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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Tonu Day Special

Tonu Knight Outfit
by indulgences

I always thought the Tonu was
So large and quite benign.
Much like a real life herbivore,
It's placid by design.

Its eyes are large and trusting, and
Its smile is broad and wide.
The Tonu is a lovely pet
In whom you can confide.

And yet, I gasped when TNT
Came out with these fine clothes.
They're stalwart metal wearables.
They have a fighter's pose.

They clank like silver bells when they
Are worn from place to place.
Despite their bulky, massive size,
They're full of style and grace.

It's Tonu Day! Go dress your pet
In this fine metal garb!
She'll need this staunch and trusty set
To battle, fight and spar!

Tonu Day
by she_chose_love

All over Neopia everyone is happy,
hooray, hooray!
Today is very special,
it is Tonu Day!

This day is one of a kind,
All of Neopia is full of cheer.
Excitement buzzes all around,
Tonu Day is finally here.

I wonder what will happen today,
what new and exciting things are yet to come?
I hope a new Tonu color is released,
maybe water, transparent or plum.

I wonder what Tonu items they will release,
maybe wearables that are band new.
Like dresses or wigs,
or wings in the color blue.

Whatever today brings,
I am sure it will be great.
For there is nothing about Tonu day,
that one could hate.

So happy Tonu Day Neopia,
lets celebrate with cheer.
Let's enjoy this special holiday,
that is finally here.

In All Seriousness...
by peacelovebliss

Of all Neopian dailies
I find it wicked hard
to access the Magma Pool 
through its seriously tough Tonu Guard.

Several times a day I visit
even when there is a line,
but I always get dismissed
it is never the right time.

To be fair, this fiery Tonu
knows how to do their job
by keeping order at the gates
to prevent some sort of crazy mob.

"Can I bribe him?", I sometimes wonder,
"Would the Guard enjoy a joke?"
One time I tried to do so 
but the sight of him made me choke.

I visit the Pool's entrance
and spot the Guard's flaming mane
he sends me home immediately
One could only go insane!
Maybe one day I will find 
a way into the exclusive Magma Pool
but until I "learn Moltara's ways"
I suppose getting thrown out by its guard is cool.

The Titanic Tyrannian Tonu
by funky77780

There once was a Tonu,
A very lovable fellow,
Who was friendly to all,
And his colour was yellow.

But this Tonu was different,
He stood out from the crowd,
And despite all his wisdom,
He didn't feel proud.

The titanic-sized Tonu,
Ten or twenty feet tall,
When placed next to most pets,
He made them look small.

He returned to his homeland,
Airdropped from above,
And the Tonu was was greeted,
With presents and love.

You see, it's his birthday,
And don't forget this date,
The twenty-first of February,
Tonu's party until late.

He stood on the plateau,
As the sky above swirled,
"Tyrannia is beautiful!",
He exclaimed to the world.

One Tonu's Recollections of an Adventure Long Ago
by petalsea

In the deepest corridor of the fabled library of Brightvale,
Sits an ancient Tonu, furiously scribbling down his latest tale.

With a squish of his pen, an extra flourish here and there,
He has completed a tale that will raise any Neopet’s hair.

The Tonu smiled as he grabbed his manuscript and headed off to class,
Where he would get to regale his students with stories of a new adventure at last.

Professor Hugo Fairweather entered the lecture hall, his students’ eyes rapt with attention,
And said, “Class, here is a tale of which you have not heard me mention.

You all know about my journey to the Lost Isle,
But are you aware of an adventure even more vile?

In my studies I found an ancient text about the origins of Meridell,
And the existence of a magical passage connecting its castle to Darigan Citadel.

In order to determine if this passage was true,
I decided to visit it myself, when I was no older than all of you.

I bribed a guard to let me into Meridell Castle with a treat from the Merifoods Stand,
And then I crept through the hallways, the quietest Tonu in the land.

Deep in the castle, in between the treasury and the cellar,
I found a statue of Illusen, a long time Meridell dweller.

Recalling the text, I used my horn to tap her left wing thrice,
To my astonishment, the statue began to move, scattering dust and miamice.

I stepped inside the darkened alcove,
And despite my fear, forward I strove.

Moving through the passageway I successfully dodged pitfalls and traps,
When all of a sudden two other Neopets had me in their grasp!

I tried to free myself but it was in vain,
These shadowy figures were stronger than me, it was plain.

‘Please,’ I cried out, ‘I come in peace. There is no harm of which I am able,
I am a scholar, only trying to see if this passageway is fact or fable.’

Another figure stepped forward, masked in an emerald glow,
And began to speak, powerfully and slow.

‘We are the Emerald Brotherhood,’ the figure said,
‘We protect the land of Meridell, and watch those who in this passageway tread.

Few have ever discovered this secret place,
And it is our duty to ensure that this knowledge does not become common place.’

I saw my chance and spoke words that at the time were true,
‘Please let me go, and I swear I will keep this secret too.’

The Emerald Brotherhood must have been convinced, for the next thing I knew,
I was standing in front of the Meridell castle, and of what I had been doing I had not a clue.

My memories had been hidden by the brotherhood, you see,
I had no recollection of the events that had befallen me.”

“But Professor,” cried a bright student,
“How can you remember enough to tell us about it now? And is sharing the secret passage prudent?”

“Alas,” Professor Fairweather said.
“I rediscovered the original text about the passageway, and all my memories returned to my head.

