How to draw a Jetsam : Printable Version

Start by drawing a circle and then dividing it into four sections like so. This will be your Jetsam's head.

Then draw a curved body underneath the head.

Now add a little detail by drawing a curved line inside the body to create the chest. Draw one line through the large circle to flatten the top of your Jetsam's head a little.

Now draw on three triangular shapes for the fins and tail. Your drawing should look similar to this one.

In this step you will draw on your Jetsam's nose and eye. Jetsam do have two eyes, but in this pose you will only be able to see one of them. Begin by drawing a curved line for your Jetsam's nose, finish it off with a slight downward curve for the corner of the mouth. The eye is almost semi-circular, the easiest thing to do is to copy this image as closely as possible.

Now draw the eyebrows above the eye. Even though you cant see the whole eye on the other side, draw a small triangular shape for its eyebrow.

Now draw on your Jetsam's feet/lower flippers.

Lastly draw on two arms and two overlapping circles for the hands.

Finish off your Jetsam by adding a few more details to the tail, eye, hands and edge of mouth. Try to copy this picture as closely as possible.

Now erase all your extra lines and you will be left with something very similar to this. Congratulations you have just drawn a Jetsam.

If you want to really bring your drawing to life, add a splash of colour. Don't worry if your Jetsam didn't work out right the first time. It is quite a challenging Neopet to draw, but should become much easier with a little practice.