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Neopets Poems

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Illusen Day Special

Illusen's Treat: The Shake of Roses
by _brainchild_

Illusen gives out gorgeous shakes,
Sure to keep you wide-awake!
The energy of richest rose
Will end all slumber, I suppose.

The swirling hues of red and pink
Solve every qualm. The missing link
Is what they bring. Fatigue is gone
When all consume the shakes each dawn.

The flavor, also very grand,
Shall please consumers o'er the land.
Sweet strawberries and cream unite
To form a taste forever bright.

When you next visit Meridell,
Be sure to try a shake so swell.
My friend, you surely won't be blue
When drinking it to raise your mood.

Steps to Illusen Quests
by hkequeen

“Let the Earth
Guide you on your search.”
Illusen said perched
By the birch
“My dangling purse,”
“Is it worth?”
“But of course.”
Find the source 
Without divorce
Mildly forced
Back and forth
Back to sorts
Cut this short
To the port
To support
Must report
Make ef-fort
It’s enforced
Seek reward
High Score board

Illusen, the Kindest Earth Faerie
by a_ramsell

Illusen the Earth Faerie,
so generous and kind.
She truly is amazing--
it really blows my mind!

When Illusen moved to Meridell,
she made it her true home.
The peaceful farmland setting
quashed her need to roam.

Illusen enjoys rewarding those
who can complete her quests,
especially because
those quests leave 'pets so stressed!

This faerie tends her garden
with gentleness and care.
The dedication she shows her plants
is surely very rare.

Illusen is the greatest,
I really have to say;
We love you, Illusen,
On this, Illusen's Day!

Illusen Day
by fullonparanoid

If you are looking for someone to keep it Green
Someone without an ounce of mean
One not known for throwing shade
Look no further than Illusen's Glade

Tucked away safe and sound
In her refuge can be found
A faerie who is loved by all
(except by one who took a fall)

Illusen tends her gardens and offers rest
To those who successfully complete a quest
Though the quests are progressively harder
Each item found adds to her larder

Her kindness stretches across the land
To all in need, a helping hand
Comfort and aid to all who need it
(A hungry pet? She will feed it)

To celebrate her special day
Do something good, if you may
Something to help keep things green
Something to help eradicate mean

Go plant a tree
Or set butterflies free
Help flowers to seed
Or care for someone in need

Happy Day to you, Illusen
Let there be no confusion
Today is a day to celebrate good
And light and love (as every day should)

Illusen Day is here!
by icysnowe

Ooh! Do you hear that cheer?
It sounds like Illusen's Day is here!
Sweet excitement fills the air,
As Neopians gather 'round the square!

The reasons why we love her are clear,
She's kind and green and one with nature!
Her critics and enemies, try as they might,
Simply cannot deny she's well-liked!

In return for performing her quests,
Her rewards are truly some of the best!
Neopians from lands far and wide,
Thus celebrate Illusen's Day with pride!

So come and visit Illusen's Glade,
If not daily, then make it an annual parade!
She'll welcome you like she always does,
With arms wide open, just because!

Illusen's Ode
by agedbeauty

I have no gifts for Illusen Day,
And I have no talents either,
Nothing to offer the dear green Lady.

I cannot paint her a portrait fair,
Nor sculpt her lovely visage,
To honor the dear green Lady.

I cannot bake some tasty treats,
Or cook a sumptuous feast,
To cheer the dear green Lady.

I cannot write a song, 
And cannot even sing a tune,
To please the dear green lady.

So with a paucity of skills,
And a stark dearth of ability,
What can I gift the dear green lady?

I have naught but this paltry verse,
And so I do hope it brings a smile
To the dear green lady.

Illusen Cream Cookies
by dr_tomoe

Hurrah for Illusen Day!
The greenest day of the year
when fans of the gentle faerie
all gather up to cheer.

And for her celebration
We shall have her favorite treat
Not the Leaf Taco, but
something much more sweet.

Some Illusen Cream Cookies
fresh from the oven!
Baked with all natural ingredients
and cooked with much lovin'.

A rich creamy taste
and covered in frosting
will be on your tongue
and make your taste buds sing.

Just have one and you'll know
no other treat can compare
it tastes like the opposite of
ashes and despair.

It's more like joy and nature
were captured in a dream
and baked into these cookies
and covered in cream.

So make sure to treat yourself
to Illusen's baking delight
and get one from her quest today
and treat your mouth right.

Ode to Illusen
by c3sabertooth

Illusen, greatest of Faeries
Brings us meadows, plains, and prairies.
Mother to dunes, mountains and hills
Lost Desert’s heat, and Shenkuu’s chills.

Illusen, it is now her day
And neopets are out to play,
Exploring rivers, seas and wells,
Where adventure, joy and freedom dwells. 

Illusen, high warden of earth
Guards the lands, preserves its worth. 
From Brightvale to the Isle of Krawk,
The Hissi’s hiss and Eyrie’s squawk.

Illusen, from upon her glade,
May see how happy she has made
Each neopet that has got her quest
And returned having passed the test.

Illusen, though each day is yours,
From Kiko Lake to ‘Tari’s shores,
This one day we lend our praise
For we owe you in so many ways.

Sincerely, the Neopians of Meridell
by miu1109

(From the poor and needy: )
Thank you, oh thank you,
Lady Faerie in earthy green!
That night I was starving,
Shivering from the cold wind
You, who took me into your homey abode,
Without a trace of disgust, nor a hint of disdain
You, who warmed delicious soup for me,
Covered me with warm blankets
You, whom we will never forget.

