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Hi! Well I guess this is my blinkies page :)
If you want a custom blinkie just neomail me!
Hope you like the blinkies!


7th April: As you have probably realised. I have hardly updated what I need to. Real life is extreamly hetic at the moment and I'm hardly able to keep up with myself. Because of this I will no longer be checking in on this site. So if you have a request or want one, please go and ask for one, but It is unlikly I'll be able to get it done .
I hope everyone is ok! ~Kath

28h February: I'm sorry for my inactiveness! It has been so hectic here that I havn't been able to get on. I have now got a new affie - so say a great big hello to them!
I am also working on requests right now .

17th February: I hope everyone had a great valentines day and pancake day!
I've finished off a custom blinkie, updated the seasonal section and checked all my affies - removed 3, and removed 3 directories.

28h January: The re-upload is done! All codes are new so please go and collect your new codes! ~Kath

13th January: The internet keeps goign down! What a time for it to happen! When it's more stable I will continue to fix the page.

1st January: Happy new year everyone! Have a fab year! Kath x

27th December: Hope everyone has had a fab holiday! Due to the holidays It has been a pain getting all the blinkies back up, but I'm working on it!

24th December: No!! For some reason Photobucket has banned me, blinkies will be up and running soon! sorry for this!

23rd December: I've completed 2 custom blinkies and updated the competition! Feel free to enter, and I hope everyone has a fab holiday!

11th December: Christmas is coming! Sorry for the lack of updates, but I am still here!
To start it off I have completed 3 custom blinkies, a name blinkie, and Oh Em Cheese blinkie!
I have also done a complete sweep! I have had to remove 2 affies, 2 directories, 2 awards...aww

24th November: I've worked on a few more blinkies ~ Sure to show up soon! And I'm listed in a new directory, Four Clovers!

12th November: I am alive! It has been very hetic here, too much to explain here! But I have added two new blinkies, updated the seasonal section to christmas and completed some custom blinkies!

23rd October: Things have been very busy here; we are going to Spain in 8 days!
But I have completed a custom blinkie, and added Sheldon to the name blinkie section

12th October: I have completed a custom blinkie. I am also working on a few more hallowe'en blinkies, so keep looking!
I have also a new competition! Go and enter!

11th October: It's getting nearer that time of hallowe'en!
With this comes a new shiney blinkie, ready for all of you trickers out there

2nd October: I am back! It has been veerrryyyy busy here..
But I have done a custom blinkie and I'm working on some hallowe'en blinkies, keep looking!.

8th September: Look! Got your attention, eh? I need help thinking of a new spiffy site name! Neomail me your ideas!
I have changed a directories button to a new one as they changed thier site name!

5th September: Well school is back on so I won't be updating as much.. Sorry guys!
Don't forget your monthly freebies!
I have completed one request for now.

28th August: I have 4 more affies, done an affie check~all ok, and finished a custom blinkie! I've been a busy bee today.

27th August: I have got a new affie ^^
I have a 'lil competition over there, feel free to enter!

21st August: Sorry for the lack of updates, it has been very busy here. I have completed 2 more requests and added a directory

15th August: Well I have no requests at the moment, so I'm on top of things..Woo! I have taken a link off a review as its no-longer the review place.

14th August: Woah, I've done another 5 requests! How many do you guys want? ^^

13th Aughust: I've been really busy with requests! I've done 5 requests! Hope you all like it!

11th August: Wow, you guys really want those blinkies! I've completed 4 requests and I've also added a different version of Alice under name blinkies.
I've also done an affie check ~ One affie removed D=. Everyone else is fine ^^.

5th August: Woah, you guys have kept me busy! I've completed 3 requests and have added a blinkie (under the main section) for all you lot to stare at @_@

6th July: Sorry I havn't updated, it seems I will be moving in about a week and it has been very hetic here.
I have completed a blinkie request, but have found out that I can no-longer do transparent blinkies..

