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CollecToons is a game created by the people who brought you sites like Toonarific.com and RetroReprints.com. It brings the best of 2 different worlds together; cartoons and e-trading card games. Every week there is a batch of new ctoons (which are our e-collectible cards) released to our players, which they can buy, sell and trade with the 1000s of other players who have joined. It is completely FREE to play, and is a great way to not only learn about cartoons, but to also interact with other players from around the world! If you havent signed up yet, just take a minute and click on the link above to fill out the form so you too can join all the people who have already found out just how much fun CollecToons really is!

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I have to get started on this.. I should make it all spooky ^___^ Any ideas? In case you didn't know - What is CT page ^_______^
• Current cToons - Darkwing Duck, Naruto, September was loaded with awesome sets like Darkwing Duck, more Naruto cToons, Ren and Stimpy and KND! A new plaque was released as well. Its called "We Love Games" which is great because every single CollecToons member loves them. That's why we're here!
• Upcoming cToons – Holiday, Atomic Betty, Shake the arcade machines because you'll need all of the quarters you can get! Atomic Betty and even a TMNT expansion is coming your way! ..Not to mention all of the cool Halloween stuff!
• Disney cToons - Lilo and Stitch Grab your surf board and hit the waves. Get ready to go on a Hawaiian roller coaster ride! Lilo and Stich was chosen to be the next Disney set to be released. Click on "Voting Booth" to cast your vote for November.
• Retiring cToons - Pokemon, After six months, cToons from the shop retire if they aren't already sold out. The new member's starter set will be expiring around October 16th. Other sets that will vanish are Recess, Sonic X and the ever so popular Teen Titans!
• Halloween cToons - LE cToons
• Code cToons – Free code
Have people ever told you that nothing comes free? Well here on CollecToons, you get FREE cToons just for typing in codes. Visit the official CollecToons Forum to get a full list of them. Check your inbox every Friday to claim your CTF code cToons. If you cash in it by Midnight, you'll get TWO cToons instead of one! Join the members every Monday to help them crack codes that you can only find on the forum. To get started, type this code in:
Coming up this Month:
All about Halloween - (________)
Within the first week of October, you'll notice a whole new section. There will be a CollecToons mini-site that is dedicated to Halloween. You'll find free codes, contest and even photos of our members in their Halloween costumes! Database - Finally Completed! Digimon, Pokemon, Trophies. Referrals - Suggestions. Prizes. Facebook page! cToon Smackdown New Leader board! Use the DB We've finally reached the end of the cToon Smackdown quarter. Every three months, the top 5 players receive a full set of Smackdown Show-off cToons. While the remaining 15 get to choose 1 special cToon. Do you have what it takes to be on the top next time?
Arcade - Winners / Scores / Trophies
Premium - Features
CT Lottery -
Feeling wicked lucky? Take a risk by playing the CT Lottery located under "Get Points" You may lose on a ticket but its only 500 points, which is totally with a shot at the jackpot. You may end up being a millionaire! Check out these awesome Lotto Only cToons. Try to collect all three!