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Week 126
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Every week we will be starting a new Story Telling competition - with great prizes! The current prize is 2000 NP, plus a rare item!!! This is how it works...

We start a story and you have to write the next few paragraphs. We will select the best submissions every day and put it on the site, and then you have to write the next one, all the way until the story finishes. Got it? Well, submit your paragraphs below!

Story One-Hundred and Twenty-Seven Ends May 9th

"WHERE IS MY MAGICAL GREEN TONU PLUSHIE?!?" Jhudora screamed at the cowering Eyrie.

Frozen with fear, Jurgis could only think numbly, Why didn't I just do Illusen's Quest?

"WELL?" demanded Jhudora again, her eyes burning red with rage.

"I-I couldn't afford one," the green Eyrie managed to blurt out.

"Useless, pathetic Neopet!" the Dark Faerie screamed. "You have failed my quest for the LAST time." Slowly, Jhudora raised an amulet she held in her hand.

"No! No, PLEASE!" begged Jurgis, trying vainly to back away and escape. A blinding purple light filled his vision, and he felt his body become rigid. All he could see now was darkness; with strange, purple blurring lights shooting upwards around him. It gave him the impression he was falling--fast. Then all was dark; the awareness of his body and the thoughts of his mind grew dim... then eventually left him completely.

* * * * *

"You think it's alive?" a voice said.

"I wonder what it is?" said another. Jurgis felt something repeatedly jabbing his shoulder. He slowly opened his eyes. Two creatures, that he could only decide slightly resembled an Usul and an Acara, were prodding him with a long piece of driftwood. The Eyrie jerked his head up in shock, scaring the two Neopets out of their wits.

"AHH!! It's gonna eat us!! RUN!!" yelled one.

"HELP! Help! There's a monster on the beach!" screamed the other, as they ran inland.

A monster? Jurgis looked around frantically. He saw nothing near him, except the ocean waves soaking his tail. He looked up into the sky, to see if perhaps the beast they were referring to was flying. His head swiveled inland, and his eyes went wide with shock. Towers of steel and glass shot high into the clouds. Strange ships zoomed between the buildings, and silver devices with wheels sped along highways of clear blue glass.

The Eyrie's mouth was agape in shock and wonder. Never taking his eyes off the city, he began walking off the beach. What is this place? he thought in awe. Even the Virtupets Space Station wasn't this futuristic. Where had Jhudora sent him?

Jurgis was so intently focused on the city, the only thing that snapped him out of it was when he walked headlong into a signpost. He fell backward, grumbling and rubbing his head. He glared at the sign. His fierce look turned to horror as he read it: Welcome to Neopia Central!

He looked to the city, then to the sign, and back to the city again. How could that be Neopia Central!?! It was impossible! He quickly dug through a trashcan next to the sign, pulling out what he assumed was a copy of The Neopian Times. Fearfully, he read the date in the corner and gasped. He threw the paper into the receptacle and backed away, shaking his head in mute terror...

By this time, Jurgis was beginning to be noticed by other Neopets... or what he assumed were Neopets. Each was only a shadow of what each species once looked like. They slowly tried to surround him. Some shouting that he was a monster--others trying to soothe and help him. Crazed with fear, the Eyrie ran from them. He didn't know were he was going, but he just had to get away. The city loomed closer and closer...

Author's Note: Hey everyone! *grins* It's experiment time! I've decided to make this a -TWO- week story, so we can have a really cool plot! Good luck everyone, and happy writing! ^_^

Author: Questions? Comments? Send them to 1-800... er, neo_storytelling
Date: 05 May
...steel and glass buildings gleaming in the piercing sunlight, like silver blades cutting into the sky.

Jurgis began to feel frightened as he came closer to the city that was Neopia Central. It was so different than it had been in the past.

Hearing voices behind him, Jurgis ran even quicker. He felt scared of those Neopets, but didn't know why. Maybe it was because of their appearance--the evolved forms of each species was so strange to him.

When Jurgis arrived at the city, there was a gigantic gate blocking the way. Oh no! Jurgis thought, turning around. He shrunk closer to the steel bars of the gate as the evolved pets came closer.

They all hung back, staring at him with unease. One pointed, and Jurgis could see that it was... or was it? A young Wocky. "See? It's trying to hide against the gates. Poor thing," the Wocky said gently, coming closer. "Come here."

Jurgis, maddened by fear, ran away from the pet, and hid behind tree. Touching it, the Eyrie realized that the tree was made of a clear plastic.

"Oh, its scared," said the Wocky to an Ixi next her. Coming closer, the Wocky smiled at Jurgis. "Oh, isn't it cute?!?"

"Lerea," said the shadow Ixi to her friend, the Wocky. "Are you sure it isn't a monster? It's... different than us."

Lerea, coming closer, held out her hand to Jurgis. "It's not a monster," she proclaimed. "Wait... it has wings." Running back to the gathered crowd, the Wocky talked to a larger form of herself... her father. "Please, can I keep him Daddy? PLEASE?"

"Now, now Lerea. I don't think that's a good idea. It looks very frighted. It may bite you."

"But Da-"

"That's enough Lerea. We should alert the authorities. They'll know what to do."

A short while later a large van pulled up, and out jumped Techos clad in sterile white clothing.

They held long sticks with wire loops at the end, which they used to grab Jurgis. The Eyrie panicked and leapt into the sky, desperately trying to fly away, but he was trapped. The long poles brought him back to the ground, and he was forced into the van.

Trapped and scared, Jurgis laid in the van and closed his eyes. Maybe it's just a bad dream, was his last thought before falling asleep from emotional exhaustion.

The van came to a stop and the doors were jerked open. Jurgis winced at the light suddenly filling the van, but quickly jumped out, hoping to escape. However, he found himself in an even worse situation--in a cage. The door slammed behind him, and he was trapped. He looked around frantically; apparently, he was in some sort of of scientists murmured amongst themselves, until one Techo stepped forward. He spoke slowly, as if unsure that Jurgis could understand language. "Hello. My name is Doctor Danel--and who, or rather, what, may I ask are you?"

Jurgis gulped, but managed to stutter...

Author: neosass
Date: 05 May

"I-I'm an E-Eyrie," said Jurgis as felt himself shivering from head to claw. "My n-name is Jurg-gis."

All the scientists' eyes went wide. "An EYRIE?" cried a Tonu (or what a Tonu would look like with an extra horn). "That's impossible! Eyries have been extinct for years!"

Jurgis's heart froze. Eyries are extinct? How's that possible? he thought. But he thought it best to not ask questions... yet.

"Now, see here, boy!" said an aged Kougra. "Stop this foolishness, and tell us what you really are!"

"I told you," Jurgis cried. "I really am an Eyrie! Look at my wings and beak!"

The scientists exchanged glances, then huddled together, discussing. Jurgis wasn't sure why, but he felt an odd feeling squirming around in his stomach, and knew the outcome wouldn't be pleasant.

The group then disbanded, and the Techo stepped forward. "Well... from our studies, you certainly do LOOK like an ancient Eyrie, but it's impossible that one could still be alive after they were wiped out so long ago. Can you tell us where you came from?"