22nd June: Sorry, I haven't updated recently - it has been hectic here. But thank you to everyone as..
I have got 3000 page views!!!

16th June: Just checked all my affies, had to delete three as they no-longer linked me ;_; Where are they going??

9th June: Been busy this morning, I have completed 3 blinkie requests and added a name blinkie!

4th June: I have done an affie check! Three affies had closed, two had moved - but all the rest still had me linked, including the directories!

1st June: It's a new month, so don't forget your monthly freebies!
I have added a RIP blinkie, which you can use if you want to remember someone, and I've completed 3 blinkie requests!

31st May: I suddenly get loads of requests! So I am working on 3 at the moment and another blinkie I was working on in the first place.
In the mist of all that I am now listed in another directory!

25th May: I've changed a link to an affie as their name has changed.
I'm working on a blinkie at the moment but as my cat, Zoe, recently had to be put down, I may not be as active over the next few days..

23rd May: I've completed 2 blinkies requests and added a blinkie saying 'NC lover

20th May: I've added 2more affies and now have a count of my Affies and Directories-(ugh)!
I also deleted links of some of my reviews as they no-longer exist!
But I did add another Fanmail today, so it's all ok!

17th May: Alot of requests all the sudden!
I've completed 2 custom blinkies and added an affie.

14th May: It's that time again, let the requests flow in!
I've completed 2 custom blinkies today and done an affie check, meaning I had to delete 2 affies.

13th May: I have completed 2 custom blinkies and have been added to a directory .

9th May: Sooo sorry I havn't updated!! I forgot to say I was going to be away..
To start it off, I have made 3 custom blinkies and added 2 name blinkies.

21st April: I only have 2 people that have entered into the competition! I need some more people..
Also I have been added to one more directory today.

17th April: Woah, I've been busy .
I've completed 4, yes 4, custom blinkies today, added Kallie to the name blinkies and checked all my affies!

15th April: I have re-added a requested blinkie as the person lost the coding.

14th April: I have added one more name blinkie and one new affie today!

13th April: I have completed a blinkie request.
My other site, Under The Sea, is now open! So I should be able to update more, on both sites.

12th April: To my suprise I got an un-requested review! On it I have scored 10/10, thanks!
I have also added a new blinkie, 'Shiney', (Yes I know it's spelt wrong!) by using the larger blocks. Hapy easter everyone!

10th April: I can now do blinkies in larger blocks than before, so if you request be sure to say if you want it big or small!
I also removed an affie, The Theme Factory, as there isnt much theme at the moment.

7th April: I've added one new affie today, thats all for now!

6th April: Soo sorry I havn't updated recently - I'm working on my newest site: Under the sea. A lookup site (not much is there at the moment!).
Hope you all enjoyed TNT's April fools joke!
But to do with the site, I have checked all my affies - all are still linking to me. Also updated a link to someone as they moved page.

31st March: My review has been done! I scored 90.5/100 on it and with that came a spiffy trophy!

29th March: I've completed 2 custom blinkies, added an april fools blinkie for everyone to use, added Riri to the name blinkies, added an affie and applied for a reveiw.
Woah, I did alot today..

28th March: I've added 2 new affies today, and I'm working on a April fools blinkie..
What will TNT's trick be this year?

27th March: I've added 2 new blinkie to the Mood indicator. Colorful and Colourful, I did it in English and USA spelling as it can be annoying when you have to use something and you don't spell it like that.

23rd March: Soo sorry I havn't updated in the last few days, real life has been a bit hetic.. But I did get an affie button changed as they used up all their bandwidth on there other button.
I'll try to do some blinkies in the next couple days!

19th March: Havn't added anything today, but the counters are working again!
I only have 1 person for the blinkie contest at the moment, I need more before I announce the winner!

17th March: Pretty busy today..
I've completed 2 custom blinkies for someone and I've added 'Mimi' to the name blinkies section.
Sorry I didn't do a St.Patricks day blinkie.. Been soo busy today, Though I did pass 3 tests today, so I guess it brought me luck!

