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Neopets Poems

To send in your Neopets related poems or to find out more about the poetry contest, click here! The best poems get put on the site and earn 1,000 Neopoints, a RARE ITEM, and a Trophy for the author's trophy cabinet.

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Halloween Rock
by Indulgences

It's Halloween time, and the holiday's bright
With lanterns that light up the dark city night.
The trickers-and-treaters are out in full force,
All chewing on chocolates 
And far from remorse.

The children, they laugh 
And they stretch forth their hands.
"Please give us some candy" 
Are their sweet demands.
Regardless of cavities that will ensue,
They cram their small mouths, 
And they chew, and they chew.

What's this in the corner of one tiny porch?
A tombstone is seen by the light of a torch?
The children point fingers and read "R.I.P."
It's tiny and vibrates. It's quite odd to see!

It's not a real tombstone! It's no granite slab!
The thing is a Petpet that you cannot grab!
It looks like a Petpet, a Halloween Rock.
Supposed to be still, but it does run amok!

The Petpet is fashioned to mimic the grave.
Instead, it is crazy and then misbehaves!
It cannot control its delight and its glee.
All Petpets enjoy being merry and free!

The children are laughing, 
They clap and they cheer.
The Petpet is cute and the kids know no fear.
It's far from macabre and their spirits are light,
Approaching the creature without any fright.

The Petpet is eager to make some new friends.
It dances and hums, then it dances again.
The children are gentle and offer it sweets.
It swallows the chocolates so fast -- 
What a treat!

No matter how eagerly everyone tries
To capture the Petpet, they cannot devise
A plan that will kidnap the tiny grey stray.
It's always elusive, which causes dismay.

So, finally, everyone offers their bags.
They freely give up all 
Their chocolates and swag.
They walk far away 
And then watch for the Rock.
It's late, it reads 10 on a nearby shop clock.

The Halloween Rock is so grateful and glad!
It swallows the candies, it's no longer sad.
Where once it was lonely 
And looking for friends,
It now knows a handful of young citizens!

It's Halloween time, so remember this tale!
It's meant to delight you, and maybe regale.
Such generous nature from children so young
Should teach us to always 
Be sweet and have fun!

Happy Halloween!

The Mystery Of Halloween
by Dr_tomoe

The Mystery of Halloween:
it's not so tricky, my dear --
it's a holiday that comes
only but once a year.

A holiday designed for all
to be as frightful as can be.
This is a custom noted by
the all-seeing Brain Tree.

For years he observed
'pets in costumes and hoods
from his vantage point
deep within the Haunted Woods.

And, after many years,
he collected the stories
bound together in a book
for Halloween's glory.

But, for all of his brains
and all of his smarts,
while the book might be popular
it completely misses the points.

The truth, you see, is
Halloween has no mystery.
It's a celebration of 
fun, frights, and scary things, see?

So, don't worry about the truth
or any mystery of this holiday.
Just go forth and have fun
on this delightfully spooky day.

The Haunted Hummus That Almost Ate Me
by Treeword

Most 'pets do like a good scare
On the chilling night of Halloween,
Yet this odd event which happened
Was way more than I’d foreseen!

Listen close, I’ll tell you my tale,
For I decided upon a stroll I’d take
Through the Haunted Woods at dusk,
Which was rather quite a mistake!

My stomach growled, as if on cue --
A Bruce popped up, quite spooky;
He offered me a snack from his cart;
I thought him rather kooky!

I accepted, though... grabbed a plate,
And looked down upon a tasty treat.
Surprised I was to find some hummus,
Why, 'tis my favorite thing to eat!

Raising my paws, I prepared
To take a grand ol' bite,
Yet I was shocked to see two eyes
Staring back at me in the night!

Before I’d even had a chance,
It raised itself upon its place
And, with a terrifying leap in the air,
Came snarling at my face!

I ran screaming from these woods,
Understanding how it got the name. 
Now I eat hummus no more,
Which is really quite a shame!

