.
Having gone to sleep with a sense of bliss.
Romby awoke to find his shop had become an abyss.
Every single item in the shop had been bought.

Romby didn't allow his confusion to hinder him,
He spent that day re-stocking his shop to the brim.
Come night time, Romby felt utterly defeated.
"Surely it was just an crazy day," he thought,
"There is no way of that day being repeated."

"Unless..." Romby gasped as he made the realization.
Desperately, he tried to think of a different reason.
But it was impossible for him to find another.
Accepting the reality, Romby let out a shudder.
He had no doubt... Charity Corner had begun.

Chombys and the Chomby Carnival
by sparkleeze

The Chomby Carnival is one of the wonderful places,
it's filled with joy and excitement.
There you can meet some new faces,
for Chomby's there will be lots of incitement.

For a Chomby is so wonderful.
They are so sweet and kind.
Not to mention they're adorable,
and they are so defined:

To give is what they really like,
they'll bring you flowers when you're down.
They'll ask you if you want to fly their kite.
To turn that frown upside-down.

These little dinos are so loyal,
they'll always stick by your side.
And although most are not royal,
they always have a positive side.

Lets have fun at this carnival,
and celebrate this day!
For it is better than any festival,
because it is Chomby day!

My Chomby Toy Collection: Such Divine Dinosaurs
by _brainchild_

Out of all the pets, I favor
Chombies most of all.
Dino toys, what I procure,
Are certain to enthrall!

My Origami Chomby, simple, 
Sits upon my desk.
Its sunshine hue is never dull
And better than the rest!

My Chomby Puzzle, quite divine,
Is so much fun to solve!
In time, the answer will be mine,
With intellect involved!

Pink Chomby Bouncy Ball, so sweet,
Bears softest hues of rose
And lovely swirlies, never beat!
So delicate, I know.

For days on end, I'm entertained
By toys of dinosaurs.
Pure fun is what I always gain
From Chombies, not a bore.

The Wise Chomby
by castic

When you don't know what you're waiting for
Or why you're here,
Needing something more,
Or perhaps a friendly ear.

When all hope is lost
Nowhere to be found,
Worrying incessantly 
And anxiety abound.

I looked for answers to the unknown
In a quiet Tyrannian,
When I was alone
and felt outcast and alien. 

Never could I imagine
The gravity of his optimism,
A future I could not fathom
Before being given his wisdom.

Don't sweat the little things
Or drone on like a zombie,
Trying to appreciate whatever life brings,
Is a lesson I learnt from the wise Chomby.

The Chomby Carnival
by estelle227

Chomby's are smiley and sometime’s cute,
Some might even play the violin or the flute,
The Carnival is near,
Let’s give them Chomby’s a cheer.

Some are painted disco, jelly and plushie,
They even like a sweet and sour slushie,
There’s balloon's and there’s banner’s,
with lots of cake stall’s and flower’s! 

They stomp around with their big feet,
and my, oh my, do they eat,
They alway’s have a smile on their face,
And they all seem to move at a very slow pace!

They alway’s seem so calm and all so pleasant,
Until you present them with huge, giant present,
They jump up and down, around and around,
And they all nearly fall into the crowd,

With a wave and clap,
There’s one wearing a Chomby baseball cap,
As the party is getting close,
The Chomby’s all begin to stand and pose, 

The carnival is near,
So let’s please give them a big cheer,
The parade has begun,
Lets all make sure we have some Chomby Carnival fun!

Chomby Carnival
by she_chose_love

The Chomby Carnival,
has come to town.
There is not a sad face,
to be found.

All of Neopia,
is full of cheer.
The Chomby Carnival,
is a very exciting time of year.

There are carnival games,
and rides too.
Special treats like cotton candy,
and so many activities to do.

If you are a Chomby,
you will enjoy it even more.
The Carnival honors Chomby Day,
so Chombys get a little extra that's for sure.