Jurgis was about to lose it when he heard this, but tried his best to keep calm. He took a deep breath, and told them the story of what happened between him and Jhudora. "When he finished speaking, Jurgis was greeted with dead silence. Then... the scientists broke out laughing.

"Now we KNOW this creature's mad!" cried the Tonu.

"Still," replied the Kougra. "I think it's best if we continue observing him. He just may hold some valuable information for us." The Kougra then pushed a button, activating the intercom. "You may remove the subject!"

Before Jurgis knew what was going on, two large Myncis in white coats entered. One was holding a needle, attached to a long stick. He tried to get away, but then he felt a sharp sting in his wing. That's when everything went dark...

* * * * *

"Hey, are you awake? Come on! You've gotta eat!"

Jurgis slowly stirred, and found himself looking at grey metal bars. He was still caged. The Eyrie felt something touch his wing and turned to see the young blue Wocky from before.

"You again?" he asked, still coming to. "What are you doing here? Where am I?"

"You're still in the laboratory," she said. "My mom works here as one of the scientists, and I sometimes come here after school." She then reached into her pouch and pulled out a small canister. Removing the lid, there was a goopy brown substance inside, like pudding. "Here. I saved this for you from lunch."

Jurgis was glad to meet a friendly face, and took the pudding. He tasted it gradually, but then found it quite delicious. "Thank you," he said between licks.

The Wocky giggled. "You're welcome. Oh, I'm sorry. We weren't properly introduced. I'm Lerea! What's your name?"

"MMMF... Jurgis." It didn't take him long to finish the pudding and give the canister back to Lerea.

"Is it true what they said?" asked Lerea suddenly. "Are you really an Eyrie?"

The memories of the testing session then popped into Jurgis's mind. The scientists had said that Eyries had been wiped out and were now... extinct. "Y-Yes..." he said. "Look, this is all very confusing for me. Can you please explain to me what's going on? What happened to all the Eyries?"

Lerea looked at her paws sadly. "We learned this in school. Eyries have been extinct for quite some time. The last time they were seen was during the days of the great Faerie War..."

Author: bitsy_dj
Date: 06 May
...What was the Great Faerie War?" Jurgis asked Lerea slowly.

"The Great Faerie War happened when a very powerful Faerie named Jhudora had all the items she needed for a nightmarish spell..." Lerea whispered to the Eyrie solemnly. "She had tricked many, many Neopets into doing her bidding... in exchange for 'items of power', but why she wanted the items had remained next to secret, until it was too late."

Jurgis was tortured by the thought that something he did might have helped... wipe out his species; it was impossible not to moan in sorrow.

Lerea continued the story. "The spell was called Elitka sah cansan, or Desolation and control. It started as a wave that roared through Faerieland, blasting away the soft cloud buildings and ruining all the rich Neopians' homes. Everything was devastated, even the cloak of the hidden Faerie Tower fizzled out of existence, as did many Neopets.

The initial blast wasn't the true horror though. No, that came soon after. All the weak Faeries became corrupted; they burst from their bottles, overthrew Balthazar, and began wreaking havoc throughout Neopia.

Confusion spread at first--then, as the Neopets found out what was going on, war was declared on the Faerie world. The strongest of the Faeries tried to hold off the forces, who were under the impression it was all the Faerie Queen's fault. Eventually, it was realized Jhudora was the one responsible. The war was diverted towards her, but her spell was beginning to effect all the Faeries..."

Author: xenom73
Date: 06 May

...Jurgis shook his head in sadness. How could something so horrible have happened to his peaceful world? Lerea continued.

" last even the most powerful Faeries fell to the corruption, including Queen Fyora. Combined with those who had already joined Jhudora, they were unstoppable. In the chaos created by the lesser Faeries, they came down and began to enslave all Neopets. These were dark times--no one was sure who to trust. Some, in their fear, and joined the side of the corrupted Faeries to save their own lives.

Finally, when nearly all hope was lost, a final alliance was formed. The Eyries, a brave and noble race..." Lerea paused, then looked at Jurgis, whose head was hanging in sadness. Her heart went out to the poor beast. "The Eyries united all the winged pets, and launched a last, desperate assault on Faerieland, where the greater Faeries gathered. That was the final battle."

"Was that... was that when the Eyries...?" Jurgis asked quietly he couldn't bring himself to finish the question. Lerea nodded her head silently, tears forming in her eyes.

"Jhudora called all of her lesser Faerie minions to fight for her. The sky around Faerieland was a dark cloud of pets and Faeries, fighting desperately for survival. Eventually, the tide was turned, and the Neopets, with their sheer numbers, began to overwhelm the Faeries."

"Then... what happened? If we were winning?--" began Jurgis, but let Lerea continue.

"That's when Jhudora cast her ultimate spell. Historians think she had it planned from the start. Once she used all the other Faeries to take control of Neopia, she--she..." tears began to pour from the young Wocky's eyes.

"She what?!?" asked a frantic Jurgis.

"Oh, Jurgis!" Lerea cried, "She cast a spell to destroy all wings!"

"But, but... without wings!--" Jurgis stuttered in shock.

"Yes. The winged pets that had fought so valiantly-they... fell." Jurgis tried to swallow the lump in his throat, but could not. "They fell from the high clouds of Faerieland, and perished upon impact with the sea." Jurgis shook his head in horror. It was just too much. It was not only the Eyries that were extinct, but the Scorchios, Shoyrus, Unis, and Draiks, too! The Eyrie fought back tears; so many fine species lost--forever...

"Also, as I'm sure you know, if a Faerie loses her wings, she becomes a grey Faerie--stripped of all power. The Faeries that didn't perish in the sea with the other pets, just wasted away... even Fyora. Jhudora, as caster of the spell, was the only one not affected. With all the Eyries and flying pets gone, there was no way to fight her. Her throne sits in Faerieland now, but it's a dark cloud surrounded by a constant electrical storm. No ships will function near it, and no pet has wings to fly there anymore."

Jurgis' head jerked up. "WHAT? What do you mean her throne?" he asked, bewildered.

"Jurgis," Lerea said softly. "Jhudora is our queen..."

Author: santhewolf
Date: 07 May
...The Eyrie gasped. "What?" he demanded. "No, no, it can't... it can't..." He swallowed hard, taking a deep breath of air.

"I'm sorry," Lerea murmured softly, her ears flat against her head in despair, and her tail hanging limp. She put a paw on one of Jurgis' through the bars of his cage. She was sad for the poor creature--sad that he had to learn of such an awful thing.

Jurgis swallowed hard and set his beak, looking up at Lerea with deadly calm eyes. "Why doesn't anyone fight?" he asked softly, the very lack of emotion in his voice bespeaking the rage within.

Lerea withdrew her paw nervously. She trusted this Eyrie, but that didn't mean that that he wasn't dangerous--especially the way he was acting now. She gulped and replied quietly, "I already told you. None of us can fly. We can't get to her."

"What about Faerie paint brushes?" Jurgis demanded, his noble eyes flashing. "Were they all destroyed in the attack? Why weren't more made, then?"