The Halloween Skeith's Cake
by Chavo_guerrero

It's Halloween again, I see, 
For all you ghosts and ghouls.
A time for monsters, beasts, and creeps,
A time when darkness rules.

When witches fly their broomsticks
And vampires go to feed,
When Werelupes howl up at the moon,
Zombies are full of greed.

In the Haunted Woods tonight,
Amid the graves and tombs,
Is something really fearsome,
As its evil shadow looms.

And when you get still closer,
It's still a scary sight,
A giant, greenish, patchwork Skeith,
Who really looks a fright.

But he isn't being horrid,
This happy Halloween Skeith,
He's decorating a great big cake
In which to sink his teeth.

Spyders, bats, and worms on top,
This cake's a spooky scene,
And written in black icing,
It says, "Happy Halloween!"

Halloween Snicklebeast
by Flufflepuff

Years ago, a calendar
Released a Petpet white
And innocent as snow. He blinked,
Rejoiced with pure delight 

At being born. The Snicklebeast 
Knew that he was cool 
Until, on one October day,
He found the Rainbow Pool's

Equivalent for Petpets. He
Gasped, laughed, and dove right in,
Not knowing how he would transform, 
Nor what he could have been.

With pain like coals searing his fur,
His body blazed to red
From his feet, to newfound wings, 
To horns atop his head.

The Snicklebeast was no longer
A creature of the snow,
But had twisted into one
Who shrieks, flies off, and goes 

To satisfy the naughty glint
Evident in his eyes.
His burning passion for mischief
He had to satisfy.

The final day of Gath'ring's nigh,
When he felt more alive.
With wicked smile, he flipped some signs, 
Misleading passersby.

Euphoria had coursed through him,
He flitted off with glee.
When no one saw, he darted in, 
Stole from the Money Tree!

Twenty pounds of bubble soap
He lugged up a mountain,
To toss every last flake in
The prized Rainbow Fountain!

And yet, it's never crossed his mind
To plan to dominate 
The world. Perhaps it's best that plan 
Should never be his fate.

Villain's Delight
by Venused

On the cold night of All Hallow’s Eve,
villains thrill in delivering a fright
to Neopets who are easy to deceive,
for nothing gives them such delight.

Trick or treat with scary mister Sloth,
he’s quite an evil genius and mastermind;
nothing makes his grin glow and froth
like playing tricks and being unkind.

Not scared yet? Time to visit Jhudora;
she loves terrifying little Chias and Koi
by asking for rare items by the plethora.
Have her spoils? An evil sneer you’ll enjoy.

More fright is yet to come by way of Meuka;
this snotty Meerca leaves a trail of ooze,
icky green blasts like shots from a bazooka --
the only thing scarier is his short fuse.

If you continue onward this awful night,
you may stumble upon the cruel Tax Beast.
This shady creature is good for a fright;
he’ll steal all your NP at the very least.

If you are brave and dare continue along,
beware the madman that is Eliv Thade;
run home to Brightvale where you belong,
Or be chased by anagrams and his blade.

As you scurry home, you chance upon Nox,
dastardly Hubrid, his spells are certainly vile;
it’s well past midnight according to the clocks, 
best run now; it’s time to use all your guile.

As you slam the door shut, you feel a chill.
Did one of these evil creatures 
Follow you home?
Fortunately not, but oh Fyora, what a thrill!
Next year, must do it again, for they will roam.

