Hello guest and Welcome to sueyr's guide to Suteks Tomb!

So, you've wondered onto this lonely little pet page and want to know the answers to some questions about the wonderful game of Sutek's Tomb. Personally, it is one of my favourite games and I hope that after you have read this guide that it will be one of your favourite games too. So, now to the questions you are probably asking and longing for the answers to:

How do you play?
How many points for the avie?
Huh? Really?! How can I get that much in so little time?
What is the best mode to play on?
What do all the funny symbols things that keep appearing do?
Do you have any extra tips?

How do you play?

The idea of the game is to get combinations by making three identical symbols in a line. You will only be able to move a piece if it will make a combo of at least three symbols. Sometimes you will be lucky and be able to move one piece and get a six piece combo! The idea is to make as many different combinations in as short a time possible in order to gain more time. There is always at least one move you can make until it says: "The board has been reshuffled". When this happens you will find that there are lots of new combinations you can make!

How many points for the avie?

In order to get this shiny, cool avie you have to have at least 2000 points. I know, for a beginner it seems like a lot but it is possible. Don't expect to get that much on your first, second or even third try because it can take a fairly long time to get it. Mine took about ten goes I guess but you make take longer or if you're lucky even less times! What I do know is that you will get a little bit better every time, you just have to persevere because practice makes perfect.

Huh? Really?! How can I get that much in so little time?!

Yes, I know 2000 points sounds like a lot now but the more you play the closer you can get to that figure because you will be able to spot new combinations much quicker. As I have said before, practice, practice, practice! Remember being a good player at any game does not happen over night! The people on the highs score tables had to work hard to eventually get there. If you practice enough, one day you will be eligible for the high score board but without practice there isn't even the slightest chance of getting there!

What is the best mode to play on?

Try playing three times a day and always on hard mode if you want to have chance to get the avie. Zen mode is helpful when you are just getting the idea of the game because game time will not be quickly draining away. It is also for stress relief or to relieve boredom because you will get very little points from it as it is about two points per combo and the board will have to be reshuffled lots putting your score back to a big and boring ZERO. Yeh, that's right ZERO!

What do all the funny symbols do?

In your game you will notice that there are various funny little symbols that randomly like to appear from time to time to say HELLO! Lol! The general rule with most of them is to get them right down to the bottom of the board for them to do something special such as take off a whole line horizontally, take off a whole line vertically or even clearing the whole board if a member of TNT (The Neopets Team) graces you with their presence! This piece can be seen below:

There are some special pieces, however, that do not need to go right down to the bottom. The circled bug acts as any piece, it is a wild card. It can be used to complete any possible combination, which can be very helpful if you cannot find a move anywhere on the board. Sometimes, that will be the only move left on the board! Below is an example of how this would work. In this example there are a total of two moves that could be made to complete the combination:

The bomb, has to bee dropped two squares to clear all shapes in the same line above it and can be very helpful in getting new combos. You can see in this example that by making a combo the bomb will drop far enough for it to explode and thus clear all the pieces above it:

Sutek's Ankh will clear the vertical and horizontal line it is on, which is again very useful in making new combos. It has to go right down to the bottom of the board to be activated. This piece can be seen below:

The scarab beetle is similar to the Ankh but it will only clear a horizontal line. This special piece is also activated by taking it right down to the bottom and can be seen below:

All the special pieces can act like normal pieces, i.e. if you get three in a line they will act as a combo. An example of this can be seen here in which you can make a combo with three bombs

And finally a few tips!

How about asking Sutek: plzsutekcanihavemoretime? Or take a bite on some pyramibread ;) each will make something special happen but one of them can only be used once per game!

Always attempt to make combos near the bottom because they are more likely to set of chain reactions which result in you getting more time to play with. However, if you cannot find a low down combo you will have to make a combo up higher.

Always try to keep your next move in mind. You will find this difficult at first but once you start getting good at this you will be able to get more time and more points. Like I have said lots of time practice makes perfect!

Avoid looking at the time or away from the board because you will lose time doing so and time is very precious in this particular game. Sometimes it is necessary to sit back ever so slightly to get an overview of the board. However, the better you get at spotting your next move, the less you will have to do this and the more time and points you will gain.

Sometimes you will be really stuck for moves, don't forget about pyramibread and you may also find it helpful to take a screenshot, pause the game and then look for all of the combinations you could possibly make.

I find it lot easier to play the game on full screen mode or at least xtra large because firstly it makes it look less daunting and secondly I find it easier to find combos that way. It may not work in the same way with you, but experiment with the different sizes to see which one best suits you

Finally, have fun! That's the most important thing! If you are not enjoying it, you will not get as many points, so take a rest and come back in an hour or so instead of getting frustrated!

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope it has been very informative and helpful. If you have any thank yous, comments, questions or have noticed some mistakes or would like me to add something else I will be very happy to hear from you! Just click here to neomail me if so!

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