The Carnival also has a show,
with magicians and talent galore.
The grand finale is the unveiling of the new Chomby colors,
the main reason most Neopians are here for.

So enjoy the carnival,
the celebrations and the fun.
As we celebrate Chombys everywhere,
under the warm March sun!

Chomby Celebrations
by 2teach

Legend has it, that in days of old
There was nought but barren cold
and in such an inhospitable place
There appeared a friendly face

For years since the mountains had rent
brave explorers their energy spent
Failed to find a way to a hidden spot
Yet a cheerful Chomby did what they could not

And revealed to all a wondrous place
full of fun and an enterprising race
without which Neopia would not be the same
So lets celebrate Chombies, we;re glad you came!

Let's Say Hooray for Chomby Day
by snuggle_33

Come on Chombies, spikes and all,
Chomby chums, let's have a ball!
Let's celebrate this joyous day,
Where Chombies everywhere romp and play!

The Plushie Chomby, filled with fluff,
Has a chance to show off his stuff.
To the Starry Chomby, let's sound the call,
So that he can shine the brightest of all.

The Faerie Chombies, flying with their wings,
Flock to the ground to rejoice and sing.
Under the water, you'll notice a cheer,
From the Maraquan Chombies who hold this day dear!

The Zombies and Ghosts, though not fully alive,
Feel free on this day to party and jive!
Even the Mutant Chomby has no shame,
For today is a time for laughter and games!

All of you Chombies, you don't need to wait!
It's your celebration, so don't be late.
From Babies to Pirates, from Royal to Snot,
Celebrate, Chombies, with all that you've got!

Chomby Day
by omgits_aubrey

Cheerful little dinosaurs.
Hulking through Tyrannia.
On the lookout for their next meal.
Munching away on vegetation.
Balls of fungus make them wary.
Yearning for a new friend, always.

Dominating the skies with their height.
A little shy and a bit timid.
Yay, hurray, it's Chomby Day!

My Chomby Toys
by x_kjmm

The Grey Chomby Balloon
may feature quite a
somber-looking pet
but whenever I
go play with mine,
dreary days I soon forget.
The Orange Chomby 
Scooter is something 
I could ride the whole day
I have learned a bunch of tricks
and am pretty skilled, I'd say!
I own several 
Springy Chomby Toys that
amuse me to no end
I have more than one
so I can always
play with a few friends
When it comes to
Chomby-themed toys
I may not have 
a wide collection
but each and every one
of them deserves
my care and attention
On their special day,
there may be
new Chomby toys released
To my owner,
if you are reading this:
I would like a new toy, please!

The Baby Chomby
by peacelovebliss

I try to leave a lasting mark
like other Chombies I know
Yet alas, I was painted Baby
and wonder if I'll ever "grow".
 As much as I would like to
and as hard as I have tried
while the grown Chombies
show fierceness and strength
I often seem petrified.
Chomby footprints can be seen
throughout Tyrannian grounds
but you can barely see mine
as though I am never around.
Their united cry shakes boulders
but mine sounds like a squeak.
Even my personal battle skills
compared to theirs, are weak.

Making a big impression is more
difficult when you are quite small
Though painted Baby I still
am a Chomby so I do not
mind at all!

Happy Chomby Day!

Adopt us Chombies
by ingenious

Oh, hello little Chomby, how do you do?
We'd really quite like to adopt a pet like you

You're sassy, and pudgy, and oh so very cute.
Wouldn't you like to come with us?
We promise we'll never give you the boot!

Come on, off to the pound we run!
We'll find our special Chomby today
And together play in the Neopian sun

Hurry, hurry, we have to get home fast
Finish up that paper work!
So that we can have a blast

All day, we frolic and we play
With our newest Chomby friend

Until the day is all but spent
And off to our beds, we are sent

But please, little ones, don't be full of sorrow
There will be plenty of Chomby adventures tomorrow

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