"Faeries made the paint brushes," Lerea murmured. "With all of the Faeries gone, grey and wasting away, no more were made." She backed up a bit from the cage, trying to conceal her fear.

Jurgis softened at the young Wocky's frightened look, but continued. "A queen has to rule," he said desperately. "To rule, she has to come down from her throne. Why don't you attack her when she comes down?"

Lerea shook her head nervously. "She had enough ingredients stockpiled to create hundreds of spells. She rarely has reason to leave her throne, especially when she can use her spells to communicate with us."

"You said rarely. She has come down?"

The young Wocky nodded weakly, watching the Eyrie sadly. Her fear had lessened when he calmed, and now she just felt sorry for him. She felt as if he were searching desperately for a way to change what had happened, and she knew that it was useless. Or, rather, she thought that it was useless.

Jurgis shook his head in frustration. "Then why don't you attack her when she comes down?"

"We're too scared!" Lerea exclaimed. "And it's not as if she warns us before she comes. Jhudora knows that we might rally; she isn't foolish."

"But we were," Jurgis murmured forlornly. "We didn't think of what she might be using those things for..."

Lerea sighed. "It's not your fault. None of you could have known at the time."

The Eyrie straightened his shoulders, letting his tail sway back and forth proudly. "I will fight," he said. "I have wings. I could go to her..."

Lerea gasped. "You can't be serious!" she exclaimed. "She'd crush you!"

Jurgis tensed his muscles, showing more of the noble pride and strength of his species. "I can't very well sit back and do nothing! I can't go back and warn against this, since she's the one who sent me here in the first place!" He shook his head. "Someone has to do something!"

"Don't be ridiculous! If millions of Eyries and other pets couldn't defeat her, how could a single Eyrie have a chance?" Lerea asked, approaching the cage again.

Jurgis narrowed his eyes. "I'll think of something--a plan. But she can't know that I have wings!" he said. "She can't know of me! You have to help. Please Lerea, you have to let me out..."

Author: kherezae
Date: 07 May

..."J-J-Jurgis!" Lerea stammered. "I can't!..."

"What!?" Jurgis interrupted, clicking his beak in impatience. "Lerea, don't you want the world to be back to the way it was? The way you never got to see it? Neopia used to be full of sunshine and carefree pets, grass and real trees, don't you want to..."

"Oh Jurgis! Can't you see that nothing can be done?!?" Lerea yelled. Looking down she added sorrowfully, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to raise my voice at you, it's just too impossible to even think about!"

The Eyrie's heart filled with sadness for the young Wocky. He had brought this up so suddenly that it had scared her. In a soothing voice he said, "No, it was my fault, I wasn't thinking rationally. Lerea, you must understand that something must be done to stop Jhudora. You must let me out."

Lerea looked in Jurgis' eyes; the emotion in them was unwavering. His mind was set. Her hand shook as she reached for a pad on the outside of the cage. "It only opens for the scientists; it recognizes their DNA or something," she said, seeing the confused look in her friend's face. "I mentioned earlier that my mother was a scientist here, so I also can open this cage." As her hand touched the pad, and it began to glow blue. A confirming tone sounded, and the cage retracted into the ceiling.

"Lerea," Jurgis began, "I can never thank you enough! You have shown me the first true act of friendship since I came to be here."

The Wocky smiled, but her face was still very crestfallen. "You must go now, before they catch you out of your cage, and..." She didn't have time to finish her sentence before an alarm could be heard echoing through the complex. "JURGIS! NOW! You must go now!" Her voice reached a high-pitched scream. The door to the room swung open, as a herd of scientists and Techos in white coats ran in.

"LEREA!" yelled an older Wocky scientist, that Jurgis guessed must be his friend's mother. "NO! HOW COULD YOU!?! We had strict orders! When the Queen finds out..." the older Wocky's face scrunched in anguish.

Jurgis could see the look of terror come onto Lerea's face. "Lerea, what is she talking about, what will happen to you?"

"No! Jurgis! You must go, don't worry about me!"

Her voice was not convincing at all. There was no way he could just leave her here to meet her fate. Picking her up in his massive beak, and flipping her onto his back, he darted to the window...

* * * * *

Little shards of glass were the next thing Lerea remembered before feeling the wind on her face. They were flying! "Jurgis! What's happening!?!"

"I couldn't leave you there! I saw how you looked. What is the punishment, Lerea? What have I done to your future?" the Eyrie asked sorrowfully.

"Jurgis, it isn't your fault, but if you must know..." she could feel tears welling up in her eyes, but the wind on her face made her thoughts feel free. "Jhudora, I would go see Jhudora... and would never come back." She said this with such resolution that it was scary to Jurgis.

"Well, I just can't let that happen. You will come with me, until I can find a safe place to put you down."

"Oh Jurgis, can't we fly awhile longer? It is so magical to feel the wind on your face. Your species, and all the others with wings, I feel more sorry for them now than ever before--never to feel this free again..."

"Hush now, it's alright." the Eyrie replied, smiling. He felt that young Lerea was wise beyond her years. "We'll set things right, somehow..."

Author: lucki_ducki
Date: 08 May
...Lerea was so joyful, flying free in the sky, with the wind whipping about her. Ah, to have wings! Such an experience made her more determined than ever to help Jurgis defeat Jhudora, no matter how hard... no matter...

Eventually the young Wocky must have fallen asleep, for when she awoke, she found herself in a place far from the Neopia Central she knew. Fear began to creep into her; she had never been away from the city before.

"Jurgis... where are we?"

The Eyrie smiled benignly. "Unless I am mistaken, this is the Haunted Woods!"

Lerea wondered why he was smiling. The Haunted Woods? She shuddered. "But... Jurgis, no one has ever been here before! No one knows what lies...on the other side..." she stared into the dark depths of the forest, getting a shiver of fear.

Jurgis shook his head. "You forget, I am from the past. Back then, the Haunted Woods were indeed a bit spooky, but they were fun to go to, especially on Halloween..." He smiled at the memories, then shook his head once more, clearing his thoughts. "But I guess, times have indeed changed..." he concluded softly, mostly to himself.

Lerea stared. "You went... in there... for FUN?!"


The Wocky gazed at him before shaking her head. "I am almost glad I did not live back then..."

Jurgis sighed. If only you knew... he thought to himself. "Anyways, I want to see the other parts of Neopia before we start making plans... maybe the Lost Desert, or the Haunted Woods will provide some sort of clue..."

"Lost Des--" Lerea began, but stopped. "That's lost!"

"Again? It was found back in my time..."

"No one goes back there, either..." she said in a quiet whisper.

"Well, we're going there now..."


"Come on!" With that, Jurgis picked her up once more, and flew across the Haunted Woods. Suddenly a thought struck Jurgis. Maybe the Brain Tree will know...

He landed in the middle of the woods, where the Brain Tree usually was. Instead of greeting them with a roar or a scary face, it had its eyes closed, in sleep or deep thought. Lerea whimpered in fear; she had never been this close to something like the Brain Tree before...