15th March: I've completed my little surprise, it's the ccompetition over there on the right. It's all explained over there, good luck to all entrants!
I've updated the navigation to suit this.
I've also added 2 new affies and completed a requested blinkie.

13th March: Watch out! Friday 13th!
Also I'm EXTREAMLY HAPPY as I got 2000 views today!!
Thanks to everyone!
Also, I'm going to get my 'little surprise' into action over the weekend.

12th March: I updated one persons affie button as they changed the site, but also deleted another affie as their page doesn't exist anymore..

10th March: Still planning on something big so keep checking back!
Today I've completed a custom blinkie, but that's it for today.

9th March: Today I added a new affie and directory. I also took down the voting section as it was over and I didn't win But thanks to everyone who did vote!
Also I've got a big plan coming together, so keep checking back!

7th March: I've completed a custom blinkie today, but again I've been very busy - sorry for that!

4th March: I've made the link colour/color slightly darker, as some people commented on how dark it was.
Other than that, I have been rather busy so I haven't got round to making some more blinkies.

2nd March: Don't forget your monthly freebies this month!
I've been busy today. I have completed 2 custom blinkies and added a 'Cookies!' blinkie. Hope you like the new animation style.

28th February: I've added one more affie but deleted a directory as they no longer exist ;_;
But, I did add 2 fan mails I got!

26th February: I've figured out how to do a different type of animation on my blinkie today. I will soon be showing you what it is like.
I have also completed 2 blinkies for someone.

25th February: Today I've added "funny" to the mood indicator list. Hope you like it!

24th February: Fixed a couple silly spelling errors I saw in my earlier updates.
I have completed a custom blinkie and gained an award from someone! Thanks! Go to my awards to see it.

22nd February: I have been entered in a SOTM (Site Of The Month). So please vote for me by clicking the button up there!
I've completed a custom blinkie while I was at it.
And in the mist of all that I gained another affie!

21st February: I've added Alyss to the name blinkie and completed another requested blinkie.
It is sooo surprising how I get so many neomails saying they can't find the pickups section! It's only down there!

19th February: I've done another custom blinkie and added sporty to the Mood indicator list. Hope you like it!

18th February: I've completed a requested blinkie for someone. My first request for a couple weeks now!

16th February: I've taken off the valentines blinkies..See them next year!

14th February: I have done a custom blinkie today and added a new name blinkie. I hope to add some more things to the mood indicator soon.

11th February: I've added an affie today, but other than that I haven't got round to anything.

9th February: I've added 3 more affies and checked that my current affies/directories still have me listed - they all do.

8th February: I've added one more affie and done 2 valentines themed blinkies.

7th February: I've added a stats counter on my page, which says how many people are currently viewing my page (thanks to my fab friend Steph for suppling the code). I've updated my navigation to suit this.

6th February: It looks like I didn't have to re-apply, as she beat me to it and finished it! I got a score of 89/100
I also added 2 name blinkies today.
AND I've been listed in a shiny directory!

5th February: I've completed a custom blinkie today and re-applied for the review as I haven't had a response. 2nd February: Don't forget your monthly freebies!
I've completed 2 custom blinkies and caught up with what I've had to do..

29th January: Well I've applied for a review from Kougristic Reviews - who doesn't like kougras?
And also applied to be listed in 2 shiny directories.

28th January: I've done a custom blinkie today.
But, on another note, I got told someone had claimed my blinkies as their own, yet by the time I got the neomail the person was frozen. If you EVER see anyone claiming my blinkies as their own, please tell me, they will be getting a nice neomail and a report from me.

26th January: I've still been sooo busy recently, haven't been able to update - sorry!
But I have done a custom blinkie today, and got a new affie!

24th January: I haven't updated for a while as I'm sooo busy!
I added the Anna blinkie as I forgot to upload it when I originally made it.
And unfortunately I had to get rid of the directory as the user was frozen, so their pages doesn't exist now...

