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The Xweetok
Xweetoks are very cute, active creatures who love to play hide-and-seek and climb trees. By following these fifteen simple steps, you'll soon have a Xweetok drawing of your very own!

Click here for a printable version.

Start by drawing a circle for the Xweetok's head. Lightly sketch a line down the centre of the circle, which will serve as a guideline when you draw the Xweetok's face. Next, make a leaf-like shape that's connected to the head for the Xweetok's body.

Draw an almond shape where the head and body overlap; this will become your Xweetok's muzzle. Add a little nose to the muzzle, making sure that it matches up with the guideline you drew in Step One.

Make a wide, shallow "U"-shaped line across the top of the Xweetok's head. To create the Xweetok's left ear (which is on your right side), simply make a curved line that connects the "U"-shaped line you just drew to the side of the Xweetok's head. For the Xweetok's right ear (on your left), draw a leaf shape along the side of the Xweetok's head, the top of which should meet the "U"-shaped line that you drew earlier. Finally, link the muzzle shape to the head circle with two short lines.

It's now time to start drawing the Xweetok's legs. First, make an oval inside the body shape, on the lower left side. This will be your Xweetok's powerful haunch. Next, make a flat-bottomed rounded shape that slightly overlaps the oval you just drew to form the Xweetok's back right foot (on your left). Make two more, slightly smaller foot shapes at the front of the body for the Xweetok's front feet.