Halloween Rhapsody
by Hrosanna

Once upon an autumn's eve
The wind tore tracks through fear-dark homes
Fragile branches, pallid trees
The monsters, here, are soon to roam

The woods are cold, the air is chill
And 'neath the moons eye leering gold
Mischief is wrought on a lonesome hill
Once a year, the dark brought bold

Threadlike whips of shadow-tendrils 
Coil 'round black-tipped faeries' wings
An Acara girl, her head bejewelled
With shrivelled flowers in rotting strings

Three ladies, spread around the world
One of the fae, the others roam
An Usul, black with violet curls
Who makes in these woods a den; a home

It's difficult for one, the faerie
To slip away to meet her friends
Her cloud is watched, by the pink queen, wary
In anticipation of her betrayal and end

But once a year these ladies gather
Far from the eyes of their kind-heated foes
To take a kind of soul deep pleasure
In each others company, come rain or snow

But! Companionship's not all they're after
To the whole world's great chagrin
To spread great fear 
And cull children's laughter
Their Halloween rapture will soon begin

Edna's Halloween
by Valuer

On Halloween night, 
Edna sits alone in her tower,
Stirring her cauldron of Gross Food.
Not one visitor in the last hour,
She sat down and pouted in a bad mood.

Rather then stare at a blank wall,
Edna decided she would have some fun.
She plotted a trick against them all,
Cast a spell or two and she will be done.

Edna cackled while stirring her brew,
Throwing in a pinch of Meepit hair 
And a book she had already read;
Trying not to spill any 
Because the carpet is new,
Chanting a spell off the top of her head.

Just then, at the door there was a knock,
There stood a girl in costume for a treat.
The girl, dressed as Edna, holding her pet Rock
Edna smiled and blurted, 
"Your costume is very neat!"

Just then she noticed 
She forgot to buy something sweet.
Disappointed, the girl 
Walked away from the tower.
If only Edna wasn't plotting a trick 
She would have candy to eat.
She regretted what she was doing 
And wanted none of this power.

Just then, Edna awoke. 
It was all just in her head.
Puzzled it may have seemed so real,
She made a promise to herself and said,
"No more candy before bed. 
I'll make that deal!"

Choosing Your Halloween Costume
by Painted_dreams87

As Halloween fast approaches,
everyone must decide what to be.
A princess? A hero? Plumpy? A Meepit?
The choice is difficult, you can see.

A princess is beautiful,
the fairest in all of the land.
With a pretty dress and crown,
your attention she demands.

A hero is brave,
the strongest of them all.
With a cape and a mask,
the villains will all fall.

Plumpy is hungry,
always moody and plumpy.
With a piece of bacon in hand,
he'll eat it and remain grumpy.

A Meepit is spooky,
the most feared Petpet around.
With big staring eyes,
you'll always be found.

Where Are You?
by Comawhite333

The sky is softly glowing
With an orange pink hue,
While Sophie the witch
Is at home brewing her stew.

The Esophagor is pleading
For something to eat
To ease his growing hunger pains
That he can't seem to defeat.

The Brain Tree is on a mission
To find the answers that he seeks.
He's known to horrify those passing
With the booming voice he uses to speak.

Edna is extra busy this night,
Brewing hundreds of potions --
Enough, I hear,
To fill all of Neopia's oceans.

Eliv Thade is occupied solely with puzzles.
That is his obsession, every thign,
From the dusky hours of the evening
Until the sky is filled with thgil.

Sidney is standing by mischievously,
Selling his spooky scratchcards
And laughing at those who win nothing
As their cards, he discards.

Bruno is walking freely around,
He blends in easily on this night,
No one stares, screams,
Or runs away from him in fright.

Our dear Hubrid Nox,
May he rest in peace,
Sadly he does nothing this night
Since he is now deceased.

The Coconut Shy Quiggle
Is nailing his coconuts down,
While most leave his stall
With a dissatisfied frown.

Arnold is swearing his game isn't rigged,
Although it is known to leave you poorer.
But some will play it, anyway,
Because they have delusions of grandeur. 

Balthazar is sneaking around, capturing faeries
As if he was stealthy,
Bottling them in glass jars to sell,
Making him insanely wealthy.

The 'pets are dressed up
In gory costumes,
While chimneys blow smoke
In lingering plumes.
Everyone in these Haunted Woods seems busy
With what they normally do,
So, on this All Hallows' Eve,
Where are you?

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