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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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My Brand New Grarrl
by indulgences

I mourn my lab rat Esselor.
He used to be a Lupe.
I zapped him one day with the lab.
He changed his birthday suit!

My brand new Grarrl has appetite
That's really rather odd.
He eats whatever is on hand.
His diet is slipshod!

One day, my Grarrl is munching on
An iron desk and chair.
Another day, he's eating rocks.
He's quite insane, I swear!

So here's to my dear Esselor
Whose appetite has changed.
He now eats things that aren't food,
A diet that's quite strange!

Today I Met a Grarrl in the Haunted Wodos
by yarslov

Today I met a grarrl,
While walking in the Haunted Woods for awhile,
His sharp pointed teeth,
Protruded from his smile.

His eyes gleamed,
With some intention,
Was it good?
Or bad?
He did not mention.

He started walking next to me,
Flashing his toothy grin,
And when he spoke,
My heart jumped,
Fear was settling in.

"Excuse me, Ma'am"
He said in a hushed voice,
As if not to break the silence,
"I am lost and alone,
Do you think you can help me find way back home?"

Fear evaporated from my system,
Replaced with kindness,
And a warm heart,
"Of course my dear,
I will take you home,
Where is it,
You did not mention." 

He chuckled,
A nervous little laugh,
"It's near the graveyard,
Once there I can find my path."

So we walked hand in claw,
Through the spooky trees,
And there through the fog,
A ghastly sight to see:
Gravestones spotted the hill.

I went to squeeze his claw,
But my hand squeezed the air,
The grarrl was gone!
Not a sight of him anywhere.

I stayed for a bit,
And then started to walk back,
In the distance,
I could hear a laugh,
I turned around,
And what did I see?
It was the grarrl,
Who I felt tricked me.

But then I saw the truth,
As I stood there,
In the silence of the air,
A ghost grarrl he was,
He belonged there.

Why I Love Rosie
by dzudea

It's the day for all Grarrls
to celebrate -
We know they can look menacing,
but are actually great.
There is a green Grarrl
in a pretty pink dress -
We know her as "Rosie",
and she's the best!

She loves pretty things
like all girly 'Pets do,
like gathering flowers
and the color pink, too!
One other reason why
I like dear Rosie
is that she enjoys chatting
without being nosy.

Her generous spirit's
what she's known for best
(Those who receive her gifts
are particularly blessed!)
I don't even think
her wide grin ever rests!

We might have to take pages
out of Rosie the Grarrl's book,
from her sweet disposition
to her adorable look!
We don't see her so often,
but should keep in mind
that the Easter queen,
is truly one of a kind!

Grarrl Keno
by digests

Round and smooth, polished to perfection,
tiny eggs lay available for selection.
You scoop up a clutch, stroke their shells with your hand
as excitement overcomes you, so powerful and grand.
With a glimmer of faith you inspect the lucky clutch,
hoping fate will also view the hatchlings as such.
You gather your grounding and stand to your legs,
and happily exclaim, “Hatch those eggs!”

It’s a gamble you’ve taken, and although you have doubt
you’re suddenly so excited you let out a shout!
You glance down and see the extension of tiny legs
kicking and wiggling as they sprout from their eggs!

“One, two, three,” You count,
blinded by color as the hatchlings wiggle out.
While holding your breath as the first babies arrive,
sadly, they aren’t the shade of green for which you strive.

“Four, five, six…” You count in your head,
dreading the thought of seeing anything red.
Your heart sinks in sadness as your fear is confirmed,
the hatchlings oblivious as they chirp and squirm.
“Seven, eight, nine!” You whisper in desperation
and quickly, the colors make you frown in frustration.
The Grarrls poke out of their eggs, all a shade of red,
leaving you to wish they were green instead.

A single egg remains, although in it you do not trust
as you just know it’ll be red, and thus leave you to bust.
The flimsy shell rattles, the egg quivers and shakes,
as the shell is gently broken, and sheds some crumbled flakes.

You hold your breath and gasp, your eyes light up with glee!
You look down and inspect the Grarrl - a lovely shade of green!
You hold the hatchling close and cheer, dancing left and right,
as the baby Grarrl giggles at your performance; it’s such a silly sight!

You scoop the green Grarrl up and stroll, sporting a joyous grin,
affectionately calling him Lucky and tickling under his chin.
You’re met with a “Congratulations!” and you're handed your prize,
but glance down to see the sadness in Lucky's eyes.

What would happen to your friend after much celebration?
Would he be simply forgetten after such ajoyous occasion?
Would he be perhaps be abandoned, all alone in the pound?
You look in his eyes, to which he murmurs a pitiful sound.

Not wanting to part with your glimmer of hope,
you glance at Grarrl, who is starting to mope.
You coo at him lovingly and pat his small head,
and you say "Actually, I'll take the Grarrl instead."

Grarrl Keno is a gamble, one swift, exciting game,
but after the fun, many Grarrls lay unclaimed.
If you're looking for fun without the sting of dismay,
adopt a Grarrl from Grarrl Keno today!