Jurgis spoke to the tree boldly: "Brain Tree, do you have any idea how to defeat Jhudora?" The Brain Tree cracked open one eye sleepily. "Of course," it yawned. "But first you must bring me... agh. Forget it," the Brain Tree said dejectedly. "The Esophagor perished long ago, from starvation, and there is no one left who comes here to be impressed with my knowledge. This world is an unforgiving place. If you are interested in defeating Jhudora, then our goals are the same. I only know this, though--the amulet she carries is the key to... zzzzzz..."

"The key to what?!?" shouted Jurgis. He tried to shake the old tree awake, but it was useless.

Lerea, overcoming her fear a little, turned to Jurgis. "Now what?"...

Jurgis sighed and looked to the young Wocky. "We...

Author: phoenixor
Date: 08 May

...have to get that amulet from her! I understand now!" The green Eyrie's eyes blazed with almost crazed determination.

"What... why? What amulet?" said Lerea. "Explanation, please!"

Jurgis took a deep breath and explained. "When Jhudora banished be through time, the last thing I remember seeing was a purple and green amulet. That's what she used to send me here! If I can somehow get it from her... I can use the amulet to go back in time, and stop this terrible future from ever happening!"

"Jurgis, you're a genius!" Lerea cried out in delight.

The Brain Tree awoke with a disgruntled snort, and said angrily, "That's incorrect! I am the only genius around here!" With a frustrated screech, the tree went back to sleep.

Lerea stifled a giggle. "Okay, okay... fine, you win!" She patted the old tree with a careworn paw. Suddenly, she started laughing hysterically; grabbing Jurgis and twirling around in a crazy dance, she chanted, "We know how to defeat Jhudora... we know the key... the amulet is the key!"

"Lerea! Let go of me!" howled Jurgis. He was in agony, because she was unwittingly trampling his tail.

Lerea stopped. "Thank you!" gasped Jurgis, heavily massaging his tail.

The Brain Tree awoke from the racket. "What? Oh, it's you. I was just thinking in my genius dreams... do you honestly think that you can really just waltz up to Jhudora's castle through the electric storm, knock on the door, and then grab her amulet? I know more than you two, you know. Jhudora isn't by herself. She has hundreds of poor servants and wretched bodyguards up on that cloud with hers." With a disdainful sniff, the Brain Tree dozed off.

Lerea's face looked crestfallen. "He's right, Jurgis... it isn't going to be easy."

"Well, these will make it a bit easier!" Jurgis gestured to his wings. "And I'm sure you also learned in school what protects you from electricity."

"Oh! Umm..." Lerea said, tapping her head. After a few moments her eyes lit up. "I've got it! Rubber! Rubber doesn't conduct electricity!"

The Eyrie nodded. "Do you know where we could find enough rubber to protect ourselves from that storm?"

Lerea considered for a moment. "Oh! I know, the city dump! The old tires from the NeoCars are thrown away there!"

"Great!" shouted Jurgis, then leaned closer to the ground. "Hop on!"

* * * * *

"There! Don't you look pretty?" Lerea giggled. Jugris just glared at her. He was glad there wasn't a mirror around, because he'd die of shame if anyone saw him like this. The last of his great species--wrapped head to toe in used tires!

"Not nearly as great as you," he snickered. Lerea stuck her tongue out at him. She was also covered in dirty old tires. Remembering the seriousness of the situation, Jurgis sighed. "Are you SURE about coming with me, Lerea? Don't feel like you have to."

"Of course I'm coming!" she said, planting herself in front of the Eyrie. "Like I said, maybe I can distract her while you grab the amulet. Besides, like I said... One, I CAN'T go back home, and Two, if this works, even if I'm... hurt, it won't matter, because once you go back in time, none of this will have ever happened."

Jurgis nodded his head, then allowed her to awkwardly scramble onto his back. The flight would be hard with all this extra weight, but he HAD to manage it--for all Eyries, and Neopia.

Taking off into the sky the pair flew, both quiet in thought. Thinking of the effects of time travel gave Jurgis a headache, so he focused himself on how he would get the amulet.

All too soon, dark clouds came into view...

Author: rachelweizefan
Date: 09 May
...Howling winds whirled around the two rubber tire clad Pets, and as Jurgis flapped through the storm, a feeling of dread swirled around in his stomach. Lerea was feeling similiar, except she had a better veiw of the storm.

It was huge, black, gray, and dark purple. Blue lightning snaked through the clouds; thunder rumbled louder than a pride of Kougras on Gadgadsbogen Day. Rain splashed down non-stop, never pausing. Soon Lerea and Jurgis were soaking wet, the water seeping through the tires.

"What's that, Lerea?" screeched Jurgis, screaming over the howls and roars of the storm. Up ahead there was a thick, gray thing he could just make out through the storm.

"I think it's the castle!" Lerea cried back, grasping tightly to the rubber tire above Jurgis's neck. She felt him push forward, and just as he did she let out an ear splitting scream.

A long bolt of blue lightning was shooting towards the two at breakneck speed. For a moment, Lerea thought that it would hit and kill them, but as soon as it smashed into the rubber tire, it only hissed. The storm rolled on and Lerea and Jurgis were swept this way and that, desperately trying to get closer to the tower.

Jurgis's mind focused on his task; he had to get the amulet and save the winged Pets. He had to save Neopia from this fate with Jhudora as its queen. He screeched aloud, paws moving as if he was running, wings beating against the harsh winds and heavy drops of rain.

He could see the castle, right in the eye of the storm. And He was coming closer... closer every minute, every time he flapped his wings. All of a sudden, he only heard the wind, the rain, and the loud thunder claps... he could no longer feel them.

Jurgis was in the eye of the storm. Very, very close to where Jhudora sat on her throne.

He circled the tower, looking for a window, but the only one he could find was too small for him to fit inside. Lerea stripped herself of the tires, letting them fall down into the remaints of Faerieland below. She leaped into the window, then peeked her head up.

"Jurgis! Jurgis! Take off those tires! Here... fly close to the window, and I'll help you." she said, pulling a rubber tire off of the Eyrie's head. As Jurgis kicked the tires from his feet, he couldn't help feeling excited, even if fear still lingered in his heart.

Soon Jurgis's tires were all off, and he crawled into the castle through the window. Inside, the carpet was mottled and blood red; the grey, cold stone walls were covered in pictures of one Dark Faerie. Jhudora.

The tower was freezing, and as Jurgis and Lerea made their way down the hallway they shivered. It was completely silent, except for the howling winds and rains outside. Lerea glanced behind them, peeking around corners to make sure the coast was clear for the larger Jurgis.

Lerea had trotted ahead for perhaps the tenth time when she froze. Slowly backing away, she then turned towards Jurgis with a look of urgency on her face. "It's a guard, one of Jhudora's slaves," she whispered, dragging him back down the way they came.

They hid in a doorway as they cautiously peered around the corner. What walked by shocked Jugis to the core. It could have been a Neopet, but it was dark and twisted, black as pitch, with eyes that had no pupils. Jurgis couldn't even guess the species. What had Jhudora done to them? He shuddered involuntarily.

Wanting to escape the creature's presence, they quickly slipped down another corridor, only to find another coming their way. Quickly, they pushed open the nearest door, and closed it shut behind them.