(From the royals and the knights: )
You have our gratitude, Lady Illusen,
Our heartfelt thanks
That fateful, horribly, terrifying time,
That battle which shook the ground and sky
You, who had protected our people,
Despite no one asking you to, even while risking yourself
You, who had treated our people,
The peasant, the soldier, that child who cried,
You, whom we be eternally grateful towards.

(From the peasants and nobles: )
We extend our thanks to you, Lady Illusen,
For teaching us humility
You, an esteemed Earth Faerie
Who kneels on the grounds on the glade to nurture the plants
You, who helps our Neopians in need,
Never expected your kindness to be repaid
You, whom we will strive to be.

Today is a special day for you,
And we make use of it to write a letter,
May all of us continue to stay well
May Meridell becomes better!

The Neopians of Meridell

Illusens Quests
by purplebee2000

'Welcome to my home...' she smirks
She has an errand...she puts me to work!

She promises me cool rewards,
The trading post I run towards.

Unfortunately, a time limit, she says...
I feel as if I've been misled...

"Back to the easy quests for you!"
I wasted my neopoints on this too...

I can't understand why people adore her...
Next time I think I'll help Jhudorah.

Illusen - Guardian of Meridell
by lady_seluna

Far away from her faerie kin,
Lives an earth faerie named Illusen.
She dwells in the land of Meridell,
Tucked apart from the land that fell,
Where she tends her plants and offers quests,
To any Neopets who might pass her tests.

Those who are brave enough to ask,
Are given a rather simple task.
Illusen sends them off to find,
An item she needs to get out of a bind.
The faerie rewards those who render aid,
With exclusive items from her glade.

She offers cookies, potions, and more,
Though you get only thanks for quest number four.
If you come back each day and offer to serve,
She'll give you quests that test your nerve,
But should you find the things she needs,
You'll be given mighty gifts for your deeds.

The items Illusen collects from her friends,
It is said are used to to defend and cleanse,
The land of Meridell from evil's taint.
Though her home and glade seem quaint,
One should never doubt her powers,
For she does far more than grow her flowers.

Neopians everywhere give her praise,
And in her honor their voices raise.
They have given her a special day,
So that their thanks they can convey.
Dolls, potions, and cupcakes galore,
There are plenty of Illusen themed gifts in store!

Celebrating Illusen Day
by painted_dreams87

Everyone near and everyone far,
come close and gather near.
Let's join together to celebrate
a faerie we hold so dear.

Illusen has shown us
kindness for a long time.
The grace she shows 
is simply sublime. 

If you have a chance,
visit her glade in Meridell.
She'll send you on an errand,
but the reward is swell.

Just don't mention Jhudora,
her very greatest foe. 
The dark faerie has given
her so much trouble and woe.

Remember to honor Illusen
however you see fit. 
Regardless of what you do,
it's sure to be a big hit.

Illusen Day
by she_chose_love

There is a huge celebration all around Neopia,
it is a very special day.
From Meridell to Faerieland,
Everyone celebrating in their own special way.

Today is a day for all who love nature,
Neopia is coated in brown and green.
Everyone is full of joy,
today we celebrate the nature queen.

It is Illusen Day,
today is all about her.
One of Neopia's favorite faeries,
Meridell's entrepreneur. 

So head on down to Meridell,
and visit Illusen today.
Head over to her glade,
it is a big celebration, hooray!

While you are at Illusen's glade,
make sure to do a quest.
She will reward you for your kindness,
with items better than the rest.

Happy Illusen Day Neopia,
I hope your day is full of cheer.
As we celebrate a very special faerie,
this is the best day of the year!

Illusen's Quest
by ashjenbff2

Perched serenely atop a tree
In a green and grassy glade
Sits a faerie, pure and good
Dressed in hues of verdant jade

You approach her humble home
In Meridell's most leafy glen
The faerie turns to look at you
She says, "My name is Illusen"

"If you can fetch me a few things
I'll reward you for your nerve.
Bring back the items I desire
You'll get the prize that you deserve."

You dash away to all the markets
And offer quickly on a trade
With item in hand you rush to Meridell
Back to Illusen's leafy glade

You hand your item to the faerie
She looks at you, quite impressed
This quest had taken much less time
Than you ever could have guessed

"Wonderful!" exclaims the faerie.
"This is just what I asked for
Now if you could help me out
And fetch me just a couple more..."

Illusen's Ode To Her Autumn Glade
by indulgences

I wonder why the autumn tree
Does hide its summer grace.
Perhaps the summer dew has lost
Its lovely morning taste.

I have the lovely option to
Revert its leaves to green,
But nature must be cherished and
I will not intervene.

The autumn tree is tinged with red.
Some leaves are also brown.
I treasure Mother Nature and
Refuse to wear a frown.

And yet I mourn the brilliant green
That marked this special tree.
The summer dew no longer works
To make it blossomy.

Ah, sad indeed it is to know
That youth has come and gone.
But we should not bid adieu yet --
Our memories live on!

Illusen's Hair, So Smooth and Bright
by _brainchild_

Illusen boasts such gorgeous hair,
Dancing sweetly through the air.
The brilliant shine is sure to shock
All eyes which see these lovely locks.

The chestnut hue shall complement
Illusen's freckles, surely sent
By angels. Such a darling face
Exudes the essence of pure grace.

The hair contains the emerald streaks
Of luscious meadows, never bleak.
The contrast pleases every eye—
Such joy is brought by brightest dye.

The beauty of the nymph, unmatched,
Lives on, unable to be snatched
By certain villains dressed in hues
Of plum, their moods extremely blue

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