Assassination Attempt
by ladygaladriel213

"You have to go now," whispered in his ear,
He shrugged and rolled over, not wanting to hear.
"Hurry, please hurry," the voice growing strong,
He decided to turn over and see what was wrong.
His arms felt heavy for his too strong build.
"There are traitors amongst us. Leave the Thieves Guild!"
He stood rather shaky, and waited for more,
But his informant was gone, his feelings unsure.
He quickly donned his mask, and strapped on his dagger.
He tried to be himself, adopt his usual swagger.
But something felt off, his neck kissed by the air,
He felt suddenly exposed, as though all limbs were bare.
"I must find Masila!" he shouted with a strangled voice,
To leave her was wrong, not even a choice.
"Looks like you've found me," a voice said from the dark,
But something was wrong here, something too casual in the remark.
"Masila let's go! There are traitors in our midst."
But the look that she gave him was like a well aimed fist.
She lunged with a dagger, aimed straight for his heart,
He leapt and he parried, and he turned to depart.
He looked at her one last time, framed in her fury,
His gaze softly lingering, when he knew he should hurry.
He could no longer be safe here, it's best to take flight,
He may find a new lodging with the Bringer of the Night.
He could feel the icy breath of the next battle he planned,
Always one step ahead, or he wouldn't be Galem Darkhand.
He slipped into the night, and watched the sun turn it gray,
And he muttered to himself, "What a happy Grarrl day."

Elderlygirl Grarrl Memoirs
by outlander_

I traveled all Neopia,
I went,
With my handy guide,
We climbed up Terror Mountain,
And went on a dive,
To dine at Kelp,
And to see the King,
I must say,
My life was anything but boring.

My teeth,
Not sharp anymore,
Used to dine on gourmet cuisine,
And though I wear a fanny back,
(Which you laugh at me),
Holds precious items,
That I hold dear to me.

"What are they?"
You ask,
Now your curiosity has grown,
They are jewels,
From a deserted tomb,
In Geraptiku.

My skin,
All rough and wrinkly,
From the Lost Desert sun,
Digging around with Brucy B wasn't all that fun.
Or maybe it was from the heat on the Tyrannian Plateau,
So hot,
As you know,
That an egg cracked and is now the Giant Omelet.

My hair maybe white,
White as snow,
My clothes maybe outdated,
I am just an Elderlygirl Grarrl,
Who lived life to the fullest,
And will tell you my tales of adventure,
If you care to listen.

Grarrl Day
by o_babypet4me_o

Their teeth are sharp
and pointy
Their tail sure do whip.
Make sure you don't go near them
They like to make you trip.

Tell the girls they look pretty
and the boys well,
They look smart.
Do not tell them they're ugly.
Or they'll tear you apart.

Buy a new dress for your Grarrl
Why not a new book to read
Buy some more food
For they sure do like a feed. 

Paint yours a new colour
Maybe two to be cool
Now that r90's+ are expensive
I wouldn't want to send one to school.

Actually, no reading either
and no clothes to try
For everything is super expensive
especially for the average guy.

I guess you can train your pet
Well, it is free after all
And if you are anything like me
The Charity Corner has made me poor. 

So sorry I can't buy mine much
I guess he will have to stay this way
At least I can buy him a cake
To celebrate his birthday!

Grarrls Can Roar!
by scechoi

Growling at first, not all that loud,
But a noticeable rumbling deep in her belly
When considering the typical Grarrl,
Most would think that she was just hungry.

But, no, her belly is all full of food.
She's actually raring to give a load roar!
She kept his snacks safe in his room,
But, alas she forgot to close the door.

Her little brother snuck in while he could,
And took all of the food he could find.
When the Grarrl came home and found out
Making only one sound she felt so inclined.

ROAR ripped out through the air, so
Now everyone know he was so angry.
Her owner came running straight in.
Asking why she was so very cranky.

When she explained the situation,
He just had to let out a sigh. Yes,
her little brother should have asked,
But she knew that sharing was best.

The Grarrl slouched and admitted defeat.
The little brother came in to say sorry.
He gave the most earnest apology,
The Grarrl forgave him without worry.

The little brother didn't walk away.
The Grarrl asked why he stayed there.
After a second for the littler Grarrl admitted
He wanted to learn to roar like her.

The little Grarrl was so very happy.
His sister had finally taught him to roar.
He felt so good that when he noticed
His snacks were gone, he didn't care.

My Baby Grarrl
by camil5000

Oh, my baby Grarrl pet
What have you done?
You have left me not a bone
Your hunger has left me quite upset

For you have eaten my many meals
Omelettes, Jelly, Pies I’ve tried it all!
But still you eat despite being so small
Yet I still cannot stop those hungry squeals
So what am I to do?
My supplies dwindle ever more
Yet your appetite continues to soar
I had never expected this when I got you

So here I lay in despair
As you roar for food
Trying to find something to make, no matter how crude
I cannot find any more time to spare 
For I must make haste and be gone 
So I must say farewell to you all.

Gnarl Almighty Grarrl
by handuran

Gnarl, goes the Grarrl
As he plods on through the night.
His sharp teeth and beaming eyes
Are sure to give a fright.
Plodding through the trees
Against the Autumn breeze
Chasing butterflies --
As they arise.

Big claws, heavy jaw
And a body built for a champion.
Battledome fights - no worries!
He will see you there in a hurry.
For the gnarl of a Grarrl
Is a hefty one indeed.
May not be built for speed 
But the bite or swipe of a Grarrl --
Powerful indeed.

A magnificent beast
One that could devour, feast.
Although, vegetation - rabbit food
Perhaps he likes the least.
Gnarl, goes the Grarrl
Powerful to echo, a hundred mile
So inhibitingly powerful --
A specimen to behold.

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