Jurgis and Lerea sighed in relief... then gasped in surprise. They were on a balcony overlooking...

Author: allinamorro
Date: 09 May

...Jhudora's throneroom. They both clamped their paws over their mouths, not daring to breathe. Jurgis pulled Lerea below the balcony railing, and they both stared down onto the throneroom scene through the slits in the barrier. Below, they could hear someone talking to Jhudora as she sat on her throne, twirling a Wand of the Dark Faerie, but the "someone" must have been standing under the balcony, for neither Jurgis nor Lerea could see them.

"WHAT?!?" Jhudora suddenly boomed. "It escaped HOW long ago? Idiot! Moron! A Wocky, just a child? Why am I learning about this now?"

"My qu-queen," the anonymous voice stuttered in a nasally tone, "I have been told they did everything possible to keep the Eyrie from escaping, but..."

"Well THAT'S a relief! So it's all better now, isn't it?" Jurgis and Lerea could hear Jhudora's messenger whimpering in the background. "They did their best, so it's all okay?"

The messenger suddenly ran forward and began kissing Jhudora's feet, apologizing on every other kiss. They could see now that it was a Moehog; yellow, trembling, and quite small. Jhudora turned her head in disgust and kicked the Moehog aside. "Bring me my crystal ball! Now!" The Moehog jumped up and scurried into the next room, returning instantly with Jhudora's crystal ball. Jurgis and Lerea both trembled in fear.

"Aahhh..." Jhudora sighed, "Yes, my faithful crystal ball. Let's see what that dreaded Eyrie and little Wocky are up to..." Jurgis and Lerea's eyes opened wider. Just then, Jhudora leaned closer to her crystal ball, gazing intently into the orb. She pulled her head away, as her lips curled into a horrible grin.

"Jeebs, Crepter," Jhudora called. Two of the hideous creatures Jurgis and Lerea had seen earlier appeared kneeling in front of Jhudora. "Kindly run up to the balcony and escort our two guests down here."

Jurgis and Lerea jerked up in panic, but bars burst through the top of the railing, all the way to the ceiling, trapping the two pets. Soon, the two creatures broke through the door Jurgis and Lerea had used to enter only moments before. Jhudora had taken a seat in her throne, and the Moehog messenger she had been talking to before was huddled in a corner, trying not to draw attention to himself.

Just before the guards came bursting into the room, Jurgis whispered to Lerea, "Don't worry. We'll get out of this." Then the guards were in the room, grabbing them roughly by the shoulders and forcing them to walk down the stairs, to Jhudora's throneroom.

They entered through the threshold, not bothering to resist the mighty clamp of the creatures' claws on their shoulders. Once they were about six feet away from the throne, Jurgis and Lerea were pushed onto their knees, and their heads were bent downward.

"Release them." Jhudora commanded, still wearing her thin-lipped smile. The minions let go of the two, then stepped a few paces backward.

"So, you thought you could outsmart me, hmmm? Thought you could sneak into my palace, and, what? Let me guess... force me to send you back home?" Jhudora somehow managed to sneer and smile at the same time.

"Close," said Jurgis, sounding a lot braver than he felt. In truth, he felt his knees almost give out underneath him. How did she know? How did she remember him? After all of this time...

Jhudora laughed a long, cold, merciless laugh. "Fools!" she boomed, "You didn't think you would actually defeat me? No... even when you failed to bring me the thing I needed most to complete my spell, I found another way. Don't you see? I will always win." She smiled even wider. "Just as you will always rot in my dungeons. Goodbye."

Jhudora waved her hand carelessly, turning her back to leave the room. The minions grabbed Jurgis and Lerea once again and began hauling them away. However, Jurgis wasn't about to let that happen. He wrenched out of the guard's grasp with a squwak, and leapt into the air, far above the reach of the guards. He looked sadly at Lerea, still trapped, but if he could only get that amulet... his eyes blazed as he focused on it. Jurgis cleared every fearful thought from his mind. Getting the amulet was all that mattered. He pushed off the wall, and launched himself at Jhudora...

Author: swirling_void
Date: 12 May
...The Dark Faerie had grown to complacent during her reign, and realized the attack too late. She raised her hands to cover her face, and let out a most agonising scream as Jurgis' talons ripped at her gown. She fell to the floor; her trusty crystal ball fell from her hands, and smashed into thousands of pieces on the cold stone floor.

Something purple and glittering fell from Jhudora's neck... the amulet. It slid across the floor, and Jurgis ran after it, then picked it up from the floor as he ran to Lerea.

"Noooo!" Jhudora screamed. "Jeebs! Crepter! Don't let them get away! Don't let them escape!" But the two hideous creatures just stood there... mouths wide open, their cold eyes dazed. They obviously weren't the brightest of beings and, with the chaos that had just occurred, they'd been left confused. That was Jurgis and Lerea's chance to escape.

"Lerea! Run!"

Both Neopets ran, but their heart sank like a ton of bricks as they realised there was nowhere to run to. The guards blocked the only doors, and more watched now from the balcony where they'd first arrived.

"Jurgis!" shouted Lerea, pointing. "Up there! It's a window!"

The window was partially open. It was small, but Jurgis and Lerea were ready to take their chances. They had the amulet; they had what they were looking for, and now it was time to escape.

Lerea hopped onto Jurgis' back, and he flew into the air. A claw grasped the air just seconds after Jurgis ascended. It was one of Jhudora's guards. If they had been just one second slower, Jhudora would have had the pair as prisoners.

Like a bullet, Jurgis flew to the open window. At first, it didn't look like they would make it. The window looked smaller now than it did when they were on the ground. They were getting nearer... and nearer... and...

"We've done it!" cried Jurgis, as the fresh air whipped at his face.

Suddenly Jurgis cried out in pain, then came to a halt in mid-air, nearly throwing the young Wocky off. The two pets whipped their heads around to see what was wrong, but Jurgis already knew. There was Jhudora, hovering just inside the window, the Eyrie's tail gripped mercilessly in her hand. With a triumphant look spread across her face, she directed her Wand of the Dark Faerie towards Jurgis and Lerea.

Jurgis knew what he had to do. Quickly, he grasped the amulet in his front paws, and imagined his own time. Green hills, laughter, pets flying carefree through the skies. He imagined it with every ounce of his being. The amulet glowed a deep purple, just as Jhudora's wand did that very same moment. That's when everything went black...

Author: ginger23456
Date: 12 May

...breathing heavily, Jurgis slowly regained his senses. He was lying on a cloud in Faerieland, below the window of the Hidden Tower. Every breath was painful. It felt as though his entire body was covered with bruises.

Groaning, he rolled over and bumped into something soft, which squeaked. Opening his eyes, the memories of Jhudora began flooding back. He leapt up, ready to fight her if she was there, but only a small heap of blue fur was next to him.

He gasped as he looked round. All of Faerieland was back to the way he knew it best, before Jhudora had taken over. Pets came and went, happy to be about their business. Faeries danced and flew around joyfully. Normal, thought Jurgis with relief.