I truly believe that the purpose of knowledge is to share it with others,
Not to restrict it to a group, even if it is the Emerald Brothers.

As for the consequences of this, we shall see,
In old age life has gotten less exciting, and I will accept whatever their punishments might be.

But now I must ask all of you students to promise one thing to me, 
On your next adventure, wherever it may be, please bring along this old Tonu for company!”

Celebrate Tonu Day
by stargirl346

Tonus stampede and charge away
because today is finally Tonu Day!
The celebrations are everywhere
and the sound of festivities fill the air.

Originally from Tyrannia, a wonderful place,
these pets have made homes in every space.
Do you have a Tonu as one of your pets?
If you do you’ll never once regret.

Tonus are amazing but are Limited Edition.
With all your pets they’ll make an excellent addition.
If you’re lucky enough to find a special potion
you can morph your pet if you get the notion!

Or maybe you have a Tonu you’d love to change
with pretty paint brushes there’s quite a range!
Maybe a Tonu that’s a pretty blue or pink,
or any other color you could possibly think!

Their faces have a large horn that’s so cute,
and they love to be dressed up in fancy suits.
Tonus are some of the sweetest Neopets
with personalities you won’t easily forget!

So celebrate today with your favorite Tonu,
making memories and buying one or two
items that your pet will certainly enjoy.
Especially if it’s a shiny new Tonu toy!

Tonu Day
by fullonparanoid

Let's wreak some havoc, it's Tonu Day
Knocking over whatever gets in the way

Charging about and kicking up dust
Making a mess is always a must

What is that you hear you wonder?
The sound of our stomping is like peals of thunder

Turning rocks to gravel and gravel to sand
We stampede across the Neopian land

Be assured that there is no evil intent
We are just playing until we are spent

After all the wild antics are over and done
We'll clean up the damage done by our fun

For all of the chaos you've nothing to fear
Afterall our Day is just once a year

Tonu Desert Strider of Speed!
by dalviktor

Dashing, rushing through the sand,
Hold on tight as you fly across the land,
The Mighty Tonu Desert Strider
is the fastest of them all!

 With nobel headdress adorned with jewels,
Those who race him are clearly fools!
For no other Neopet can compete,
with this tonu's hooves and mighty feats!

Sand whirls up all around,
a tornado of dust settles all around,
as the race comes to a clear end,
Proudly stands our Tonu friend.

 Another desert race is won!
The Tonu Strider beating everyone!

Tonu Day Revelation
by clairevoiant

Hunched over old paperwork, I’ve struggled to find the missing piece
Of the puzzle that is adopting a Tonu to join my Neo-family.
“In Tyrannia,” they say, “on a hot and sunny day,
You must arrive once the Giant Omelette has gone away.”

I scratch my head and wonder what this note could mean--
I’ve been to the Giant Omelette, but never a Tonu have I seen.
I squint some more at the book and notice small script on the page’s edge,
“The Month of Awakening—Omelette gone—peer over Plateau’s ledge…”

The rest of the writing had gotten wet and blurred together 
(I wonder if they used a pen or Lenny’s feather?)
My train of thought returns, and I’m determined to decipher this phrase
I hold the page to the light and quickly am amazed

The blobs of ink fade in the sun and the hidden message exposed
“…on Tonu Day.”  ‘That’s it?’ I think.  Finally, the case is closed.
At least Tonu day is coming soon—wait, oh my, I think it’s today!
I’m excited to welcome a new pet… as long as that Omelette stays out of my way.

So Happy Tonu Day! Go to the Giant Omelette and eat your piece away.
Just remember Sabre-X’s warning: you cannot take more than one slice per day!

The Tonu and His Wicked Wheel
by _brainchild_

Among the wheels that grace the globe,
There's one of lovely wealth.
Oh, chance could be your friend or foe—
You get the prize you're dealt!

The wheel, a Tonu's great creation
May bring gold so grand.
Oh, cash is such a sweet sensation—
Care to try your hand?

The cost is quite a pretty penny,
Yet the wealth awaits.
You'll end up with one of many
Outcomes, brought by fate!

You might receive an avatar,
A gem so coveted,
Shining like a brilliant star
O'er grim results of dread!

Or, you'll get a prize to sell.
With awesome rarity,
This treasure lacking parallel
Will cost a massive fee!

The wheel shall spin. The ticker slows.
Anxiety shall build.
Which outcome will result? Who knows?
With nervousness you're filled!

The spin shall end. Your wish so grand
Has flopped—it came to naught!
The wheel denied your tall demands—
A score of zilch is brought!

You curse the Tonu. Rage prevails—
You hoped for lustrous loot,
Yet all your efforts had to fail.
The Tonu is a brute.

A different hue
by dr_tomoe

When it comes to customization
The items tend to be set
they'll look how they look
on any type of Neopet.

Sure, others can wear it different
and looks better on species or another
but a blue shirt is a blue shirt
It will always be that color.

Until the day came when
this system was put into shock
by the alchemist of colors and style
the Tonu scholar, Loic

With his Dyeworks potions
he found a marvelous way
to bring new color into customization
and the results were clear as day.

No longer would anyone
have to worry about looking the same
as different hues and shades
could change the whole game.

It may be a bit random but
there would be no harm
in doubling an item
and dyeing the duplicate's yarn.

And it's all thanks to Loic
and his magnification potion
to set out designing fads
out into motion.

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