20th January: Added 3 new affies and checked all my links to see if they work - they do.

18th January: I've done a custom blinkie for someone - surprisingly it was the same name as my cat!
I've also added Zoe to the name blinkies section.

17th January: I've completed a custom blinkie and added a name to the Name blinkies section.
I've also added 2 more moods to the mood indicator, helpful and annoyed.

14th January: I've got 1000 views, in only 87 days! Thanks to everyone!!

12th January: Completed a requested blinkie.
I've been added to a directory, so I've added a section to the page.

11th January: I've finished off a custom blinkie, added an affie and taken off the Christmas blinkies as it not Christmas anymore.

10th January: Sorry guys, I haven't updated in a while as I've been extremely busy..
But I'm back and got some more blinkies for you. I've added the I heart cats/dogs blinkies and finished off a custom.

4th January: I've added 2 more emotions to the mood indicator section, which are "bored" and "hyper". Enjoy!

3rd January: Today I've added a whole new section! It's the Blinkie mood indicator, section. Simply change the code to what your mood is and you get a blinkie to do with that! Hope you guys like it.
I've also updated the navigation to go along with it as well.

2nd January: Oops..yesterday I put December instead of January-so I've fixed that ^^
I've added 2 more affies but at the moment that's it. Don't forget I still want affies!
Also a while ago, I forgot to say, but a big thanks to everyone for helping me get so many views!

1st January: Happy new year!
I've added an affie to the new section.
Don't forget if you want a custom blinkie or want to be an affie just neomail me.

31st December: Last day of 2008!
I added an affie section and updated the navigation, but other than that I haven't done much.

30th December: Today has been fairly busy..
I've added 2 more name blinkies, which are Bella and Jenny.
I got reviewed by 'The Review Factory' and got 91%. With that came another shiny award!
I've also changed this updates box quite a bit (Thanks to the review factory) and added a 88x31 button which I just made.

29th December: A few people were having problems reading my text as it was small. I just increased it slightly - hope it looks better, and while I was at it, I finished off a request.

28th December: Completed another custom blinkie - I have no customs to do currently so feel free to request!
Have a fab day :)

26th December: Hope everyone had a great Christmas!
I've added a happy new year blinkie for 2009 and added Ashlee to the name blinkies section.

24th December: Got another request and have finished that one. I also added Claire to the name blinkies section.
Hope you all have a great x-mas!

23rd December: Completed another custom blinkie for someone.
I've also made over 700 page views! Thanks to everyone! Only 2 days!!

21st December: I finished off another custom blinkie and added the Lindsay blinkie to the name section.
4 days!

18th December: Well I got a request for a blinkie after 2 weeks of quietness. I've finished that one.
Don't be shy to ask for a blinkie request!
7 days! =]

16th December: Sorry guys, I haven't updated in a while.
I added the Bumble Bees blinkie. Thought I'd try a different way of animating it. Enjoy!
9 days to go!

10th December: I've added another Christmas blinkie, the Happy holidays one. Only 15 days to go ;)

9th December: Haven't got any more blinkies to add today, I should do tomorrow.
Also, I've now got 600 views in exactly 53 days. Thanks to everyone!

5th December: Today I've done 2 blinkie to fit in with the Christmas spirit. A Christmas one and a snowman one. And finished off a custom blinkie.
Hope no ones forgetting to go to the advent Calendar =)

1st December: Woo! It's December and it's getting nearer to x-mas, don't forget the advent calendar today!
Today I've only finished off 2 customs for someone. I am working on a few more festive blinkies ;)

28th November: I forgot about thanksgiving and therefore didn't make any blinkies for it.. Where I am, we don't celebrate it :/
Well I got a few awards know you might say "they were free!" but awards are awards :D

26th November: Finished off a custom blinkie and that's about it :/
Woah! I've got 500 views! In 38 days! Wow, thanks to everyone!! :D

25th November: Well added another name blinkie and completed a custom blinkie. Hope you like 'em!