The small bundle of blue fur ggroaned slightly and uncurled. Lerea blinked her eyes in the bright sunlight that reflected off the clean white cloud. "Oh!" she gasped. She stood too, moaning as she felt her own bruises.

"You came back with me," Jurgis noted. He wasn't very surprised, and relieved he had her help still. She nodded, and looked at her surroundings.

"Is this how Faerieland looked? Are those real Faeries, nice ones, I mean? Everyone is so happy!" Lerea watched the smiling pets in disbelief. Jurgis nodded happily.

"Yes, this is how Faerieland should be. Lerea, we still have to stop Jhudora in this time! She's gaining power as we speak!" remembered Jurgis. He trembled slightly, thinking of her awful power.

"You're right! Let's go!" Lerea leaped into action, running towards the gates of the Faerie Castle. Jurgis ran after her, calling her name.

"Lerea! Lerea! She won't be there! She doesn't have the throne yet!" Jurgis yelled, a little louder than he thought.

He was too busy to notice the odd looks he received for his statement, or the even odder looks the evolved Wocky was getting. Lerea stopped running and waited for Jurgis to catch up. "What do you mean? Wouldn't she be at the castle anyway?"

Jurgis shook his head. "No, she's sort of a Faerie outcast. Follow me, I can show you where she lives." Following Jurgis, Lerea quietly watched the pets traveling in Faerieland. She wished that it could be like this in her time, too, instead of having an evil queen rule Neopia.

Before Jurgis even pointed it out to her, she could tell where Jhudora was. The fur rose along her neck as she noticed a purple cloud, separate from the rest. Jurgis felt anger when he spotted the cloud, anger for the way Jhudora was tricking all of the pets into giving her power.

As they crept closer to Jhudora's cloud, a voice boomed out:


Jurgis stopped in his tracks and wondered how she had spotted them, until he heard his own voice reply: "I-I couldn't afford one."

Jurgis cringed and tried to ignore the urge to save his other self. It had to happen. That was the cycle of time. He heard his own pleads, and a green light reflect off the cloud.

Lerea turned around. In her mind, shouldn't THAT Jurgis and another her now be falling from the Hidden Tower? She voiced her question to Jurgis. He considered for a while then replied, He considered for a while, then replied, "No... because I'M the one that just arrived--AND the one that just left." Jurgis grinned. He was finally getting a hold on this time traveling stuff (although it still gave him a headache thinking about it).

Lerea and Jurgis carefully peered into Jhudora's cloud. She looked agitated, swinging her wand towards anything that made the slightest sound. Her plans were so close to completion... she had to be careful. Jurgis noticed this, and led the Wocky away from the cloud. He turned and whispered to Lerea, "I don't think it would be wise to try and attack her now. She's far more alert and careful than the Jhudora of the future. Besides, we're not alone anymore," he said, glancing meaningfully towards the Faerie Castle...

Author: pillowy88
Date: 13 May
..."Oh! So we should get Faerie recruits!" exclaimed Lerea. "But, the other Faeries... are they nice?"

"Oh, yeah!" laughed Jurgis, feeling extremely relieved that the world he knew was back. "In fact, we should probably get the Faerie Queen, too!"

"Where does she live?" asked the Wocky, looking around at the clouds.

"Behind us, in Faerie City." Jurgis said. However, before he could flap into the air, Jhudora materialized right in front of him!

"Congratulations!" she sneered--possibly attempting to smile. "You've been selected for a random quest! Get me a Magical Green Tonu Plushie and... WHAT?!?" Casting a suspicious eye over Jurgis, she cackled in recognition. "I recognize you! You failed my quest, and I zapped you with my amulet! How did you escape the time factor? Oh well, I'll do something more... permanent this time," Jhudora said, with malice flashing in her eyes. She raised her amulet once more.

"NO! You can't do this!" Lerea yelled, diving at the amulet they had taken from the future. Instantly, they found themselves in the Haunted Woods!

"Why did you think of going here?" asked Jurgis.

"I don't know," replied Lerea. "You know when we asked the Brain Tree, and it helped us? Well, maybe he'll help us again!" However, when the two pets questioned the Brain Tree, it would only demand to know when Charles Kacheek died.

Jurgis rolled his eyes. "Somehow, I don't think he'll help us... I know!" exclaimed Jurgis. "We'll go to Neopia Central. Jhudora may still have an eye out for us, so it may not be safe to return to Faerieland just yet. Hop on my back, I feel like flying."

Soon the two companions were nearing Neopia Central. Jurgis smiled in relief upon seeing it, and Lerea gasped...

Author: evilishies
Date: 13 May was so beautiful, more beautiful than she had ever imagined. Hundreds of pets walked around smiling, talking, whistling, and looking happier than Lerea had ever seen ANY pet look in her time. "It's wonderful here," whispered Lerea. "I can't believe this is the same world that I live in. It's so hard to think that all of this could vanish, and be replaced with so much fear and hatred."

"I know," replied Jurgis, "that's why we have to stop the future from happening." Jurgis wasn't quite sure if that last comment made any sense, but he figured Lerea would understand what he meant anyway.

As they came in for a landing near Jurgis's home, the two of them decided the first thing to do would be to gather a bunch of other Neopets, explain their circumstance to them, then form a group to go and speak with the Faeries. Of course, they would have to do all this without Jhudora getting wind of it, or all would be lost, and they'd be doomed to repeat the future.

Jurgis began quietly spreading the word that he was having a "party" at his home that night, and many pets promised that they'd be there. That night almost 100 pets of various species showed up at Jurgis's home. He stood in front of them all and cleared his throat.

"I'm sorry I tricked you all into coming here under the false pretense of a party," he began, "but Neopia is in grave danger and I need your help." Jurgis went on to explain what had happened in great detail. All the while, mutters of disbelief were heard throughout the crowd, but Jurgis continued with his speech. When he was finished, Jurgis introduced Lerea as, "His friend from the future who will tell you how life will be if we don't act now." Lerea got up amidst gasps of shock. No one had ever seen a pet that looked like her before.

"My name is Lerea." she announced, "And I am indeed from the future. In my time, the world is a frightening and dreary place. Everyone walks around in fear and misery. No one laughs or even smiles... it's completely awful. The world you have here is wonderful; you don't appreciate the freedoms you have, but believe me, you'll appreciate them when they are gone.

These freedoms are worth fighting for, and I hope you will help us fight for them. Together we can conquer Jhudora. Together we can overcome. Now, all of you who wish to help us, please stay to organize. Those of you who are too afraid, or who do not believe us or what we are fighting for, please leave." There was a moment of silence, and then...

Author: the_real_poetess_123
Date: 14 May Gelert came out amongst the crowd, and said, "It may be hard to believe you, but if Neopia faces a threat, even a possible one, then we have to protect it." All the other pets looked at each other, agreeing with the Gelert. This made Lerea and Jurgis smile.

Jurgis remembered... Jhudora had wanted him to get a magical green Tonu plushie, and she asked him again, even before she realized it was the same Neopet.

This gave Jurgis an idea....

"Even though we are weak right now, we still have a way to keep Jhudora from completing her spell. At least, long enough for us to do something..."

