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Neopets Poems

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The Mutant Kadoatie
by Indulgences

The Mutant Kad deserves our fear
And all should run away,
For she will fill your hearts with dread.
She'll fill you with dismay!

She screeches loudly, terribly,
And all who hear her cringe.
Please cover up your ears, or else
You'll surely be unhinged!

She's quite deranged, she's quite insane.
Her eyes, dilated orbs.
Her fur is natty, patchy stuff.
She's something to abhor!

The Mutant Kad exacts a price
For hearing all her screams.
You'll lose five thousand Neopoints,
A sum that's quite extreme!

It's Mutant Day, and though I love
All mutant forms of things,
The Mutant Kad is not my fave.
Its screams are blistering!

Enjoy the holiday, my friends,
And keep your NP close.
The Mutant Kad will strike at will
And you'll be left morose!

Mutant Day!
by Stoicism

Today we celebrate our mutant friends,
to commemorate the day their beauty ends.
From just one sip of a magic drink,
they transform with no time to think!

From soft fur, round faces, and smiling eyes,
to sharp teeth, tentacles, 
and a smell to catch flies!
From cuteness they go, lo and behold,
to scowling, and gooey, and scary, and cold.

But, inside these exteriors you will find
a heart of gold of the purest kind!
They’re loving and caring, the same as you,
and they’ll be your best friend 
through and through!

So, let’s join hands, and paws, and fins,
tentacles, hooves, and other disfigured limbs,
with our mutant friends and say,
“Hooray for mutants and Mutant Day!”

Albert's Lament
by Waaurufu

A mutant Kacheek may be what you see,
But a world-famous gardener 
Is what I want to be.
Broccoli trees and pineapple plants;
All the world's flora I wished to enchant.
To grow in the soil of the Haunted Woods,
But I never should have gone; 
That place is no good.

While searching one day for a gardening plot
(In that foggy land there aren't many spots),
Bending down to touch the soil
With thoughts of future garden toils.
I didn't notice the looming hand
Of the Esophagor rise up from the land...

A curse was laid upon my stead,
And pulsing brains sprout from my head.
The bluish mound then sent me away
To search for food so his hunger would allay.
But I'm always too slow, and walk off in gloom,
To my new home, The Graveyard of Doom.

The Ballad Of Mutant Lennies
by Pifflish

A Lenny likes to top his food with nuts,
But mutant Lennies top their food with flies;
A Lenny wants to hear that he is clever,
While mutant Lennies know that they are wise.

A Lenny likes to part his crest on top,
But mutant Lennies slick their feathers back;
A Lenny is approachable and kind,
But social grace the mutant Lennies lack.

A Lenny has eyes large and round for reading,
But mutant Lennies' eyes are small and keen;
A Lenny spends his time on solid ground,
While mutant Lennies perch, where all is seen.

A Lenny likes to nest with lots of volumes, 
While mutant Lennies decorate with bones;
A Lenny far prefers to evade conflict,
But mutant Lennies heed not sticks-and-stones.

A Lenny paints his feathers garish colours,
But mutant Lennies get no points in style;
A Lenny is a boisterous lord of jokes,
While mutants never laugh, but often smile.

The differences between the two are plain,
And doubtful should surprise a mindful crowd --
But though a Lenny boast and crow his pride,
The mutant Lennies grin, silent and proud.

A Mutant Ally
by Celtiica

Swimming through the swamp
Moved a mutant Flotsam quite ungracefully,
His face was quite scary 
And he called out quite brazenly.
His voice was filled with despair, 
looking for someone who would care.

The way he looked with his sharply-spiked tail,
His deep dark blue scales 
And grimy green drool trail,
Often made others turn in distaste,
But for one small baby Uni 
That was not the case!

The little Uni was lost one night, 
She curled up under a tree in fright,
She shivered and shook with her eyes wide,
Her brain fought the desire of sleep 
With a chide.

She heard the Flotsam's calls 
And saw the bright green goo,
His drool pierced the darkness 
Of the night right through.
"Who is there?" she asked 
With a curious voice,
And he answered quickly with much rejoice. 

He came to the top of the swamp 
And blinked with his six yellow eyes,
Immediately he knew the circumstances Required them to be allies.
"Don't be afraid of me, 
I want to help!" he said, 
He smiled with his rigid mouth, 
"I can see perfectly,
And my trail will light the way!" he pled.  

She hesitated, but she could see 
The kindness behind his eyes,
She agreed and knew 
Ahe was saved from an uncertain demise. 
They traveled together 
And he watched carefully over her, 
And they talked so much time passed in a blur.

He got her home safe in her owner's arms; 
The owner was so grateful that 
The way he looked caused no alarms.
The baby Uni begged for him 
To be able to stay and call this place home, 
For she knew that he was very alone.

The owner took no time to decide
And took him in with such pride;
He was so happy to call this place his own, 
Finally with friends and a great home.

Haikus A Shade Of Mutant
by Tryan15

Be afraid, young child
The mutants are arriving
Cower in great fear

Hide under your beds
Shiver in your dark closet
Mutant Day is here

Beware their faces
They will attack when threatened
Remember those sneers

Ugly and scary
Disfigured and unfriendly
They are very near

Planning destruction
Minions of the Dr. Sloth
You better stay clear

There be no hiding
Mutant Day empowers them
Soon they will appear

Look away, I say
Do not stare into their eyes
It painfully sears

Their past is unknown
Tragic and horrifying
It will make you tear

Now they are minions
They have since changed for the worse
Not anymore dear

For, the time has come
For them to rise to power
It is but their year

Mutant Love
by Sc_defleppard

Mutant things that I love,
And some I love most,
Like the sound of clawed gloves
Or the smell of a mutated ghost,
Mutant Hot Dogs and purple Chia eggplant,
Mutant Ummagine on stale Mutant Toast,
And thousands of mutant Elephantes
Blowing bubbles on a post.

