My UFT Pets

I'm not seeking anything in particular so I'm open to all offers. Please mail offers to issajoke ⇾ Neomail me here!

Ecoynn the UC Halloween Wocky

Mainly seeking UCs but feel free to offer other pets. Haven't seen many UC Hallo Wockies around, especially not vwn ones.

Jack_romano the UC Mutant Scorchio

Open to both UC and converted offers.

Geam the 4L Robot Draik

Geam has 500 HSD and 2 BC torphies (1 silver and 1 bronze).

Neonide the Y2 Robot Krawk

Neonide is a Y2 pet (6,571 days old) and has a PPL trophy.

Statistic RW BD the Eventide Ixi

Common RW with about 1,410,000,000 results on search engine. Also has 700 HSD, even stats. Can add unlimited custom.

Crenda the Aged Pet (Y2)

Born less than 6 months after neopets was created! Birthday: 6th April, 2000 (Y2). Age: 6,791 days old. Can add unlimited custom

Xwug the Grey Draik

Open to all offers.

Jupitery the Alien Aisha

Picky with her since I created her with the intention of being a permie.

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