He told all the pets to go out to the shops, auctions and trading posts and get as many magical green Tonu plushies as they could. Some were forced to buy them, but many shop owners, once they heard the story, turned over the plushies for free. There was piles and piles in Jurgis's home, and he smiled to himself.

Jhudora was on her cloud, yelling at the usual Neopet that decided to try and help her out.

"WHERE IS MY MAGICAL GREEN TONU PLUSHIE?!?" she screamed out at the poor Uni.

"I'm-m so-so-sorry, b-but I can't seem to find one..."

Jhudora's eyes glowed deep red, and even though frightened, the Uni continued, trying to save herself.

"...there is this Eyrie that is collecting them, claiming that Neopia is doomed unless he has them all... I d-don't know why. He has this Neopet friend that looks like a Wocky, but... isn't..."

Jhudora's eyes glowed an even deeper evil color. She screamed as loud as she could.

"FOOLISH EYRIE, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO!!! I WILL STILL TAKE OVER!!! JUST YOU WAIT!!!" With that, the Uni ran horrified out of Jhudora's cloud. Jhudora sighed and sat down at her throne, eyes gleaming with thought. She had work to do.

Meanwhile, Jurgis...

Author: xfilespoki
Date: 14 May

...was standing at the front door to the Faerie Palace, arguing with one of the guards.

"I have to see the queen!" he shouted. "It concerns the future of all Neopia!"

The guard wasn't moved. "We constantly monitor all of Neopia," he said haughtily. "If there was a threat, we would be aware of it."

Jurgis opened his mouth to shout again, but then a sweet voice like music sounded.

"What is the problem?" it asked sweetly.

Turning, Jurgis saw the Faerie Queen coming out of the main doorway. She was so beautiful that Lerea gave out a gasp. Being in her presence calmed Jurgis so much that it took Jurgis a moment to remember what they had been arguing about.

"My queen," he said, drawing himself up. "I wished to speak with you about a matter concerning the safety of Neopia."

She beckoned to the doorway. "Come inside." she said. They all went through the doorway. Lerea stared around in awe. "I can't believe the difference... in my time, the palace is all withered and ugly. But this is... beautiful." Jurgis had to agree with her. The Faeries didn't try to show off--they just couldn't help making everything beautiful. Their grace and beauty seemed to be embedded in everything they made.

They entered the throne room and sat down. Jurgis then told the Queen everything that had happened to them, which caused her to frown.

"How could this happen?" Fyora asked. "It's good that you gathered supporters, and removed all the items from the market... I commend you for that, but I must confront Jhudora myself," the Queen insisted. Jurgis nodded in agreement.

"We will come too." he said. "I'm sure there's nothing we can do that you can't, but... you never know. I just want to make sure the terrible future I saw never has a chance to happen."

Fyora smiled and nodded. "I understand your feelings... let us hurry!"

They soon reached Jhudora's purple cloud on the edge of Faerieland. However...

Author: mh11344
Date: 15 May
...when they entered through its gloomy gates, there was no a trace of anyone.

"Where could she be?" Fyora sighed, looking around.

"I have no idea," said Jurgis. "But maybe her potion's hidden somewhere..." With this statement, they all began looking.

An hour later, while putting down a bat wing, Jurgis shook his head. "We've searched almost all of this place, yet we haven't found a thing."

Lerea, agreeing, sat down on Jhudora's high-armed chair. Putting her elbow on the right armrest, a sudden creak was heard.

Lerea, gasping, pointed to a secret trapdoor that appeared on the wall behind the throne. "Look!" she whispered.

Fyora went in first, holding out her purple wand bravely. Jurgis then hopped in, followed by Lerea. It was a dark cavern, lit by torches that had been placed along the walls.

Soon they were in a highly decorated chamber, where Jhudora stored of all her all her magical artifacts of ultimate power... and her potion.

Bubbling in a giantic black cauldron was most of Jhudora's power. Jurgis shuddered as he thought of what might have happened if she had gotten ahold of that plushie...

Pushing the thought aside, Jurgis stepped closer to the cauldron.

A cold and scornful voice echoed in the cavern. "Hello, I'm so glad you decided to join me."

Jurgis knew that voice, even before he turned around. It was Jhudora.

Her eyes glowed with malice, and she grinned. "Looking for something? Well, I have some advice for you. Instead of looking for MY things, you should look out for your own..." Jurgis's mouth was dry with shock as she pulled out a magical green Tonu plushie. "Your pathetic friends were no match for me!" she cackled evily.

Jurgis lunged forward in anger. "You'd better not have hurt them!"

Jhudora gasped in mock surprise. "Me? Hurt harmless little Neopets? Hahaha! They should have known better than try to cross ME!" she declared, her mock sweet face twisting into hatred. "But what I did to them is nothing compared to what I'm going to do YOU!" she screamed, flinging the plushie into her cauldron...

Author: neosass
Date: 15 May

..."Noooo!" Jurgis cried as the plushie fell into the cauldron. A huge plume of purple smoke billowed out, growing bigger and bigger with each puff. Jhudora cackled insanely.

"Did you think you could stop me? Did you really think that there was anything you could have possibly done?" she sneered.

Fyora stepped forward. "Did you really think you could take over Faerieland without having to face me?" she challenged. "I am the Queen, and therefore I have the ultimate power of Faerieland!"

"My dear Fyora. Perhaps you haven't noticed, but now I have the ultimate power! While you foolishly wasted your powers by granting levels and status to unworthy pets, I hoarded mine, and learned the true meaning of power! Watch!"

Jhudora lifted up her hands, and the amulet that hung around her neck glowed with an unearthly light. Thousands of terrified screams flew out of the cauldron, as the smoke started to solidify into something big. Something big, scary, and powerful.

Fyora stepped back in horror as a shapeless blob of solidified smoke stepped out of the cauldron. It looked around, as if trying to figure out what to do.

Jhudora laughed evilly, and commanded the smoke-creature to attack Fyora. The Queen blasted the creature with her wand, but to her surprise, it had no effect! The beam of energy went right through it! The creature loomed over the Faerie Queen, and in one fluid motion, it grabbed her in its hands, and deposited the Queen in its "mouth".

"That thing just ATE the Faerie Queen!" Lerea screamed in horror. "Jurgis, look out!" Lerea's cried, awakening the Eyrie from the shock of watching his queen being devoured. At the last moment, he leapt out of the way. Furious, the beast slammed the small Wocky against a wall, where she fell, unmoving.

The smoke creature turned its attention back to Jurgis. He took flight just in time to avoid a smoky fist as it swung through the air. Looking behind him, he could see Fyora, trapped within the center of the smoke, unable to break free. If she used her wand, it would simply go through the beast, and possibly harm one of the pets.

"What are you waiting for?" Jhudora cried. "DESTROY HIM!"

The smoke blob took flight, but it was slow and awkward. Jurgis easily outmaneuvered it.

Suddenly, Jurgis heard chanting from below...

"Elitka sah cansan! Elitka sah cansan! Elitka sah cansan!" Jurgis nearly fell from the air, with the chill that ran through his bones. Jhudora was beginning her spell...