22nd November: Woah, soo many requests all the sudden @_@.
So today I got 2 custom blinkies done. And added a name blinkie...Sarah. Enjoy!

21st November: Well it seems I get no requests for about 1-2 weeks... then they come flooding in. xD
Finished off a custom blinkie for bilked and added the addicted to Neopets blinkie.

19th November: Haven't done that much recently...only finished a custom blinkie.

16th November: Well I missed Neopets' b-day (again :/ ) so I didn't make any birthday blinkies...sorry!
But today I did get round to making 3 new blinkies. The pretty in pink, the pretty/boring one and a custom blinkie. Enjoy!

13th November: Well I have been busy this morning :D
I've added the Banana blinkie and the love my pets blinkie. Hope you like them!
Also finished off someone's blinkie they requested.

12th November: Just got reviewed by Looking Glass today, and got a perfect score! Woo! And with that got an award :D
Finally made the 300 views! In only 25 days! Thank you every one!

11th November: Finished someone's custom blinkie. My first custom for a while...
Don't forget the minute silence today!

10th November: Sorry haven't updated in a while...so busy :S
Can anyone make me a button? I'd appreciate it =)

6th November: I've finished off 2 custom blinkies.

5th November: I added 2 new name blinkies...Steph and Brooke.
Also added the Not up for anything blinkie. Feel free to use it if you have any pets that aren't UFT/UFA. Remember, remember the 5th of November!

3rd November: I finished a custom, had over 70 files for that one 0_o.
Well back to school for me so I will have less time to do blinkies..

2nd November: Sorry guys! I haven't updated in a while...
Well I done a navigation over there to the right (at last) which took me a while :)
Don't forget to get your monthly freebies!

30th October: Added the meepit blinkie! (are they nice or are they evil?!) And done a 2nd custom for someone.

29th October: Ooh so close to Halloween! Unfortunately all I've done is finished off a custom blinkie, sorry guys!

28th October: I added the money blinkie and completed someone's customs.
I'll see if I can make some more blinkies as I am on a school holidays but I am very busy..

27th October: I've done a duck blinkie as everyone had no idea what blinkies had to do with this layout..
I added an awards section! Already got 2! And I've only been up for about 2 months :)

26th October: Finished a custom blinkie.
Woo hoo! The counters are working again! ^^

25th October: Added the Connor blinkie. -Site opened 2nd October-


If you didn't request a blinkie don't take it or you could end up in the burn book.
Neomail me if you want one!

Due to real life (what a pain :P , I will be unable to do requests from now on. I will always keep this site up and running now though :)
Sorry! ~Kath ========================

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If I have taken down your request, neomail me and I will put it back up. ^^


I don't want to make a burn book just yet, lets keep it that way :)

1) Keep the link in
2) And enjoy!

Not that hard is it?
Claim the blinkie as your own you will be reported. Simple as that.

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awards/fan mail

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My fan mails!
Thanks to everyone for these! Names are left in with permission.


I'm no longer able to compete with keeping this site updated! So I am leaving this site of mine and probably wont update it anymore.
You can stil lask for a request, but it is extreamly unlikly I will be able to get it done.
I am so sorry, and keeping this site running has been a major highlight of mine. I hope everyone is all a.o.k!
~Kath ♥

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This is still being worked on so keep checking back to see if there are any more moods to choose from!


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I have a new commpetition!
My previous competition only had 4 enties . Lets get some more this time!

The competition is too think of a new spiffy name for this site.
Katherine's blinkies isn't the best, so go crazy and think of one good name!


Don't Blink Blinkies
Blink tink katherine!
Blinky Blinks
Quackin' Blinkies
Winkin Blinkies
Le Blinks
Duckful Blinks
Kath's Ducky Blinkies
Think you can do better? Neomail me your idea!

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Feel free to neomail me if you want to become a affie, but I only accept 88x31 buttons.
But, if my button on your site disappears, so will the one on here.

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