Welcome to Alian! My name is Alley and I've three pet directories, so I know how boring and tedious advertising can be. At Alian, we list pet directories so anyone who makes a board to advertise can help other pet directory owners to advertise their site as well! After all, directory owners need to stick together.


March 13, 2019:
Listed Fanworks, a directory for fandom related pets!

March 11, 2019:
Listed Celestial a directory for space-themed pets!

March 11, 2019:
Listed Ix-Sea a directory for Maraquan Ixi!

February 15, 2019:
Listed Tribal a directory for island themed pets!
Listed Candied a directory for edible pets!

February 15, 2019:
Listed Oh, Krakwers a directory for krawks!
Cleared last year's updates.


Alian is a site that makes its greatest effort to make sure that pet directories get as many views, and therefore listings, as they can get. It would be greatly appreciated if you linked to Alian in any board you make advertising your pet directory. This is so that pet directory owners can help each other get views and listings when they may be a little busy.

To join, simply neomail me the name and link of your site so I can add it on here. Again, please do your best to remember to link to Alian when you advertise your pet directory.

Alian is for pet directories only. Other pet related sites, such as adoption agencies, will not be listed.


Linking Back

Linking back is not required by highly appreciated! The buttons link back to those who made them.


Alian will affiliate with other directories.