How to draw a Grey Faerie : Printable Version

Begin by drawing a simple head and body shape.

Next draw your faerie's lower body and arms. In this pose the Grey Faerie will be sitting down.

Draw two eyes and two ears on your faerie's face. Then add your faerie's lower arms.

Give your faerie's eyes a downward slant so it makes her look sad. Then draw on her hands and a few extra lines coming out of her back for wings. Lastly add a little mose and mouth.

Erase a few extra lines to make your faerie look like she is wearing a skirt. Draw two small holes, one in either knee. Add a little detail to the wings by drawing one feather on each stalk. In the middle of each eye draw a round pupil. Lastly add hair.

Place antennae on the top of your faerie's head. Add a little more detail to your faerie's hands, face and ears. Draw a few lines on the dress to give it more shape and make the holes seem a little more torn.

Give your faerie's hair and dress a few last minute touch ups.

Your Grey Faerie is now complete. Congratulations!

If you want to really finish off your drawing add some colour and shading, like so.