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Guide 1

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Advert Attack
[Guide 1]
Code: Type nopupups to clear the screen.

Attack of the Gummy Dice
[Guide 1]
Code: Type gummydice to change colour of active die.
Code: Type delightful to change active die to a morph die.
Code: Type explode to change active die to a bomb die.

Attack of the Marblemen
[Guide 1][Guide 2]

Attack of the Revenge
[Guide 1]
Code: Code: Type blackpawkeet for an extra life. (level 3 or higher).

Attack of the Slorgs
[Guide 1][Guide 2]
Code: Type marrow for an extra life.
Code: Type chargex4 to recharge lasers.

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Barf Boat
[Guide 1]

Biscuit Brigade
[Guide 1] [Guide 2]
Code:Type recon to display path.
Code:Type retreat to display path.
Code:Type removedebris to clear the screen of debris.

Bouncy Supreme
Code:Type bouncebouncebounce for an extra life.

Bruno's Backyard Breakaway
[Guide 1]
Code:Type lookoutbruno for an extra life.
Code:Type monstermovie to toggle between game views.

Bubble Beams
[Guide 1]

C 's

Carnival of Terror (2)
Code:Type custard to restore your health to full.
Code:Type piecrust to reset your ammo to full.

Castle Battles
[Guide 1]
Code:Type supercannonball to use a large cannonball.

D 's

Round Table Poker

Round table poker is probably the most expensive of all the listed games but you might even gain out of it if you're lucky, but if you want to achieve the trophy by all means try and get it. Remember that Ace is high and low.

The Poker Hands

High Card - this is when you don't have anything on hand except for your highest card. (e.g an Ace, 469JA)

A Pair - when you have two of the same card. (e.g Two Sevens, 77385)

Two Pairs - when you have two of the same card. (e.g two aces and two fours, 44AAJ)

Three of a kind - When you have three of the same card (e.g Three eights, 8883Q)

Straight - when you have five sequenced numbers. (e.g 4,5,6,7,8, 45678)

Flush - when you have five cards of the same suit. (e.g KJ687 of Diamonds)

Full House - When you have three of the same card and than two of another card. (eg Three eights and two jacks, 888JJ)

Four of a kind - When you have four of the same kind of card. (e.g four nines, 9999J)

Straight Flush - when you have all the same cards in a row and of the same suit. (56789 of clubs)

The following were all labeled from worst to best. The cards do NOT have to be next to each other to count (e.g you may have 4984A, which would still count as a pair of fours). Try to get your best suits without risking your whole turn. The only time you will really want to raise is if you have a high two of a kind. If the opponent raises and you don't have anything really good only check on the first round of betting.

This guide will teach you how to play if you don't know how.

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How to Make Neopoints
[Guide 1]

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Illusen's Glade
[Guide 1]

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Jhudora's Cloud
[Guide 1]

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Quests- Random Faerie
[Guide 1]

Quests - Edna, Snow Faerie, Brain Tree, Esophagor, Kitchen
[Guide 1]

Quests - Trophy Guide
[Guide 1]

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[Guide 1]

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Trophy Highscore Table - Overall
[Guide 1]

Trophy Rarities
[Guide 1]

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