Hello, mysweetpiano. (: Welcome to Avant-Garde, a new layout request and resource site, owned by Marina (curlsandhairbows).

It was founded on June 30, 2017, inspired by a suggestion by a fellow guild member.

Here you can request any layout of your choice, whether it be a lookup or guild layout, button, etc. Also, you can find some resources I made for your benefit.


September 8, 2017: Added a new affiliate.

July 22, 2017: Added a new affiliate.

June 30, 2017: Avant-Garde is founded.


Need a layout for your guild or lookup? Have no fear!

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Request form:


I also make buttons for your site/portfolio/guild etc.

You are encouraged to customize your button request based on these following styles at your disposal:

Pick Ups

For Abloom.

For Void
Link Back?