Author: mikeythedarkmage
Date: 16 May
..."No! I can't let her succeed!" Jurgis thought wildly. Black clouds began to form, filling the room and giving off a dark energy that Jurgis could feel creeping into his skin. Jurgis was unsure if he could do anything, but still he was determined. He had to stop her, no matter the cost.

"I shall begin by obliterating you... pesky little Eyrie!" Jhudora turned to face Jurgis, and prepared to strike him down first with her horrible assault. "Elika sah cansan! Elika sah ca-ahhhh!" yelled Jhudora, falling backwards as Lerea tackled her to the ground.

"Hurry Jurgis!" Lerea shouted to her surprised companion, "Finish Jhudora off now!"

"Right!" Jurgis dived for Jhudora only to be knocked out of midair. He had forgotten all about the smoke creature, which had now knocked him almost completely senseless.

Jurgis fell limply through the air, his vision blurred and ears ringing. He could barely hear the little Wocky as she called out his name in horror as she was knocked down herself. So is this really it? he thought. Am I really going to let all of Neopia down? Perhaps he would just give up now; he had nothing left as far as strength was concerned, and his spirit was breaking. Yet something kept telling him not to give up. Perhaps it was that noble Eyrie pride. Perhaps his spirit was not quite broken...

Jurgis could suddenly hear clearly again, and what he heard was not the evil cackling of Jhudora, but the small voice of Lerea. "Don't give up Jurgis," she called out to him. "I have faith in you, and so does everyone else." Suddenly, Jurgis could hear the voices of other pets. Thousands of pets had been gathering outside of Jhudora's lair, and now they were cheering... cheering for Jurgis to succeed.

Jurgis suddenly felt a new strength inside himself. He could succeed--no, Neopia could succeed! Suddenly, a small glow began to emanate from Jurgis's chest. The Dark Amulet that he had taken from Jhudora while he'd been in the future was hanging around his neck... and now it was beginning to shine and transform into a golden amulet. Jurgis could feel the power of a united Neopia, and in one great flash of light, a blazing beam of energy shot from the Pure Amulet into the cauldron. The bubbling concoction stilled and became milky white.

"What is happening?" Jhudora screamed as her smoke beast disappeared, freeing Fyora. "Feel the power of ALL Neopets!" Jurgis shouted as he advanced towards the now cringing Dark Faerie.

"No! My spells! My powerful spells! How could that light counteract them?" Jhudora was now growing weaker. She attempted to flee, but was quickly stopped by Fyora. "You shall terrorize Neopia no more!"

Fyora ripped Jhudora's amulet from the dark Faerie's neck, and flung against the rim of the black metal cauldron.

"NOOOOOO!!!" the dark Faerie screeched, lurching in a vain attempt to save the amulet. A crack appeared in the stone of the amulet. A strange wind picked up, and the purple cloud of noxious gas slowly began to seep into the crack, as if was being drawn into it. Quicker and quicker it began to be drawn in, creating a vortex. Oddly, Jurgis did not feel the wind at all pull against his feathers, as from the look of the room it should have. Evil artifacts began to shake and fall from the wall, caught up in the vortex. Jhudora tried to flee, but she could not fight the wind. Fyora stood still and impassive, untouched by the tornado-like winds.

"Please!" Jhudora cried, desperately trying to grasp Fyora's skirts. "My Queen, my noble and compassionate Faerie sister, don't let it take me!"

Fyora continued to glare down at Jhudora, as Jurgis and Lerea came to stand on either side of the queen. "You, Jhudora? You have no right to speak the word 'compassion'. You who are without mercy, and know only cruelty and hatred, have no place in this world. Farewell."

"NOOOO!!" screamed the Dark Faerie, as the whirling vortex pulled her into the amulet. The darkness in the air cleared, and Fyora stepped over to pick up the amulet. Jurgis noticed the crack had now sealed itself. Nothing to hint that there had ever been evil in this room remained.

Jurgis let out a sigh of relief, and stepped towards Lerea. She smiled at Jurgis and said, "You did it."

"We did it," Jurgis replied, "but what I don't get... is how the Dark Amulet from the future changed?!?"

"It was your noble heart, and the support of the Neopets that changed the amulet," Fyora replied, "Magic is magic. Whether magic is evil or good is determined by the beholder." Jurgis smiled, and the three of them headed out.

The cheering pets erupted into pure elation when they saw their queen and the two brave Neopets emerging from the cavern. "Long live good Queen Fyora!" they shouted. "Hooray for Jurgis and Lerea! Hooray!"

A Gelert, wearing bandages, limped forward. Jurgis recognized him as the one who'd first stepped forward to support him. He hung his head in shame, trying to apologize for allowing Jhudora to get the plushie. "No," said Jurgis, "You did well. Without your faith in us, I doubt we could have stopped Jhudora in time." The Gelert smiled and nodded. Jurgis raised his head proudly, and addressed the entire crowd.

This is a victory for ALL Neopians!" he shouted, holding up the medallion, which was now golden. "Our true hearts and willingness to come together during a time of need has won this battle for all Neopia!" Cheers echoed for hours, and all over Neopia, celebrating could be heard long into the night.

* * * * *

"I'm going to miss you Jurgis," said Lerea, wiping away a tear from her young face. Jurgis smiled.

"So will I." Said the Eyrie, hugging her tightly. "Enjoy the bright future you helped secure for us all." Lerea nodded silently, and stepped back. Jurgis held up his amulet, took one final fond gaze at his friend, and closed his eyes.

* * * * *

Lerea awoke on a grassy knoll. For a while she gazed up at the drifting clouds, and silently prayed to herself that it had not all just been a dream. She climbed up to the top of the hill and smiled. A bustling Neopia Central stood before her, pets chattering happily among themselves as they walked and enjoyed the beautiful day. A shadow passed over her and she looked up, just as an Eyrie glided overhead. Overcome with pure joy, she broke into a run heading into town.

"Lerea!" someone shouted. She turned to see her mother and father coming down the street towards her. "Where in Neopia have you been all day?!? We've been worried sick!"

"Sorry, I... was visiting an old friend." she said, unable to stop herself from grinning.

"Well, come along then. They just got a brand new shipment of Petpets in." Lerea happily followed her parents to the plaza. Suddenly she bolted to the center, leaving her parents bewildered.

"It's JURGIS! It's JURGIS!!" she shouted. Tears formed in her eyes as she stared up to the statue of an Eyrie standing proudly, wings outstretched, with a medallion around his neck. Her eyes widened as she noticed a small Wocky sitting on his back. Her eyes drifted to the plaque at the base...

~ Jurgis and Lerea, saviors of Neopia ~
May we always remember the lesson they taught us--
that united, we can overcome even the greatest of evils.

Below, seemingly scratched with a claw or talon, there also read an inscription, which said, "Hello Lerea. Thank you for everything." Lerea's eyes brimmed with tears.

"Oh Mom, he wrote a message for me!"

Her mother smiled. "Don't be silly, dear. That's just a message for the mysterious Wocky companion that helped him--the one we named you after."

The End

Author: fantasy_keeper
Date: 16 May

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