Mutant things that I love
That give me delight,
Like a coal stove
And things I can't bite,
The month of Hiding,
The great night of fright,
And Mutant Bartamus, Mutant Dragoyle, 
And things with wings
Having a fight.

Mutant things that I love,
Which make me feel great,
Like an Elegant Mutant Cape,
A Mutant Crepe on a plate,
Ignited Tiki Bombs,
The flavour of mutate,
Small Traphnoid Palms
And trouble to create.

Once A Year: A Haiku Poem For Mutant Day
by Hrosanna

He sits, completely focused 
Breath in heavy gusts
Stuffing food into his face

Rotting, heavy, putrid breath
Spreads; an exodus
Of Meepits down coloured pipes

Brain-stuffed dumplings, candy corn,
Fright Pop, Ghostly Soup
A Spooky Shake for dessert

Tiny wings flap frantically 
Moths in a glass jar
Uselessly straining for lift

A colossal red-raw beast
Boundless appetite
Swaddled in a cloak of glares

He looks at me, and I jump --
Food! But suddenly
Our eyes meet; I understand

Look past horns and tiny wings
Skin like Tanglepus
Eyes like an abyss to space

He's scary on the outside
Oozing through our lives
And grumpy until the last

But, I see his heart of gold
Softness of his paws
I'm not scared -- not anymore

I stand, holding out my hand
To him. He takes it
And smiles, a curve of the moon

We abscond into the street
A crowd of mutants
Dancing 'round us by lamplight

He and I, we find a hill
Buy blankets and food
To watch fireworks go off

Once a year, the sky's on fire
And every year since
We meet, our trust implicit

Sit, don't eat or talk or work
Savour the silence
Make a moment just for him.

Just A Lone Mutant JubJub
by Tyuio_k50

Just a lone mutant JubJub,
All sad and alone,
Will anyone ever love him,
Or will he go on his own?

Just a lone mutant JubJub
With tentacles on his head,
"You're just different," they say
And he believed what they said.

Just a lone mutant JubJub,
Sitting under a tree,
Pondering on the thought:
"Will I have a family?"

Just a lone mutant JubJub,
Longing for a place to call home,
Comfy and warm on the inside,
Outside a garden & gnome.

Just a lone mutant JubJub
All alone on the path,
Except when a stranger comes by,
They walk by and laugh.

Just a lone mutant JubJub,
Walking the world to no end.
He walks the course of life,
Looking for his own friend.

Just a lone mutant JubJub,
Not alone but now found,
Headed to his new home
And away from The Pound.

Just a lone mutant JubJub,
No longer sad or alone.
He's found others who love him,
In a home of his own.

Of Trial, Tribulation, And Transmogrification
by Hyperlexi

There once was a yellow Kacheek 
Known as Yvette
(Her name ended in numbers 
She preferred to forget).
While others poked fun 
At the end of her name,
Yvette's owner loved her without any shame.
They played games and battled, 
Tried out customisation,
And Yvette read books for IQ cultivation.
Till, one day, at the shore 
A Draik egg was found
To make space, 
Poor Yvette was sent to The Pound.

Her time in The Pound 
Made Yvette feel ignored,
With her name and cheap paint job
She was always deplored,
Until, one day, a boy appeared 
And they made a connection.
(Yvette sat up straighter: 
She was used to rejection.)
"A Kacheek will do nicely," 
He said, looking candid.
"We won't notice the name 
Once her head has expanded." 
Yvette felt confused 
As they walked through the doors,
But it was heaven to feel 
The fresh air on her paws.

She was led to a picnic 
And sat down with a smile,
She was handed a drink 
That steamed in its vial.
Nervous, she swigged 
And she sipped at the stuff,
Though it tasted quite vile, 
And she'd soon had enough.
After a moment she hunched over in pain,
As her body twitched 
To make room for her brain.
Her fur stood on end and turned itself blue,
And Yvette sat and sobbed 
As she thought what to do.

The boy just smiled. "You may look bizarre,
But who cares? I've got a new avatar!"
He headed to the boards 
To show off and chatter,
And left Yvette to ponder 
Her throbbing grey matter.
Her reflection confirmed 
That she looked like a freak,
And she sighed; 
Her future seemed suddenly bleak.
Even in The Pound she had found 
Room for dreaming,
But now even that was pitiful-seeming.

After hours of thought, 
Her appearance was discounted.
For, ultimately, it was 
What's inside that counted,
After all, Yvette thought,
She was more than her looks:
She resolved to wear hats 
And return to her books.
It worked for a time: 
Though she'd never be cool,
She was top of the class at the Neoschool,
And after she left, 
She dreamed of making a change:
'Pets shouldn't be held back 
Because they looked strange.

So, she went about life, 
No longer shame-faced,
Some others sneered (no accounting for taste). 
But when Jacko appeared 
With a paint brush in hand,
Yvette accepted, but could now understand
Being disco was naught 
But a change in the art:
Paisley wouldn't change 
Who she was in her heart.
So, she sold off the paint brush 
And with the NP acquired,
She began her campaign 
To make mutants desired.

She led protests, ranted, 
Recited speeches verbatim,
And handed Neopia a new ultimatum:
"There is no place 
In our world for discrimination --
Especially over small things 
Like transmogrification!"
For faerie wings and royalty 
Can look ostentatious:
While mutants can be kind, 
Brave, loving, and gracious.
At last, success, Yvette got her way...
And she drove her point home 
On the first Mutant Day.

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